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What's new - May 2003

22 May 2003

Section Update
Series Guides A review of "The Expanse" has been added.
Articles The Timeline part of the Random Musings section has been updated with datafrom The Expanse concerning the Xindi.

18 May 2003

Section Update
Species Also at Nick's suggestion, I have made minor updates to the Bajoran, Q, Borg,and Ferengi entries.
Ships New or replacement images have been put up for all of the Bajoran ships,as promised. Also replacement images have gone up for the Kazon and So'naships and the Subspace Weapon entry.
Series Guides Reviews of "First Flight" and "Bounty" have been added.The former was fair, the latter fair with a very silly subplot.
Personnel At the suggestion of Nick Boragina, I have made minor updates to the Geordi,Tom Paris, and reg barclay entries.

11 May 2003

Section Update
Nit Fixing Thanks go to Timothy B, who seems to have taken it upon himself to do a spellcheck of most of the site! To my shame and his credit he has so far come upwith far too many to list them all here; most are in the personnel section.
Articles Another Random Musing update. I've beeen pondering what to do about the Daedalusclass lately; Enterprise has messed up all our old ideas about how ships lookedin this period, so a re-think is in order. I've put some my current thinkingon the musings page for you to read and comment upon if you wish.

9 May 2003

Section Update
Ships The Kazon Raider has been added to the Other Ships list, and the two Kazon ships have been grouped into a separate subsection.
Series Guides "Regeneration" has gone up.

Articles The Borg history article has been updated to reflect the rather irritating Enterprise episode "Regeneration".

5 May 2003

Section Update
Ships We've been update-lite lately, so here's a nice big one - some new full ship entires :

Talarian warship and observation ship from TNG "Suddenly Human".
The early Romulan Bird of Prey from "Minefield".
The Promellian battlecruiser from TNG "Booby Trap".
The Klingon Raptor, D-5 and Deuterium tanker classes from Enterprise "Sleeping Dogs", "Judgement" and "Marauders".
The Vulcan D'Kyr and Vahklas classes from "Cease Fire" and "Fusion".
The J Class cargo ship from "Horizon".

Also, I've created a new section on the Other Ships list for Bajoran vessels. This is somewhat of a work in progress, as I don't have images of any of these ships yet (not do I need any, so don't worry about posting them if you have them). As we have no names for most of these ships, and as the real DITL would surely know those names, I have had to create names for them. This is something I don't really like to do, but what the hell. I have tried to use names that are suitably Bajoran. There are seven ships in this section.

Series Guides The episodes "Horizon", "The Breach" and "Cogenitor"have been added.
Articles Some more stuff has gone up on the random musings section. I'm actually gettingquite a bit of mail on this stuff. Which is fine, it's always nice to knowthat people are interested in the site, but do try to remember that much ofthe stuff here is unfinished, and much represents purely my personal opinions.

2 May 2003

Section Update
Ships A Type 0 shuttle size comparison image has been added.
Articles Added to the Random Musings - a short list of the various time travellersfrom the future that have turned up. It's getting hard to keep track of theplayers in the Temporal Cold War, so hopefully this will help. Also addedis a couple of paragraphs about how many stars in our galaxy have planets.I've added a contents list to this page so you can see any new stuff addedat a glance.

1 May 2003

Section Update
Articles I've put a "Random Musings" page up here. It contains various proto-articles.You'll find everything from episode comments too long to fit into the seriesguides to articles that are not fully developed, not fully thought out, notfully researched, or just too darned short to justify a separate entry oftheir own. So you will probably find stuff in there that is flat out wrong- even more so than usual, anyway!

I'll add to it over time - probably a lot. I might also upgrade stuff intofull articles, if I can be bothered.

Copyright Graham Kennedy Page views : 9,393 Last updated : 22 May 2003