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What's new - Feb 2004

29 Feb 2004

Section Update
Personnel Another 47 people on the Other Personnel lists, completing the vast majority of Season 2 of TNG.

28 Feb 2004

Section Update
Episode Guides Sorry about no new updates for a week, but I've had a series of computer problems. A review of Hatchery has gone up, and regular updates will now resume.

20 Feb 2004

Section Update
Referencing The reference lists have been overhauled. They are now in one of our standard table formats. Where they previously linked to the episode description only, you can now go to that episode, the season that episode is in, or the list of all episodes in that series.
Episode Guides The episode guides have been re-coloured to be more in line with the official site policy. The episode and movie entries now contain a new item, "Datapoints". The idea of these is that the first episode which mentions a given planet, species, food item, etc will now have a list of all those items. Each item links to the relevant list in the lists section. The episode names on those lists in turn link to the episode descriptions.

We have also modified the character links - previously these links took you to a page with that character along with a whole bunch of others, which was eating bandwidth given the way those pages have ballooned lately. So now the character links take you to that person's biography and image only. This is part of the solution I mentioned earlier, but there is more to come on this front!

19 Feb 2004

Section Update
Personnel Well the TNG deluge has begun. I've done the whole of season 1 today, 85 new entries!

Incidentally, I know the pages are getting a little large and it's going to be ten times worse eventually. We're working on a very elegant solution, so bear with us...

Nitfixing Máté Tóth, Michael Coulter, Harrie Moore, Christoph Galuschka, and Jochem van den Berge have all pointed out various typos and other errors in the last few days. Most are fixed, the rest are in the process of being fixed.

18 Feb 2004

Section Update
Personnel Another 40-odd TOS entries on the Other People list. The total number of characters in this section is now up to 257, more than five times what it was a few weeks ago. We have now finished pretty much everybody we intend to do for TOS - we're reaching a point where the only ones left are "voice of..." type stuff or people you barely see on screen. I'm probably going to take a break before I start having a bash at TNG.
Episode Guides A review of Doctor's Orders has gone up.

17 Feb 2004

Section Update
Personnel Another 30 or so TOS personnel added. I hope you aren't getting bored with this, because I'm sure not!

16 Feb 2004

Section Update
Thanks... I've been a little tardy thanking and crediting people for sending nits to fix lately. My apologies, a combination of being mad busy on various things and my own great laziness and carelessness. So...

James W. Koon pointed out a nit on the Q page - the wrong episode was being referenced. Dirk Liebisch pointed out that Roxanne Dawson was mistyped on one or two of her director slots - this one is more important than it looks because it meant that the database was counting her as two different directors, so her stats would be completely wrong! Rich Culver pointed out that T'Pol got together with Trip not Reed in Harbinger, Harrie Moore pointed out a typo on the Prometheus ship's plaque page.

If anybody is still missing, email and let me know and I will add you here. Remember everybody, your name up in lights for each nit you find!

Personnel Our TOS-tacular people deluge continues! Another 41 have gone up today, and that's just from season 1 - we now have a bio for virtually every noticable character from the whole of the first season. Seasons 2 and 3 to come, then it's on to TNG!

15 Feb 2004

Section Update
Personnel Well I promised more to come... this is not so much a flood as a deluge! We have added no less than 78 entries to the Other People list, every one of them from TOS. Enjoy...

13 Feb 2004

Section Update
Personnel Major Hayes and Amanda Cole have gone up onto the Other People lists.
Episode Guides A review of Harbinger has gone up.

11 Feb 2004

Section Update
Stations Thanks to Brian Ng, who pointed out a nit on the stations pages. The strength numbers weren't being calculated; they are now.
Personnel No new entries today, but a lot of new pics; fifteen or so new scans, many for the major characters. Previously we had used a lot of publicity stills, many of them with odd lighting. We liked to think of them as official Starfleet publicity shots... anyway, we're moving away from those gradually.

8 Feb 2004

Section Update
Personnel A full entry on Q has been added. I've also added an Other People entry for Degra, the Xindi weapon designer, and a TOS flood : Marla McGivers, Khan Singh, Yeoman Colt, Technician Fisher, Transpoter chief Kyle, Number one, Captain Pike, Vina, and Janice Lester. We also noticed that a buch of people had gotten lost in the changeover to the database, so we now have Arne Darvin, Grilka, Ishka, Cyrano Jones, Kurn, Lal, Leeta, Mud, Tain, Timicin, and Zek.
Episode Guides A review of Stratagem has gone up.

6 Feb 2004

Section Update
Personnel The Personnel flood continues... Jack Crusher and Nurse Ogawa from TNG, Elizabeth Cutler from Enterprise and Brunt from DS9 have all gone onto the other personnel pages. I also fixed a nit with Keiko's page thanks to Bob6800.

4 Feb 2004

Section Update
Episode Guides Okay, so the reason that I've added a load of personnel stuff in the last few days (and lots more to come) is this - the episode guide cast lists now link each significant character to their personnel page. So as well as clicking on the actor name and seeing every episode they have ever acted in, you can click on the character name and get an overview of their character and image. Cool, innit?

3 Feb 2004

Section Update
Personnel A full entry for Rom and Nog, and an "Other" entry for Shran have been added.

2 Feb 2004

Section Update
Personnel I've done a full page on Martok, and added Admiral Ross, Admiral Forrest, Lore and the Female Shapeshifter to the "Other" pages. I've also replaced the extremely poor quality Damar image with a vastly better one.

1 Feb 2004

Section Update
Stations The new referencing system has been extended to the stations. There are quite a few issues still remaining here that we will be working through in the next few weeks.
Series Guide A review of Proving Ground has gone up.
Battles New images again, for the last of the DS9 battle pages; AR-558, Chin'toka retreat, and Advance on Cardassia.

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