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What's new - Dec 2002


20 Dec 2002

A Break for X-Mas
I'm off to visit family and friends for the next few weeks. There'll probablybe no more updates till early to mid January, and I can't guarantee answeringemails until then either. So have a happy xmas and new year folks, and I'll see you in 2003!

17 Dec 2002

I will be seeing Nemesis when it opens in the UK around the 3rd of January.Until then, please don't send me any emails concerning the movie- most especially not with stuff in the title which gives things away. I'vetried fairly hard to remain unspoiled on this one, and I would like to keepit that way.

Rest assured, there will be updates on the site to accomodate Nemesis verysoon after it comes out.

15 Dec 2002

More new images from another TNG DVD box set. In the species section thereare new pics of the Bolians, Bajorans, Mizarinas, J'Naii, Kriosians, Ktarians,Ressicans, Satarrans, Tamarians, Ullians, and a few of the unknown species.We also have new images for the Soliton wave propulsion system in the sci-techsection, including a gorgeous scan of the wave rider, plus new scans in thetemporal section for "A Matter of Time". In the ships section wehave new scans for the Romulan science ship and the Tamarian ship.

8 Dec 2002

Size Comparison
A new image here, of the Vaadwaur fighter ships from "Dragon's Teeth".This is one I made myself, and I'm quite proud of it!
A new article, discussing those episodes where we have seen people acceleratedto hyper-fast states.


X-mas is coming, the decorations are going up! We're aiming to be more tackythan ever this year...

1 Dec 2002

Phil N. points out that we had the Mikhail travellers listed twice in theDelta Quadrant other species section, so this is fixed.

Also, the Zalkonians from TNG's "Transfigurations" have been boostedup from the additional section to a full entry with three very nice DVD-scannedimages attached. The Nanites from TNG's "Evolution" have also beengiven a full species entry.

Size Comparison
A few new entries here. The Baneth and Qomar stations from Voyager have beenadded to the stations section, and the Malon freighter, the Devore shuttle,Gar's ship, and Kes's shuttle from Voyager along with the alien ship from"The Fight". Images once again from Ex Astris, one of the bettersites out there for stuff like this.
A minor fix to one of the links on the Conestoga specs page.

Jelmer Renema points out that the DS9 entry needed a little updating, andthis is done.

Jelmer also points out that Rom became Grand Nagus after Zek, notNog as Quark's page claimed.
Another Jelmer contribution - DS7 has been added to the Stations list.Thanks to Jelmer for all of these fixes...
A whole slew of new and improved images from the Season 3 TNG DVD box set.On the species pages we have replacement scans of Kevin Uxbridge on the Douwnpage, Gomtuu, a Risan woman, the Sheliak, the Vorgons, and the Zibalian.

On the ships pages we have both new and replacement scans of the Ambassadorclass and the Romulan scoutship, a replacement image of Fajo's ship, the Angosiantransport, the gatherer ship, the Husnock ship and the Sheliak ship.

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