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What's new - Jan 2002

27 Jan 2002

Section Update
Species A full entry has gone up on the Suliban from Enterprise.
Ships The Enterprise shuttlepod has gone up on the Shuttles list. I have chosen to dub this one the "Type 0" shuttle, given the lack of anything more official. We've also added a couple of alien ships from "Fight or Flight" to the Additional ships list on the Other ships section.
Lists The cast of "Strange New World" has been added to the cast list.
Episode Guide "Strange New World" goes up, and we have made some slight modifications to "Fight or Flight" to fix nits or add new information.
A Question… On Saturday we had 2,230 visitors, nearly 50% above our daily average. Usually a big jump like this means we've been written up somewhere, so if you know of a recent review which has appeared in a magazine or somesuch, please drop us a quick line to let us know. Thanks...

22 Jan 2002

Section Update
Articles Ryan McReynolds pointed out an error in the Constitution class and Size of Starfleet articles. I had to rely on a third party for quotes from "The Making of Star Trek", and as it turns out I misread the email containing the quote and attributed something as coming from the book which did not. Entirely my fault, so thanks to Ryan for pointing this out and it is now fixed.

20 Jan 2002

Section Update
Lists The "Fight or Flight" cast have been added to the cast list.
Episode Guide A review of "Fight or Flight" has gone up. Also, the first five seasons of DS9 have been converted into the upgraded format.

13 Jan 2002

Section Update
Timeline We've started adding dates for Enterprise. Nits so far include the moving of the first contact with the Klingons back by nearly seventy years, and Cochrane dedicating the warp 5 complex two years after he vanished.
Ships Enterprise has been added to the other ships list. Let me make it clear that I still do not like this ship - there is fairly extensive discussion of the reasons why on the Comments page.
Personnel The main Enterprise characters have been added. So far the data is fairly brief, as is to be expected.
Lists The Broken Bow cast have been added to the cast list.
Episode Guide I've created a cast list, episode list with the first eleven episodes on it and a season 1 episode guide which so far covers only Broken Bow. Look out for regular updates. We've also converted the first four seasons of Voyager into the new format.
Articles Two new articles - one on the Constitution class ships and one on the size of Starfleet. Thanks to GeneK for providing me with some of the quotes used.

8 Jan 2002

Section Update
Happy New year, Everybody!
Enterprise Okay, I know it aired last night in the UK, but I don't have Sky so I don't get to see the eps straight away. But rest assured, my older and richer brother is pouring his money into the Murdoch coffers as we sit here, and so a tape of the pilot will be winging its way toward me this coming weekend. So you can expect lots of nice new Enterprise stuff to go up on Sunday. Be patient!

6 Jan 2002

Section Update
Species Our working through of the minor species continues, with another dozen or so going up today.
Ships And to complement the species, another twenty minor ships go up.

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