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Charles Tucker III

Year Event
1Archer meets Trip for the first time whilst serving as an engineer on the NX test program.1
1Archer saves Trip's life.1
2Archer becomes captain of Enterprise, NX-01, the first Human warp 5 capable vessel. His crew includes Trip Tucker as Chief Engineer, Reed as Armoury Officer, Mayweather as Helmsman, T'Pol as Science officer, Phlox as Chief Medical officer, and Hoshi as Linguist and Communications officer.2
1Enterprise embarks on its maiden voyage, returning the Klingon Klaang to his home world. This marks the first contact between Humanity and the Klingons. Although apparently successful at the time2, the contact ultimately proves disastrous and leads to decades of hostilities between the two powers.3
4The NX-01 makes first contact with the Axanar.4
2Trip becomes the first Human male to become pregnant after an encounter with a Xyrillian woman.1
5Enterprise travels to Terra Nova, Earth's first extrasolar colony, and contacts the descendants of the original colonists.5
6The NX-01 encounters a rogue planet drifting between star systems. First contact with both the Eska and Wraiths on the planet.6
Picture from 2151
Picture from 2151
Picture from 2151
7The NX-01 Enterprise visits Risa, the first Human vessel to do so. Half of the crew have the opportunity to enjoy two days and nights of shore leave on the planet.7
8The NX-01 visits the Kretassian homeworld. Despite some minor diplomatic embarrasments, the visit is ultimately successful.8
9First contact with the Takret. The crew of the NX-01 are forced to shelter in the ship's nacelles when an energy storm threatens the ship. The Takret military makes an unsuccessful attempt to steal the ship during the storm.9
10The NX-01 apparently causes the destruction of a Paraagan mining colony with the loss of over 3,000 lives. Captain Archer is able to prove that the Suliban actually caused the explosion. Captain Archer is taken into the future by Daniels; the NX-01 is subsequently captured briefly by the Suliban, but escapes with archer's help.10
11The NX-01 discovers a disabled vessel drifting in space. The ship proves to be from the future; in spite of considerable interference from the Tholians and Suliban, Archer is successful in returning the vessel to its rightful owners.11
Picture from 2152
12A group of Borg which have been frozen on Earth's polar region since being destroyed by the Enterprise-E in 2063 are revived by a team which is investigating the debris. They assimilate the investigators and escape the planet, but are subsequently destroyed by the NX-0112
13A Xindi attack on Earth kills 7 million people, including Trip's sister Elizabeth. Enterprise is recalled and sent to the Delphic Expanse to investigate the origin of the Xindi weapon and prevent further attacks.13
14The NX-01 discovers a Xindi outpost which is assisting in the construction of the weapon intended to destroy Earth. Archer manages to convince the leader of the facility to sabotage his next shipment.14
15The NX-01 encounters a group of Humans who have lived on a planet in the Delphic Expanse for more than a centry after being abducted from Earth.15
16When Trip is badly injured in an accident, Phlox creates a replica of him from a Lyssarian desevae in order to harvest neural tissue, in spite of the fact that the replica is a sentient being who will be killed by the procedure. The replica, named Sim, enjoys a brief romantic attraction to T'pol before his death.16
Picture from 2153
Picture from 2153
Picture from 2153
17The NX-01 is badly damaged by the Xindi whilst attempting to destroy the final version of the weapon at Azati Prime. Thanks to Daniels' intervention, Archer is able to convince Degra that Humanity may not be responsible for the destruction of the Xindi Homeworld in the future.17
18Captain Archer destroys the Xindi weapon as it approaches Earth.18
18NX-01 Enterprise destroys the sphere network maintaining the Delphic Expanse.18
18In the aftermath of the defeat of the Sphere Builders, the NX-01 is returned to Earth by the Xindi. As the ship arrives it is sent into the past19 by Daniels in order to combat the Na'kuhl's disruption of Earth's timeline. Daniels is killed in the process by unknown causes. Unknownst to the crew, Silik stows away on the ship when it travels to 1944.19
20The NX-01 returns from 1944 safely, having defeated the Na'kuhl and ended the Temporal Cold War. The destruction of the Na'kuhl time machine restores the timeline, resurrecting Daniels.20 Silik is killed in the past during the mission.21
22A group of genetically engineered Humans steal a Klingon bird of prey, murdering the crew in the process. The NX-01 is sent to capture the Augments. During the mission, several of the crew are captured by Orion slavers but subsequently rescued successfully.22
23The Orions attempt to capture the NX-01 by infiltrating the ship with three females. The attempt fails. Commander Tucker returns to the ship as Chief Engineer.23
Picture from 2154
Picture from 2154
24Trip and T'Pol end their romantic involvement.24
25Charles Tucker dies, sacrificing himself to defeat a criminal gang who boarded the Enterprise.25
26The United Federation of Planets is formed by the Human, Vulcan, Andorian and Tellarite governments.17

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation

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Comment:T'Pol said this had been over for six years
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