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What's new - Mar 2002


24 Mar 2002

Three new entries on the alpha quadrant other species pages, all from Enterprise. Also from Enterprise, a new image of the Andorians goes up onto the Andorian species entry.
A few new entries on the additional ships page go up today. Some people have reported problems loading this page, so please let me know if you have trouble and I will do my best to get it fixed. I suspect some of the trouble comes from the size of the page, and in the next week or so this page is going to be split into subpages to see if that fixes it.

17 Mar 2002

A full entry for the Denobulans - Phlox's species from Enterprise. We don't know much about them yet, so it's a short one. We've also added a few minor species from Enterprise.
Size Comparison
A new and original image of the D7 goes up to replace the fairly poor one that was there before. Also the Romulan science ship has been added.
A new full entry goes up for the Romulan version of the Klingon D7 battlecruiser. Also, a few ships have gone onto the additional ships page. The Romulan science/scout, previously a single entry, has now been split into two separate entries.
A new article on when the Romulans obtained warp drive has been added.

14 Mar 2002

Full entries for the Vulcan Surak class ship from "Breakingthe Ice", the Y class freighter from "Fortunate Son" and theSS Enterprise as seen on the TMP recreadtion deck have gone up today, all withspecially created size comparison images. All have also been added to the new lineage timeline section. Additionally, you can now jump to the lineage timelineby just clicking on the "Commissioned" label in the specs table of any ship or station on the site.

Also, I've created a small page expanding on what is involved in the minor/standard/majorrefits mentioned in the specs chart for each class. This is somehwat speculative,but in fact many of the tasks listed for each refit have been mentioned or seenon the shows themselvess.

10 Mar 2002

The Lineage page has been expanded into a two part section. The old lineage page is there, but we have also added a section which shows the Trek ship timeline, with the service lives of all major ship classes shown to scale next to one another.

That's all for today, but there are going to be some interesting mid-weekupdates over the next few days, so keep an eye out for them.

Episode Guide
The Enterprise guide has been brought up to date. I am stillnot impressed.

3 Mar 2002

A light week this week, just a few additions to the lists andepisodeguides. I didn't get to see this week's Enterprise, so it willbe a double episodeupdate next week.

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