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What's new - Jul 2000


30 Jul 2000

A slight re-write to the Vidiian page, mentioning that the Phage was cured by the Think Tank. Keep an eye on this section - I feel that species mood creeping up on me again... :-)
Size Comparison
New today - the Talaxian fighters from Voyagers "Basics, Part II", the Hirogen ship from "The Killing Game, Part I/II" and others, the Toron class shuttle from "Gambit, Part II", the uprated Galaxy class seen in DS9's "Way of the Warrior", the doomsday machine from TOS "The Doomsday Machine", the Ferengi shuttle Pod from TNG's "The Price", and two Bajoran Freighter designs. Continuing thanks go to Ex Astris Scientia for their gracious permission to use some of their images in this section, and thanks to Dameon Jones for posting me a bunch of pics recently.
We've added the Nova class to this section, and updated a few of the links for ships we've added over the last few months.
Episode Guide
Now updated through "Tsunkatse". We feel we've been being a little generous with our scoring lately, so we may reasses one or two earlier episodes sometime soon. Or we may not - when fastidiousness fights laziness, the outcome is never certain!

23 Jul 2000

Spatial Anomalies
Dark matter, seen in TNG's "In Theory" and others has been added, as has the twisted space effect seen in Voyagers "Twisted".
New Host
We have had remarkably few error reports after our switch to the new host. Please, if you have any problem at all - we cannot fix things if we don't know about them!
It's recently been pointed out that TOS is badly under-represented in the battles section. So, the following are going up today : the Enterprise/Romulan battle from "Balance of Terror", the battle from "The Doomsday Machine", the M-5/Starfleet battle from "The Ultimate Computer", and the Enterprise/Klingon battle from Star Trek VI. Each has the usual text and between seven and ten images. This brings the number of battles in the section to fifteen.

16 Jul 2000

Welcome to WWW.DITL.ORG...
Well, we finally found a new host to replace the Tripod end of the site. The deal, with Yahoo, offers 100MB of space, 15GB bandwidth per month and our own domain name, This also allows us to do away with mirroring and move both the Demon and Tripod ends of the site to the new server. We would welcome your comments if you have a problem with the speed of the new site.

From now on any bookmarks for any part of the old sites will bring up a message directing visitors to the new URL. A further advantage the new host is that of space. Demon currently limits us to 20MB and 60MB bandwidth per day, both are limits we are starting to run up against. The new host allows five times the space and 256 times the bandwidth which should remove any such worries for the foreseeable future.

Subspace sandbars from Voyagers "Bride of Chaotica" have been added to the Subspace Phenomena page.  DS9's Badlands have been added to the Spatial Anomalies page along with the Briar Patch from "Insurrection", FGC-47 from TNG's "Imaginary Friend", and the Graviton Ellipse from Voyagers "One Small Step".

10 Jul 2000

Size Comparison
A new cgi image today, of the original Constitution class. Thanks to Fabio Passaro at the "Babylon5 3D Page" website who sent this one to us. The site has also gone onto our links page.

8 Jul 2000

After putting all that effort into redoing the Niagara page, I now find that the Fact Files was right in the first place! So I've taken the entry back to pretty much what it was originally, and redone the Comments page again.

1 Jul 2000

Minor change to the Constitution page, fixing a reference to the Enterprise's first Captain to read April rather than Pike. Thanks to Mr Dixon for this one.
Although much delayed by various things, the recent obsession with the sci-tech section continues! Today we get two entries, but don't yell "only two?!?" and feel cheated - each one is one of those multi-entry  pages like the phaser page, with loads of different subheadings in it. The spatial anomalies page has data on ion storms, neutronic wave fronts, and Murasaki 312. The Subspace phenomena page is a real biggie - no less than eleven topics covered on this one! Altogether the two pages have seventeen images on them, although two are re-uses of images from elsewhere in the site.
Episode Guide
Now updated through "Blink Of An Eye".

No news on a new US host yet - we apologise for the continued inconvienience of those triple-damned pop up Tripod adverts.

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