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Tomas Eugene Paris

Year Event
1Tom Paris causes the death of several other officers during training. He lies about the accident during the inquest, then subsequently confesses and is expelled from the academy.2
2Tom Paris joins the Maquis. He is captured on his first mission and jailed.2
2Tom is paroled from Federation rehabilitation; he joins USS Voyager as an observer.2
2Voyager is dragged into the Delta Quadrant by the being known as The Caretaker.2
3Tom is convicted of murder by the Baneans.3
4Voyager attempts to form an alliance with the Trabe; the attempt fails.4
5Thomas Eugene Paris becomes the first known Human being to achieve Warp 10 and travel at infinite speed. Unfortunately, there are some serious side effects.5
6Voyager is briefly captured by the Kazon. The large majority of the crew are stranded on a primitive planet.6
Picture from 2372
7Voyager is re-captured from the Kazon by Paris and a small group of Talaxians. Seska is killed during the operation.7
8Tom and Harry are briefly imprisoned by the Akritiri.8
9Voyager trespasses on Swarm space to avoid a lengthy detour on their journey home.9
10Voyager is thrown back in time to 199610; the ship prevents a temporal explosion which would otherwise have destroyed the Earth.11
12The progressive faction wins the Q civil war with Voyager's help. Q mates with a female Q, helping to end the rifts which caused the war by producing a baby Q.12
13Voyager encounters the Borg and Species 8472.13
Picture from 2373
14Voyager defeats a force of 8472 vessels; end of the Borg/8472 war.14
15Voyager encounters the Krenim, a species who use temporal technology in weapons applications. The encounter passes peacefully.15
16Tom and B'Elanna become romantically involved.16
17Voyager's crew undergoes involuntary medical testing by an alien species.17
18Voyager's EMH relays messages from the ship to Starfleet via an alien communications array. A message to Janeway informs her that her fiance Mark Johnson has married a co-worker. Voyager finds that the Maquis have been wiped out.18
19Tom helps Steth repair his ship, which is powered by a co-axial warp core.19
20Voyager attempts to stabilize some Omega molecules.20
21Voyager's crew are replicated by the Deuterium/metal lifeform on the Demon planet.21
22Tom begins playing the Captain Proton holoprogram.22
22Voyager crosses a 2,500 light year wide gulf in space - possibly the gap between two galactic arms. Janeway goes through a bout of depression and isolates herself from the crew.22
23The Delta Flyer is built.23
24Voyager is almost destroyed during an attempt to reach home via Quantum Slipstream drive.24
25Tom is reduced in rank to Ensign and sentenced to thirty days in the brig for his actions at the space ocean.25
26Tuvok and Tom are stranded on a planet which experiences accelerated time.26
27Voyager prevents a catastrophe by piloting a Malon freighter into a star before it can explode.27
28Voyager encounters the USS Equinox.28
Picture from 2375
Picture from 2375
Picture from 2375
Picture from 2375
29Tom rebuilds an old shuttle, Alice, and is nearly killed by the ship's neural interface.29
30Voyager uses an alien catapult device to advance several years in its journey towards Earth.30
31Tom creates the Fair Haven holoprogram.31
32Voyager encounters a planet which exists in a highly accelerated time frame compared to the rest of the galaxy. The ship has a large though unintentional effect on the planets culture.32
33Voyager assists the Borg Unimatrix Zero drones.33
34B'Elanna and Tom marry.34
35Many of Voyager's crew fall under the influence of an old mind control program implanted by a Bajoran Vedek.35
36B'Elanna becomes pregnant.36
37Voyager is briefly stranded in The Void, a closed subspace region with no natural resources; Janeway creates an alliance of ships in order to break free.37
38Many of Voyager's crew are kidnapped by the Quarren and have their memory wiped so they can serve as workers on the Quarren homeworld.38
39Voyager finds the Friendship One probe. The Starship is able to repair much of the damage done to the planet the probe landed on.39
40Voyager reaches Earth.40
Picture from 2377

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation

# Series Season Source Comment
1 Speculative Assuming a year before he joins voyager.
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36 VOY 7 Lineage
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38 VOY 7 Workforce, Part 1
39 VOY 7 Friendship One
40 VOY 7 Endgame, Part 2
Source: Speculative
Comment:Assuming a year before he joins voyager.
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Source: Endgame, Part 2

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