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What's new - Dec 1999


30 Dec 1999

An entry for the Dominions Phased Polaron Beam has been added.
Details of the end of the Dominion war have been added.
The second Chin'toka battle goes up today, with the usual write up and images.

29 Dec 1999

Welcome Page
The sites front page has now had the anti-spoiler request removed, since I have now seen the end of DS9. Voyager spoilers I don't mind anyway. I've also updated the statistics on this page.
Vote For Me!
As you may have noticed on the front page, my site is up for the Millennial Trek Award. There have been some problems with the voting system, but these now seem to be fixed. I would really appreciate it if everybody would take five or ten seconds to vote for my site - you can access the welcome page via the site guide button below. Thank you kindly in advance...
All of the Deep Space Nine personnel pages have been updated to the end of the series.
Episode Guide
The final two episodes of DS9 and Voyager have now been added to this section. Also, the Episodes, Writers and Directors statistics pages have also been updated to reflect these seasons.

26 Dec 1999

As promised "Relativity" gets an Temporal entry today, along with "Trials and Tribble-ations". The usual combination of a write up done as if from the point of view of Temporal Investigations plus a few vidclips.
Episode Guide
Each season has had the year in which it takes place added.
Delta Flyer
I forgot to link up the size comparison button for the Flyer when I got hold of an image for it. It's now fixed.
Having got a copy of the new Encyclopedia for Christmas, I've now fixed the spelling of the "Chintaka" system on the battles page. Any other examples of the old spelling will be fixed in early January.

19 Dec 1999

I'm out of my species mood now, and into a Temporal phase. So going up today is a write up of "All Good Things" and "Time's Arrow". Planned for the near future is Voyagers "Relativity".
Permission still hasn't arrived for use of the data on the Andorians... so I've decided to put it up anyway. Full credit for almost all the information on this page belongs to the Andorian Home Page, created by Andrea Izzotti.

Also, a couple of pics go up on the Progenitors species page today.

15 Dec 1999

Somehow I put the Andorian species up with the entry for the Bajorans pasted into it. Thanks to Carlos Corbacho and several others for pointing this out. I'm waiting for permission to use information from another site before I fix it - as soon as I get that the new page will go up.
Episode Guide
I finally got around to writing a full review for Star Trek IV. In addition, I've fixed various minor spelling and grammar nits both in this section and in a few other parts of the site. You'd think that by now I'd get these things proofread before I put them up, wouldn't you?
A minor nit has been fixed - the strength index previously didn't match the warp speed. Thanks to Jack Harrington for pointing this one out.

11 Dec 1999

Lots of extra entries have been put onto the 21st - 23rd centuries.

9 Dec 1999

I've been in the mood for species lately, so going up today are the Andorians, Bolians, El Aurians, Gorn, Kazon, Organians, Sikarians, Talosians, and Tamarians. This brings the total number of species up to thirty four.
Size Savings
More fiddling to create space - we've increased the compression on the jpeg files, which has cut their size by about 40 - 50%. It doesn't seem to affect the quality at all, but it's freed up about 5 Megabytes of space. Put in context, that's enough for about another one hundred ship entries!

5 Dec 1999

New Ship
The Breen ship goes up today. The usual specs, comments and image page. I don't have a size comparison picture yet, so if anybody does I'd be happy to get hold of it. The specs page has also fed a couple of changes in the Breen numbers through to the Dominion fleets page.
New Image
Finally got around to scanning a picture of the bioneural gel packs Voyager uses for the sci-tech entry on computers.

4 Dec 1999

Two additions today; the Progenitors from the TNG episode "The Chase", and the Tribbles. Yeah, I know the Tribbles are just animals but I couldn't resist putting them up 'coz they're so cute! I don't have images of the Pregenitors yet, as I can't find the tape!
Size Comparison
As well as the improved image of the Danube going up, I'm finally putting both the Delta Flyer and the Nova class up. The images are taken from the Ex Astris Scientia site, so thanks once again for that.
Danube Class
The Danube class specs entry has been largely re-written to bring it much closer into line with the DS9 Tech manual entry on this ship. Various people have asked me to do this over the last few months, most recently Tommy Tennebo. He also supplied a much nicer scan of the Danube which has gone up on the size comparison section today.

2 Dec 1999

Nit Fixing
The Romulan fleet totals have been fixed - previously the totals were wrong for some reason. Carl-Johan Rydberg gets the credit for this one. A sentance fragment left over on the warp shallows section has been deleted thanks to Dennis Unger. Finally, the date for the TNG space suit on the uniforms section has been fixed from 2270 to 2370, thanks to Justin Moody.

1 Dec 1999

In the changes above, we over-wrote a couple of pages with old versions - part of the perils of having different versions of the site in different places, I'm afraid. I think I've managed to replace most of them from a backup copy, but I had to re-write the last couple of episode reviews completely and the later entries made on last months 'What's New' are gone for good.
We've recently been having some size problems, so we've re-organized things a little. The menu system has been revised - previously each button needed two graphics, one for 'up' and one for 'down'. Now the button stays the same, and just the edge strips change - that alone saved a couple of hundred kilobytes. This not only gives space for a few more entries, but it should speed up the list loading times significantly.

Additionally, we've altered the way the Javascript works in a way which cuts another few hundred kilobytes, and have modified a few pictures here and there to make them smaller. As with most things behind the scenes, Ian gets all the credit for this one.

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