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What's new - Jan 1999

31 Jan 1999

Section Update
Size Comparison Now you can click on any size comparison image to go straight to the relevant specifications page. The addition of the above classes means that every size comparison image now has a specifications entry.
New Classes New additions to the site are the Academy Trainer from 'The First Duty' and th Air Tram from 'Star Trek : The Motion Picture', which have been added to the Shuttles list, and the DY-100 from 'Space Seed', which has been added to the Other Ships list.
Images The Hideki page now has two images scanned from 'Sacrifice of Angels'.

25 Jan 1999

Section Update
Spelling I've now ran the sellchecker over the specs pages for the following classes : Sovereign, Galaxy, Ambassador, Excelsior, Akira, Nebula, Cheyenne, Prometheus, Intrepid, New Orleans, Constitution, Centaur, Norway, Steamrunner, Miranda, Soyuz, Olympic, Constellation, Saber, Defiant, Oberth, Daedalus, Warp, Sled, Peregrine, and Danube.
Species The Voth from Voyager have been added here, together with three new scans to bring todays new images total up to thirteen.
Shuttles The missing strength numbers for all shuttlecraft have now been added. The Type 9 and 10 have come out rather more powerful than I had intended because of their high speed; in truth the whole weighting system for the strength indices needs an overhaul, but to be honest I can't think of a formula that really does all the things I want it to. I'll keep trying, though; watch this space...
Links You're going to start to see links appearing within pages from now on. Eventually, every mention of a class name anywhere on the site will eventually be linked to take you to the specifications of that class. As with all clickable links in a 24th century context, these will be coloured orange.
Images Some newly scanned images go up today - there are two on the Vorcha page, three on the D'Deridex page, two on the Danube page, and three on the Peregrine page.

20 Jan 1999

Section Update
Power page A couple of extra paragraphs have been added to the Galaxy class weapon power page, basically just re-wording what was there before to be a little clearer and adding a comparison between phaser and photon torpedo output to make a stronger case for higher weapon phaser power ratings than the TNG TM gives.

17 Jan 1999

Section Update
Corrections Some spelling and dates have been corrected on the following pages : Soyuz, Valiant, Rom Bird of Prey, and Daedalus ship specifications pages, the Type 3 phaser image page and the Human species page. Thanks to Sven Ortmann for pointing most of these out to me. In addition, I've fixed the dates on the shuttle entries so that they don't now involve time travelling! Given the number of spelling mistakes I usually make, I've probably just opened a floodgate!

Speaking of spelling, Chapters One and Two of the story "Portal" have been proof-read by Steve Wilson, and about a zillion grammar and spelling errors have been fixed. So if there's anything still wrong with them, you can blame him and not me! The other chapters will be done as time and enthusiasm allow.

16 Jan 1999

Section Update
Weaponry Another addition based on "Insurrection" is an entry for the Isolitic Subspace weapon used by the Son'a against the Enterprise-E. Almost everything concerning the development and operation of these devices is speculation invented by me, but an outline of their use in Insurrection is given along with four new images. Hope you like it...

15 Jan 1999

Section Update
Species A new addition for this page is the Breen. Rarely seen but often mentioned, we know a surprising amount about this bunch. As usual a couple of new images go along with it, these taken from "By Inferno's Light". And yes, that is Princess Leia's bounty hunter disguise from "Return of the Jedi".

Also added are the Ba'ku and Son'a from Insurrection - look out for more entries based on the film in the next week or so.

14 Jan 1999

Section Update
Shuttles It's been quiet on the What's New front lately, because I've been working on adding some new material. So today you get a whopping twelve entirely new entries, all in one go. These detail just about every different type of Federation shuttlecraft we have seen over the years. In future I hope to add the Romulan, Klingon and Ferengi shuttlecraft to this section also.
Film Review A review of Star Trek Insurection has been added.
Awards A new award has been added to the Trek Awards section. Thanks to the TCZone.

Copyright Graham Kennedy Page views : 9,465 Last updated : 31 Jan 1999