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What's new - Oct 1999


31 Oct 1999

As promised, the Dominion, Romulan and Klingon fleet pages have been re-worked along the lines of the Federation page. The changes have, as before, fed through to the numbers on the ships pages.
Episode Guide
The films section has been re-organized so that each film now has its own page. All but ST IV also have much expanded reviews.

24 Oct 1999

Various minor details have been changed here; primarily, the size of each class has been revised in line with the new Federation fleet page. Various nits concerning the speed of shuttles have also been fixed - previously several shuttles warp factor was far too high for their speed index number.
The Federation Fleet page has been almost totally re-wroked yet again. The discussion of Federation fleet numbers has been moved to the fleet page and expanded. The numbers themselves have been radically altered - I've taken all the strength numbers except for the overall strength off the page entirely - it was too cluttered as it was. Instead, you now get the total ships built to date, the number lost, the number remaining, and the strength of the overall class before and after the losses. In addition, I finally bit the bullet trawled through the Encyclopedia ships list and added the Sequoia, Yorkshire, Surak, Renaissance, Merced, Wambundu, Hokul'a, Korolev, Antares, Nova, Andromeda, Springfield, Deneva, Mediterranean, Istanbul, Apollo, Bradbury, and Sydney classes. I've made up strength numbers for these classes so as to have an overall strength, but since I've taken the strength numbers off the fleets page there's nowhere else to put them until each one gets its own class entry!

Some of the types I've assigned to these ships are canon - the Sydney class transport, for example. Others I had to invent. I loosely based this around what the few known examples of these classes were doing in the episodes that mentioned them - if a ship was down as lost in combat I made it something like a destroyer or cruiser, for example.

Overall pre-war fleet numbers have been brought up to 8,000, in line with behind the scenes comments said to have been made once. (Incidentally, if anybody has that quote exactly or know who made it, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know.) Dominion war losses have also been beefed up considerably.

So much for the Federation ships. I haven't done anything to the alien ships or stations, but since I'm now on my half term break from work, I hope to be able to get this done over the next week. If not then, it'll be a while because this has taken literally 15+ hours of solid work to do, and that will not be easy to repeat once I'm back at work. So please be patient if they don't appear soon.

23 Oct 1999

A new entry on V'Ger goes up today. It started as a whim, it's ended up as one of the biggest and most detailed entries on the site. Go figure.

17 Oct 1999

Some of the recent (to us in the UK) developments in the Dominion war have been added.
Size Comparison
New additions - the T'Pau and the Smuggler ship from TNG's "Unification", the Numiri ship from Voyagers "Ex Post Facto", the Sheliak ship from "The Ensigns of Command", the Galaxy-class Captains yacht, the Miranda class escape pod seen in DS9's "Emissary", the Soveregn class escape pod and the phoenix from "First Contact" and the Kazon Shuttle from the Voyager episode "Alliances". Thanks once again to the brilliant "Ex Astris Scienta" for the images used here. The sizes are mostly pretty speculative.
The Defiant entry has been updated to include the destruction of the ship by the Breen.
Series Guides
DS9 series 7 and Voyager series 5, episodes 19 and 20 have been added. As usual, the write ups contain spoilers.
A new entry today covers some of the computer systems we've seen in use over the years.

16 Oct 1999

The previous entry claims that the Varro ship went up. Actually it went up a couple of weeks ago, but I completely forgot I'd sent it up! Apologies all around.
Nit Fixing
Some more nits have been fixed today :
  • The Enterprise's commissioning date has been corrected from 2345 to 2245. Thanks to Björn Herold for this one.
  • The Cheyenne's phaser arrays have been fixed from Type IX to Type VIII. Thanks go to Sven Ortmann for this one.
  • The K'Tingas production run termination has been fixed from 2404 to 2304. Thanks again to Sven Ortmann.
  • The Vicos USS has been altered to SS, courtesy of Justin Moody.
  • The Vulcan landers comments page has had an out of date reference to warp drive removed. Duane Oldsen pointed this one out.
  • A wrongly pasted number on the warp scales page has been fixed. Again couresy of Duane Oldsen.

3 Oct 1999

The TR-116 from DS9's "Field of Fire" has been added, as has an entry on some of the knives and swords used in the show.
The Delta Flyer has been added to the shuttles list - full specs plus some nice images from "Extreme Risk". Strictly speaking Starfleet shouldn't know about this little gizmo, but so many people have asked that I just couldn't resist. So sue me...

Also from Voyager, the Varro multi-generational ship has been added.

In addition, the Borg probe from "Dark Frontier" has been added.

A paragraph has been added to the sci-tech entry on forcefields, mentioning the existence of Regenerative shielding, as seen on the Cardie weapon platforms in DS9's "Tears of the Prophets" and stated to be on the Prometheus in Voyagers "Message in a Bottle". The idea about how regenerative shielding works is pure guesswork.
Nit Fixing
Various people have let me know about some site nits over the last few months, so I have now got around to fixing some of these.
  • The fact that the Peregrine class carries pulse phaser cannon has been added to the specs page.
  • The Centaur class Type XII phasers have been corrected to Type VII - this one was a typo.
  • The Great link has been re-added to the Links page after Carlos Corbacho pointed out that it had moved, rather than shut down as I had thought.
  • The Romulan entry into the Dominion war has been moved forward slightly on the Timeline to correct a contradiction with Voyagers "Message in a Bottle". Chris den Boer gets his name on the Contributors list for pointing this out.
  • The DS 9 series 6 series guide has had a few typos fixed.
  • The laser scalpel entry on the Medical Technology entry has been given a temporary fix - previously it had the wrong image on it. Now there is a "no image available" tag there until I can scan a picture from somewhere.

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