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service history

What's new - Jul 2003

20 Jul 2003

Section Update
Species A bunch of species have been moved from the Alpha to the Beta quadrant afterAndrew Shor pointed out that the recent official maps book placed them here.
Personnel Some additions to the Other Personnel pages - Leah Brahms, Carey, Kang, KevinRiley, and Tomalak. I have well over a dozen more lined up to go over thenext week or two, and I'm thinking of increasing the size of the entries herefor at least some people so that it's one per line rather than two, so watchthis space.

13 Jul 2003

Section Update
Articles A small update to the Photon Yield article, mentioning the recentadvent of photons on Enterprise in several places.

6 Jul 2003

Section Update
Species Replacement images for the T'Lani and Kellerun species, scanned fromthe Season 2 DVDs.
Personnel A new page here, listing some of the minor characters that we don'tknow enough about to justify a full entry. It's in much the same format as theOther Species or Additional Ships pages. For now there aren't too many folkshere, but expect a lot of updates to this page in the future.
Battles the images on the USS Odyssey battle have been replaced. The new imagesshow much the same scenes, but are 600 pixels wide instead of 400, and are muchclearer since they are scanned from the DVD rather than the video.

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