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Year Event
4 billion bc
1Q begins a romantic involvement with a female Q.2
Quark accomplishes the Ferengi Attainment Ceremony. He is apprenticed to a district subnagus; he is later ousted from his apprenticeship after becoming involved with the man's sister.3
4Quark reaches the Age of Ascension and leaves Ferenginar. He does not return to the planet for twenty years.4
Quark works on a Ferengi freighter for eight years as ships cook.5
Quark opens a bar on DS9.6
7Quark has a brief affair with Natima Lang, who admires him for illegally selling food to Bajorans. They break up when she finds he used her personal access codes to steal money.7
8The Cardassians retreat from the Bajoran system, abandoning the Terok Nor ore processing facility in orbit of the planet. The Bajoran Provisional Government asks Starfleet to take over the running of the station.8
8Sisko is assigned to command Deep Space Nine. He persuades Quark to remain on the station despite the precarious political situation.8
9Quark briefly serves as Grand Nagus when it appears that Zek is dead.9
10Quark survives an assassination attempt by a business partner.10
11Sisko makes first contact between the Federation and the Dominion when he and Quark are captured by the Jem'Hadar.11
11The Dominion destroy the USS Odyssey.11
Picture from 2370
12Quark is married to - and subsequently divorced from - Grilka, briefly becoming head of the Klingon House of Kozak.12
13Quark is given his own ship by cousin Gaila; he loses it soon after in a temporal accident.13
14Quark sells his remains after he is falsely informed that he is dying of Dorek Syndrome. His business licence is revoked after he fails to fulfil the contract.14
15Quark becomes involved with Grilka again when she visits DS9.15
16Odo crashes on an inhospitable planet with Quark, and is forced to climb a mountain to call for help16
17Quark briefly works as an arms dealer with Hagath and Gaila.17
18Quark regains his Ferengi Business licence in exchange for helping to break up the relationship between Ishka and Grand Nagus Zek..18
19The Dominion War begins. Dukat regains control of Deep Space Nine when the Dominion capture the station.19
Picture from 2373
Picture from 2373
20Sisko becomes an adjutant on Starbase 375. Jadzia Dax becomes commander of the Defiant.20
21Starfleet launches an operation to recapture Deep Space Nine. Captain Sisko leads a large Federation force, but this is bogged down battling a Dominion fleet. The Defiant breaks through and reaches Deep Space Nine just as the minefield is destroyed; Sisko convinces the Prophets to prevent Dominion reinforcements from coming through the wormhole. A joint Federation/Klingon force recaptures the station.21
21As Dominion forces leave, Damar murders Ziyal. Distraught at losing both the station and his daughter, Dukat becomes mentally unbalanced and is captured by Federation forces.21
22The Romulans join the war against the Dominion.22
23The first Allied offensive captures the Chin'Toka system from the Dominion.23
Picture from 2374
24The Chin'toka system is retaken by Dominion and Breen forces. The USS Defiant is destroyed during the battle.24
25The Cardassian fleet switches sides, helping the Allies to inflict a major defeat on the Dominion and Breen forces. As allied forces approach Cardassia, Odo links with the female Founder and convinces her to end the Dominion war. Garak chooses to remain on the devastated Cardassia to assist in rebuilding efforts.26
25In the aftermath of the Dominion war, Kira is appointed commander of Deep Space Nine; Worf becomes Ambassador to the Klingon Empire; O'Brien accepts a teaching post at Starfleet Academy; Odo returns to the Great link, ending his relationship with Kira; Rom becomes the Ferengi Grand Nagus.25

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation

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