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What's new - Jul 1999


30 Jul 1999

Size Comparison
A new section goes up on the size comparison today. This will allow you to create a chart that mixes Stations and Ships in the same display. The ships are displayed in a column on the left of the screen and the stations along side each other to the right as usual. Thanks to Mike Dicenso for surgesting this.

Also, after reviewing DS9's "Favour the Bold" we've increased our estimate for the size of Starbase 375. We now have it listed as 1,250m which makes it far bigger than Deep Space Nine.

25 Jul 1999

The new sizes for Spacedock and Starbase 74 have been transferred over to the size comparison section. The comments section of SB 74 has also been slightly altered to correct a small mistake.

23 Jul 1999

New sizes for Spacedock and Starbase 74 - the former thanks to Mike Dicenso, who posted me a scan of a production drawing of Spacedock, including dimensions, done for ST III. The comments pages for these two stations have also been considerably expanded to include lots of details of the scaling of both stations. In the case of Starbase 74, the armament has also been massively uprated to better reflect the much larger size of the station.
Materials Power Page
Alas, after doing some checking I have found that James Fox was right in his original numbers, so yesterdays updates have been removed. Thanks to James for pointing me back in the right direction.

22 Jul 1999

Materials Power Page
This page has been updated to include some more accurate figures and has added a new example. Many thanks to Jasper McChesney for this info.

15 Jul 1999

Interface Items
A few bits of interface tidying have been uploaded today:
  • The page titles on the Site Guide now match the buttons that you click on the menu, rather than  just saying 'Site Guide'.
  • The page titles for the Episode Guides now have the season number as part of the main title rather than a sub-title at the top of the scrolling window. This allows you to see which season an episode belongs in without having to scroll all the way to the top of the page.
  • The What's New pages (like this one) now have the month and year as the page title rather than just 'What's New'. Again, this allows you to see when a change occurred without going to the top of the window.
Another behind the scenes change now allows you to load any page on the site and have it appear correctly in it's frames. This was possible previously, however now the title section for the page is also loaded along with the data page requested.

11 Jul 1999

The Comments page on the Dyson Sphere has been reworked a little. It now includes a brief discussion of the infamous "Scotty's memory" and "Jenolen's shields" nits and some minor re-wording. I've also spell checked it, so any mistakes still there are the fault of whoever owns Netscape. At least, that's my story... ;-)
I have finally got around to re-writing the Peregrine entry to end the confusion between this ship and the Maquis Raider. The Raider has also been added, to the Federation Ships list, so that the two types are now fully separated. The Raider stats are for Chakotays larger vessel, rather than the smaller ones seen in "Preemptive Strike". Thanks to Ex Astris Scientia and all the folks on RAST for their input on these two types of ship - but don't blame them for any remaining mistkaes, which are sure to be mine alone.

In addition, the Pralor vessel from Voyagers "Prototype" has been added. The entry is less speculative than most, as I feel more justified in leaving things as simply "Unknown" for the alien vessels that Voyager encounters.

4 Jul 1999

Size Comparison
The Enterprise-E's yacht has been added. The size is from the Star Trek magazine. The Romulan scoutship has also been relabelled, and a better image has been put up. A much better Centaur image has also been added.
Going up in this section today is a page listing some of the medical doodads we've seen Trek doctors using over the years. There are eleven items on the page at the moment, each one with an image attached.
A new image of a containment field has gone up on the forcefield page to replace the one from Generations. The new image is from "Realm of Fear", and is a much more accurate representation of a containment field.
Episode Guide
The latest Deep Space Nine and Voyager releases have gone up today.

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