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What's new - Apr 2001


22 Apr 2001

The Weaponry section has gained three new entries. The Breen CRM 114 from "Business As Usual", the Isomagnetic Disintergrator from "Star Trek : Insurrection", and the Tholian Web from the TOS episode of the same name.
The timeline has gained a couple of entries for Voyager season seven, i.e. 2377.
The TOS episode "Assignment Earth" goes up in this section today.
No less than thirty one "other species" are going up today. Since the number of images on some of the pages were getting a bit out of hand, we've split the alpha and delta quadrant pages up into five pages each.

Also, Nagilum from TNG's "Where Silence Has Lease" has gone up as a full entry.

Size Comparison
The Voth city ship size has been revised to 11 kilometres, in accordance with the figure in the Encyclopedia. Thanks to Mike Dicenso for pointing this one out.
Series Guides
Now updated through "Flesh And Blood, Part I". Also, various typos and other nits have been fixed in the TOS section.
The Ferengi Rules list has had the 74th and 125th rule of acquisition added.
Most of the fleet pages are now fixed in line with the recent changes to the specs pages.
As expected, the reclassification of the Bird of Prey into subtypes has brought much questioning. There's a new entry in the FAQ for this, linking to the article that explains it all.

12 Apr 2001

We've reworked the strength numbers somewhat. Firstly, the speed figures have been altered from the rough and ready values they had to numbers based directly on the top speed in multiples of lightspeed. This has been calculated from the formulas which you can find on the "Warp Scales" page of the sci-tech section. I've also reworked some of the other numbers in order to bring the overall strengths back to roughly what they were before the change to the speed figures.

Secondly, up to now the Federation torpedo strengths were internally consistent but the alien ships had fairly random numbers for their torpedo strengths. Now I've come up with a whole slew of alien torpedoes and tubes, so that all the major alien powers have their own torpedo systems and are now internally consistent.

I had planned to work through the fleets section to bring them up to date with the new strength numbers and fix some other nits there, but this is a helluva long job and for various reasons I can't do it all at once. The Federation fleet size page is done, and I hope have the rest fixed in the next few days.

10 Apr 2001

Series Guides
Voyager's season seven guide has been brought up to date. If anybody noticed a mistake in "Nightingale", I'd appreciate it if you let me know.

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