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What's new - May 2001


30 May 2001

A new entry today, the Doomsday machine from the TOS episode of the same name. Working out the details of this ship has been a fascinating exercise, and the comments page should make interesting reading!

Another oops moment today... I got the class names of the Negh'Var variants mixed up. The Voodieh is actually the All Good Things version, while the mirror universe version doesn't have a class name. Since the ship seen in Shattered Mirror is apparently called Regency 1, I've decided to call it the Regency class.

Episode Guide
Six new episodes of Voyager go up today, taking us up to "The Void".

29 May 2001

Various species have been added to the "others" sections of the species list. Also, the parasites from "Conspiracy" have got a full entry of their own. The "Parasite" menu buttoin previously linked to the Tarchannen parasites; these have been moved to a "Tarchannen" button to allow the new entry to take over the old one. If you have a weak stomach, beware that one of the images on the Parasite entry is a rather gory view of the mother alien sitting inside Remmick's phaser-blasted chest cavity.
The TNG "All Good Things" and DS9 "Shattered Mirror" variations of the Negh'Var have gained full entries, including entries in the size comparison charts, and the text of the Prometheus entry has been largely re-worked after a long series of conversations with Robert Brandt. Many thanks to Robert for his insights on this fascinating vessel.

20 May 2001

Due to popular demand, I've put a page up for the Dauntless as seen in Voyager's "Hope and Fear". As you might expect, the comments page on this one is bigger than usual.
The Klingon fleet page had a few wrong figures on it, and these have now been fixed. Thanks to Roel Hodzelmans for this one. Sometimes I don't think I'll EVER get those darned pages bug free...

7 May 2001

I've put all the dedication plaques I could find up on this section today. There are a dozen altogether; I've written the mottos under most of them because the images are a bit small to see them clearly.

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