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What's new - Nov 2001


25 Nov 2001

Another sixteen species from DS9 go up today, mostly on the Alpha Quadrant Other Species part of the species list.
Size Comparison
I've had a go at drawing a size comparison image for V'Ger from TMP. This is based in equal parts on the original flyover sequence, some of the original artwork created for the movie, the extra wide angle shots of V'Ger in the director's edition DVD and a fair bit of guesswork. The overall shape is certainly correct, though the proportions may not be. Much surface detail has had to be glossed over, but I may do some more work on this in the future. At 97.5 kilometres long, V'Ger is the largest vessel in Star Trek history and on our size comparison chart by a comfortable margin.
I finally got a half-decent snap of the Yeager class, so this has been added to the images page of the Yeager entry.

More importantly, we have added an "Additional" page to the Other Ships list. This is rather like the "Other Species" pages, in that it has various ships which we know only a little about or which we don't see very good images of, but which we don't know enough about to do a full entry on. We've started with twelve ships from the later seasons of Voyager.

14 Nov 2001

LOTS of people have asked me if I'm going to include information about Enterprise, so I've added this to the FAQ.

11 Nov 2001

Welcome Page
We have re-vamped the welcome page somewhat, since we could never be bothered to keep the statistics on the old page up to date.
Thirty five new species have been added to the "other species" sections. This brings the total number of species to an amazing three hundred and fifty two!
Movie Guides
The reivew of TMP has been expanded to include a detailed review of the new director's edition DVD.

4 Nov 2001

We've started a run-through of the lesser known species seen in Deep Space Nine, and have added about a eight or ten to the other species pages. More will follow in the near future.
Two more articles go up today. One discusses various anomalies in the warp speeds we've seen over the years and talks through the warp highways idea. This covers some of the same ground as the maps article, but that is due for a re-write sometime in the future anyway. The second article discusses how many planets are in the Federation.

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