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service history

What's new - Jun 2003

22 Jun 2003

Section Update
William Marshall Some sad news from the Trek world today - William Marshall died recently.It's not a name many fans will know, but this site has a paticular link withMr Marshall because he played Dr. Richard Daystrom in the TOS episode "TheUltimate Computer". Although flawed in many ways, Dr. Daystrom was agreat genius who went on to have the oft-mentioned Daystrom Institute namedafter him; it is this body which my site pretends to be a small part of.

Marshall was a talented actor who played diverse roles ranging from the leadin "Othello" - which he played many times - to the starring rolein the cult classic "Blacula". He taught acting workshops in theMufandi Institute in Watts, where he later also served as director.

Marshall is survived by his four children and life partner of 42 years, SylviaJarrico.

Timeline Nemesis has been added to the timeline. The date of 2379 comes fromPicard's statement that Riker had been "my trusted right arm for fifteenyears". Data states in "The Neutral Zone" that Season 1 of TNGtakes place in 2364, allowing us to establish a canonical date. I had previouslydated the movie as 2378 because the script has Picard saying fourteen yearsrather than fifteen, so I have fixed a date in the Sovereign entry and anotherin the Battle page.
Styling I've added Reman pictograms to the Writing page.
Nit Fixing B. Cross points out a species in the alpha quadrant Other Speciessection which was duplicated in the main section. The commissioning date forthe K'T'Inga class had a typo so this is fixed.
Articles Another Random Musing has been added about conformal versus bubbleshielding.

15 Jun 2003

Section Update
Statistics The visitor statistics page on the site guide has been updated toinclude projections for the coming day, month and year. These predictions aregenerated automatically, and so will gradually converge on the real values astime progresses.
Nit Fixing Nick Forster points out a mistake in the body count for "AndThe Children Shall Lead", Warren Ayen points out a couple of places whereI still used Valdore class rather than Norexan, Robert Spottiswood pointed outsome nits in the Dax personnel page, Ralph Cuaron pointed out a date mistakeon the TNG season 5 page, Nikolai Shornikov points out a mistake on the Alphaquadrant other species page. More to come soon...
Articles A major re-write to the Sovereign Changes article, including manynew images from Nemesis for a much clearer picture of what is and is not presentin the way of armament.

8 Jun 2003

Section Update
Species The Remans have been added.
Ships Many, many people have written to say that the Valdore class warbirdsseen in Nemesis are actually Norexan class, according to some sort of officialcard game. Tom West was the first to get this info in, many months ago, andI finally got around to making the change.
Battles The Nemesis battle has been added, with no less than nineteen imagesattached!

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