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What's new - Oct 2002

20 Oct 2002

Section Update
Size Comparison The aforementioned USS Enterprise has a size comparison entry. I'vealso added a USAF F-104A fighter aircraft, as seen in "Tomorrow is Yesterday",largely because I wanted to include something from the real world to give asense of scale to stuff like probes and shuttles. We also have a whole slewof new size comparison images; Friendship One, the escape pod from the DeltaFlyer, a much improved Klingon Bird of Prey image, a better Galaxy class picture,a better picture of Janeway's shuttle from Endgame, and a better picture ofNeelix's ship. All of these are from Ex Astris Scientia, as are most of thesize comp images here. For those who may not know, Ex Astris is one of the betterTrek sites on the web and I urge everybody reading this to visit it at once- you can find a link on my links page below.
Ships A new and rather unusual addition to the other ships list - the nuclearpowered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise! I've added this in part because itwas seen in ST IV (that was actually the USS Ranger standing in), and partlybecause it was on the recreation deck wall in The Motion Picture.

15 Oct 2002

Section Update
Lists A couple of updates on the shuttle count - Reno points out that a second TOS shuttle was lost in "The Doomsday Machine", while Tribble314 points out a couple of wrong numbers and a mistaken series attribution. Thanks for that, guys.

14 Oct 2002

Section Update
Ships Finally got around to fixing the last bit on the Klingon ships - Adam Broughton pointed out that the K'T'Inga was rated as too fast because it was on the TNG scale rather than the TOS scale. This is now fixed, along with a slight modification of the disrupter strength.

13 Oct 2002

Section Update
Nit Fixing Thanks to Maarten De Feyter several nits on the ships pages have been fixed; the borg Sphere specs page referred to "UCC Voyager", the Intrepid specs page still had Voyager in the Delta Quadrant, and the comments page on McKinley station wrongly claimed that it was never seen after "Family", when in fact it was in "All Good Things". Thanks for that Maarten! Please keep the nits coming people - I may not find the time to fix them all, but I do appreciate the input!
Lists A new list - to complement the "Big Bangs" list, a "Little Bangs" Not only a Voyager shuttles count, but a shuttle count of all episodes and movies ever! This one took about fifteen hours to do, folks. I hope you guys appreciate it!

8 Oct 2002

Section Update
Series Guides More blank-filling, this time in DS9 Season 4.

7 Oct 2002

Section Update
Series Guides A bunch of blank spaces have been filled in for DS9 seasons 5 and 6.

6 Oct 2002

Section Update
Species Jackie Fleck points out that the Metrones are missing from the species section, so they have been added to the Alpha Quadrant other species list.
Ships "The Turnerclan" also points out that the position of main engineering on deck 36 of a Galaxy class is canon, not backstage info as I had coloured it, because it is stated in "Power Play". This prompted me to search through my episode notes, and I have been able to establish the deck numbers of quite a few other items as well.

Adam Broughton pointed out a few nits in the text of the Galor and Keldon entries, these are now fixed. Adam also points out a mistake I made regarding "Tin Man" and the D'Deridex versus Galaxy class strengths. I haven't been able to check this out myself yet, so I've removed the offending section entirely. Cale Wilburn also points out that the ship's dimensions were slightly larger than the official figures; people have pointed this out before and I've resisted changes because the information came from the less than reliable DS9 Tech Manual. But since Cale says that the same figures are in Star Trek : The Magazine, I've caved in and changed not only the sizes but some of the specs of the D'Deridex in order to line it up more closely with the DS9 TM description. The Comments page has also been updated, as has the size comparison section.

Nit Fixing "The Turnerclan" points out that somehow a few words vanished from near the end of the article on trilithium torpedoes. These have been restored.

2 Oct 2002

Section Update
Size Comparison A new feature on the size comparison - now you can push a button on the selection pages to sort the lists into alphabetical order. We find that this makes it much easier to find a ship amongst all the ones up there.
Articles A new article goes up, this one discussing the treatment of antimatter in TOS. Thanks go to Guardian, whose similar article inspired me, and to the folks at, especially Mike Dicenso, who suggested checking out "The Immunity Syndrome".

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