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What's new - May 2000

29 May 2000

Section Update
Species My recent species obsession continues undaunted - today we get Tosk and the Hunters who were after him from DS9's "Tosk", the Yridians from TNG's "Birthright", the Prophets and Pah-Wraiths from DS9, the Ktarians from TNG's "The Game", the Tarchannen Parasites from TNG's "Identity Crisis", the Nausicaans from TNG's "Tapestry" and the Karemma from DS9's "The Search".
Size Comparison A new twist to the size comparison idea - previously when there are several variants of a ship the size comparison link on the specs page would take you to only one of them. Now there are several size comp buttons on the ship pages where this is an issue, each taking you to a different image. So far this affects the ships which have major variants - the Constitution, Miranda and Nebula classes. It also affects the Prometheus class, which now has a size comp for each separate section as well as the unified vessel.
Nit Fixing The Dominion Dreadnought was linked to the Cardassian Dreadnought page, and this is now fixed. Thanks to David Hogg for pointin g this out. Also a typo on the Photon Torpedo page has been fixed, and thanks to Ted Phillips for noticing this one.
Lists The Tango Sierra Science station from TNG's "The Child" and the Jupiter station from "Lifelines" have gone up to the Stations list. Also, the various species listed below have had their list entries linked to their species pages.

21 May 2000

Section Update
Species Another six species go up today - Armus from TNG's "Skin of Evil", the Bynars from TNG's "11001001", the Douwd from TNG's "The Survivors", the Horta from TOS's "Devil in the Dark", the Morg / Eymorg from TOS's "Spock's Brain", and the Sheliak from TNG's "The Ensigns of Command". Additionally, the Ba'Neth and Kesat from Voyagers "Riddles" have gone onto the Species entry in the Lists section, and the entries on this list for the six species above have been linked to the new pages.
Episode Guide Entries for Voyagers "Alice" and "Riddles" go up today.

14 May 2000

Section Update
Size Comparison With a frantic burst of energy I got the improved image of the refitted Galaxy class done this morning! It's an original image I kitbashed out of the Galaxy class one I'm already using.
Other Ships The Cardassian Dreadnought page has been updated to correct a nit - previously I had it without torpedoes since these were not used in the episode. I'd forgotten that there is some mention of Voyager stocking up on Quantum torpedoes after they capture it, proving that it does indeed have them. Thanks to Daniel Carlson for pointing this one out.

13 May 2000

Section Update
Temporal Ships Finally... the Refite Enterprise-D from "All Good Things..."! The ship gets the usual reduced Specs page, a fairly longish Comments page, and a whole bunch of images - every one purpose scanned for this entry, there are no re-uses of the Temporal page images here.
Size Comparison The Refit E-D goes up to accompany the temporal entry above; it's a cruddy image at the moment, I'm working on a better one but it's going slow. Also a bunch of other images have been replaced with better quality ones, and the Tholian ship has been added. It's size is purely speculative so far.

9 May 2000

Section Update
Temporal Ships Now added to the Temporal section are some of the ships we've seen in alternate timelines. Each gets a reduced version of the standard specs page, some notes and the usual comments and images. To start with I've done the Krenim, Mawasi and Nihydron ships from "Year Of Hell". Watch this space... soon to come is the much-requested Enterprise-D refit from "All Good Things..."!

7 May 2000

Section Update
Size Comparison A new section has been added to the Size Comparison section, which is the ships we have seen in alternate timelines. For now we have put all of the ships seen in Voyagers "Year of Hell" in for starters - the Krenim Timeship, Warship and Patrol vessel, and the Zhal, Nihydron and Mawasi ships.

3 May 2000

Section Update
Weaponry The photon and Quantum torpedo pages have been recoloured inline with the official canon policy.
Ships A slight correction to the Galaxy class page - the armour thickness wasn't quite right, and the weapon and shield figures on the uprated model didn't quite fit the strength numbers. Thanks to Robert Brandt for pointing it out - twice!

1 May 2000

Section Update
Site Guide The Site Guide has been largely rewritten. The main change is a new FAQ section, which will hopefully prevent me from having to answer the same questions a million times over! Also the site ethos has been re-written to reflect the updated canon policy which has been wending its way through the site lately. As an aside to this the "Mail Author" button now goes to a page recommending people glance through the FAQ before mailing me.
Series Guides The Cast lists of TOS and DS9 have been updated to link to the characters recently added to the personnel section..
Lists A new list goes up today, with the various Federation laws and regulations we have heard over the years.
Fleets A few nits on the Federation fleet page have been fixed to bring it in line with the individual specs pages.

Copyright Graham Kennedy Page views : 8,485 Last updated : 29 May 2000