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Nyota Uhura

Year Event
1Nyota Uhura is born.2
3The first Starship Enterprise is launched from the San Francisco Fleet yards in orbit of Earth.2 The launch is attended by Ex-President of the United Federaton of Planets, Jonathan Archer.4
5Nyota Uhura enlists in Starfleet academy.2
6Uhura graduates Starfleet Academy.6
2The Starship Enterprise, under the command of Captain Kirk, is assigned a five year mission of exploration.2
Picture from 2264
7The USS Enterprise destroys a Romulan bird of Prey which has crossed the Neutral Zone and attacked several Federation outposts.7
Uhura is assigned to the USS Enterprise as Communications Officer.2
8While researching a collapsing planet, the crew of the USS Enterprise are incapacitated by a new form of virus. Dr. McCoy is able to overcome the effects of the virus in time to save the ship. In breaking free of the planet, the ship is thrown back several minutes in time - the first known example of time travel by the Federation.8
9Uhura's memory is wiped clean by the Nomad probe; she is re-educated on board the Enterprise.9
10The USS Enterprise arrives at Omicron Seti III. Almost overcome by the effects of the local plant life, the crew manage to break free and rescue the colonists.10
11The USS Enterprise completes its five year mission.11
12The USS Enterprise commences a major refit.12
13The newly launched USS Enterprise encounters the entity known as V'Ger. V'Ger merges with Commander Decker to become a new life form.13
Picture from 2271
14USS Reliant, searching for a lifeless planet for use in the Genesis experiment, is seized by Khan Noonian Sing. Sing attempts to steal the Genesis Device, but is engaged in battle by the USS Enterprise under the command of Admiral Kirk. Spock is killed saving the Enterprise from destruction.14
Picture from 2285
15Uhura is scheduled to give a seminar at Starfleet Academy; cancels the appearance to return to the Enterprise-A for the mission to meet Chancellor Gorkon.15
15The Enterprise-A escorts Chancellor Gorkon to Earth for a peace conference. When Gorkon is assassinated, Kirk uncovers a plot to reverse the recent easing of tensions between the Federation and Klingons.15
15The Enterprise-A crew are responsible for saving the Khitomer Peace Conference, along with Captain Sulu of the USS Excelsior.15
16The Enterprise-A is decommissioned.16
Uhura retires from Starfleet.
Picture from 2293

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation

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