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service history

What's new - Feb 2002

17 Feb 2002

Section Update
Ships I finally worked out a way to scan good quality images from DVD, so a new V'Ger image from the director's cut of TMP has been added to the V'Ger ship's page. There has also been a slight change to the D7 page to accomodate the appearence of that ship in the DS9 finale.
Episode Guide An episode review for The Adndorian Incident also goes up today.
Articles Various changes to the wording of the Klingon battlecruiser have goneup. Both Darkwing and Mike Dicenso have pointed out that the "Trials andTribble-ations" models were not CGI. I've also incorporated a new sightingof the original D7 variant in the DS9 final episode, "What You Leave Behind",as well as explanding or refining the text in a few places.

10 Feb 2002

Section Update
Timeline Various dates for the Conestoga's voyage and the Terra Nova colonyhave gone up onto the timeline.
Ships We've re-worked the Klingon D7 and K'T'Inga pages after seeing Enterprise"Unexpected". Justification for my interpretation of these ships isin the article mentioned below.
Personnel A couple of new dates have been added to Trip and Archer's pages.
Lists The cast of "Terra Nova" has gone up. Also, a nit on the species listhas been fixed - the Ilari from Voyager's "Warlord" had been identifiedas coming from TNG's "Tin Man". Thanks to Kyle for pointing this oneout.
Episode Guide "Terra Nova" goes up today.
Articles A full scale article on the various incarnations of the Klingon battlecruiserhas now gone up. This supports the above mentioned Ships entries on the D7 andK'T'Inga.

3 Feb 2002

Section Update
Lists The cast of "Unexpected" has gone up onto the cast list. Also, I'vefixed a typo on the food lists - the Voyager episode "The Chute" wasbeing referred to as "The Cute". Thanks to Leah Castillo for pointingthis one out.
Episode Guide "Unexpected" goes up today.

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