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Timeline - 2267


Prime Timeline

Year Event
Picture from 2267  [1] James Kirk becomes the first Starship Captain ever to be court martialled when it appears that he has been negligent in the death of Ben Finney. Kirk is exonerated when it is discovered that Finney is in fact alive, having faked his own death to frame Kirk. [1]
  People :  James T. Kirk
 [2] The USS Enterprise is researching Murusaki-312, a quasar-like phenomena, when the shuttlecraft Galileo is lost on the planet Taurus II. The shuttle is able to regain suborbital height long enough to the surviving crew be retrieved by the departing Enterprise. [2]
  People :  Spock, Leonard H. McCoy
 [3] Commander Spock hijacks the USS Enterprise and uses it to return Fleet Captain Pike to Talos. [3] Despite the regulations against visiting Talos, Starfleet approves his actions because of the special circumstances involved. [4]
  People :  James T. Kirk, Captain Christopher Pike, Spock
 [5] The USS Enterprise visits an apparently uninhabited planet for shore leave. The planet is discovered to be a vast alien amusement park in which people can live out any fantasy that crosses their mind. Once the misunderstanding s cleared up, the crew are allowed to spend some time enjoying themselves on the planet. [5]
Picture from 2267  [6] Whilst crossing a 'star desert' some nine hundred light years from Earth the Enterprise encounters Trelane, a being of immense power. Trelane is discovered to be an infant member of an advanced and powerful civilization, possibly the Q continuum. [6]
  People :  Trelane
 [7] First contact with the Gorn occurs when a Gorn ship destroys an Earth observation outpost on Cestus III. Kirk and the Gorn captain are subsequently forced to fight one another by an advanced species calling themselves the Metrons. [7]
  People :  James T. Kirk
  Species :  Gorn, Humans, Metrone
 [8] Whilst charting an unexplored planet the Enterprise encounters Lazarus, a man who is being plagued by a version of himself from a mirror antimatter universe. The two Lazarus' are ultimately consigned to an inter-dimensional void, where they will spend all eternity at one another's throats. [8]
 [9] The Enterprise encounters a black star; in warping away, the interaction between high gravity and warp drive catapults the ship back in time to 20th century Earth. The ship is ultimately able to return to the present time. [9]
Picture from 2267  [10] Chekov graduates Starfleet Academy and is posted to the USS Enterprise. [11]
  People :  Pavel A. Chekov
 [12] The USS Enterprise visits the planet Beta III, where the Archon was destroyed in 2167. Kirk makes the Landru computer destroy itself by forcing it to accept that it is harmful to the society is was built to protect. [12]
  People :  James T. Kirk
 [13] The USS Enterprise visits the planet Eminiar, under orders to transport Ambassador Robert Fox there to open diplomatic relations with the planet by any means necessary. Kirk and the Enterprise are able to force an end to the computer war which has been fought on the planet for the last 500 years. [13]
  Species :  Eminian, Vendikaran
Picture from 2267  [14] The USS Enterprise discovers an ancient DY-100 class spacecraft with the preserved bodies of several dozen people on board. It is soon discovered that these are the Genetic Tyrants led by Khan, missing from Earth since 1996. Kirk is able to defeat them, but rather than press charges he leaves Khan to found a settlement on Ceti Alpha V. [14]
  People :  James T. Kirk, Khan Noonien Singh, Joaquim
  Species :  Humans
 [15] The USS Enterprise arrives at Omicron Seti III. Almost overcome by the effects of the local plant life, the crew manage to break free and rescue the colonists. [15]
  People :  James T. Kirk, Spock, Leonard H. McCoy, Montgomery Scott, Hikaru Sulu, Nyota Uhura, Pavel A. Chekov, Christine Chapel, Janice Rand
 [16] The Enterprise travels to Janus VI, site of a Federation mining operation, to investigate deaths amongst the miners. A native species, the Horta, is found to be responsible for the deaths - retaliation for the miners destroying the Horta's eggs. Tensions are eventually resolved and a peaceful relationship with the Horta is established. [16]
Picture from 2267  [17] Starfleet command issues a Code One directive to all commands, indicating that a state of war has broken out between the Federation and Klingon Empire. The USS Enterprise is assigned to secure the co-operation of the planet Organia, a primitive society which is located at a strategic point between the two powers. In fact the Organians are revealed to be enormously powerful and sophisticated non-corporeal entities who stop the war and force an uneasy treaty between the Federation and the Klingons. [17]

Amongst the other combatants, the Organian intervention comes just in time to prevent six Klingon cruisers from attacking Starbase 47. [18]
  People :  James T. Kirk, Spock
  Species :  Klingons, Organians, Humans
Picture from 2267  [19] The Enterprise detects time distortions emanating from an uninhabited planet. Investigating, they discover that the effect is being caused by an ancient artefact on the planet, a remnant of a long-vanished civilisation. McCoy, suffering the effects of an accidental drug overdose, travels to 1930s Earth via the portal, disrupting Earth's history. Kirk and Spock are able to use the device to travel back and correct the damage. [19]
  People :  James T. Kirk, Leonard H. McCoy, Spock, Edith Keeler
 [20] The Enterprise discovers that the Federation planet Deneva has been infested with a species of neural parasites. The ship's science departments are able to discover a method of destroying the creatures, and the infestation is removed. Captain Kirk's brother, George, is killed by the creatures. [20]
  People :  James T. Kirk, George Kirk
 [11] The Enterprise visits the planet Pyris VII where the crew encounter Sylvia and Korob, members of an extragalactic civilisation who are stranded there. The crew are able to overcome the pair despite their possession of advanced matter manipulating technology. [11]
 [21] An Enterprise shuttlecraft is transporting Federation Commissioner Nancy Hedford to a rendezvous when it is pulled off course by an alien life form and crashlands on a habitable asteroid. Whilst there, Hedford succumbs to Sakuro's disease and dies. The alien being inhabits her body afterwards. [21]
  People :  Zefram Cochrane, Commissioner Nancy Hedford
Picture from 2267  [22] The Enterprise visits the planet Capella IV to negotiate for mineral rights on the planet. Although negotiations are complicated by local politics and interference by the Klingons, the mission is ultimately successful. [22]
  Species :  Capellan
 [23] The Enterprise encounters Apollo, an alien being of immense power. Apollo and his kind visited Earth thousands of years ago, inspiring the Greek civilisation to worship them as gods. Apollo hopes to recreate this encounter with the Enterprise crew, but is unable to convince them to worship him. Apollo, the last of his kind, destroys himself after his failure. [23]
Picture from 2267  [24] Spock undergoes Pon Farr; he is rejected by T'Pring and continues to serve in Starfleet. [24]
  People :  Spock, T'Pau
 [25] The Enterprise encounters a gigantic alien weapon platform which is destroying whole planets as it travells the galaxy. The crew are ultimately able to destroy the device, although the USS Constellation is sacrificed to this end. Commodore Decker is killed by the alien device. [25]
 [26] The Enterprise visits the planet Argelius. Whilst there, Chief Engineer Scott is suspected of the murder of several women. It transpires that an energy being is murdering the victims in order to feed off their fear of death. The being is destroyed. [26]
 [27] Uhura's memory is wiped clean by the Nomad probe; she is re-educated on board the Enterprise. [27]
  People :  Nyota Uhura
 [28] The Enterprise is visiting the planet Gamma Trianguli VI when it comes under attack by a computer intelligence which rules the native population there. Holding that the device is disrupting the natural evolution of the locals, Captain Kirk acts to destroy the computer. [28]
  Species :  Vaalian
 [29] The Enterprise visits the planet Halkan to negotiate for mining rights on the planet. Whilst there a strong ion storm causes a transporter accident which swaps several officers with their counterparts from a parallel universe. The officers are able to reverse the swap, returning to the correct universe. [29]
  Species :  Halkan
Picture from 2267  [30] The Enterprise visits the science outpost on Gamma Hydra IV, finding the personnel there suffering from an effect similar to extremely rapid ageing. Captain Kirk is relieved of command when the condition affects him, degrading his mental faculties. Doctor McCoy is able to treat the condition and return the sufferers to normal. [30]
 [31] The Enterpsie is hijacked by an advanced alien android under the control of Harry Mudd. Mudd, who stumbled on a group of these androids on an alien planet and was captured by them, hopes that the androids will release him if he provides the Enterprise crew as alternatives. The plan does not work, but the crew are eventually able to overload the android control system and disable them. Mudd is left on the planet. [31]
  People :  Harcourt Fenton Mudd
Picture from 2267  [32] The USS Enterprise uncovers a Klingon plot to gain development rights to Shermans planet. Unknown to the crew, they receive covert assistance from the crew of the USS Defiant, thrown back in time from 2373. [32]
  People :  James T. Kirk, Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Dax, Miles Edward O'Brien, Julian Bashir, Odo
  Species :  Klingons
Lieutenant Commander Spock is promoted to Commander.
  People :  Spock
 [33] Ceti Alpha VI explodes. The disaster shifts the orbit of Ceti Alpha V, causing environmental devastation. Khan's follows see their efforts to build a successful colony fail, and many of them will die over the years due to the harsh conditions and the remaining hostile life forms on the planet. Khan begins to nurture a deeply obsessive hatred of Kirk for his role in the tragedy. [33]
  People :  James T. Kirk, Khan Noonien Singh
 [34] Investigating the loss of the SS Beagle, the Enterprise discovers a planet whose dominant civilisation parallels the Roman Empire of Earth, except that this Empire never fell. Although the locals attempt to capture the Enterprise crew and assimilate them into their society as slaves, the captured officers eventually escape and leave the planet behind. [34]
Picture from 2267  [35] The Enterprise transports over a hundred delegates to the planet Babel for a conference regarding the admission of Coridan to the Federation. Included amongst them is Ambassador Sarek, leading to his first meeting with his son Spock in four years and the first time the two exchange words in 18 years. Despite an attempt to sabotage the conference, the Enterprise succeeds in reaching Babel safely. [35]
  People :  Spock, Sarek
  Species :  Coridanite, Vulcans
 [36] The Enterprise visits the planet Neural, charted by Captain Kirk in 2254. Then home to a primitive but peaceful civilisation, the planet is found to be in the grip of a civil war with rapid advancements in weapon technology by one side. It is discovered that the Klingons are supplying weapons to the planet in an attempt to gain control of it. Captain Kirk ultimately decides to arm the other side equally to preserve a balance of power. [36]
  People :  James T. Kirk, Tyree
  Species :  Neuralian
 [37] Romulan, Klingon and Federation governments establish a colony on Nimbus III, The Planet of Galactic Peace. [37]
  Species :  Romulans, Humans, Klingons

Mirror Universe

Year Event
 [29] Kirk and several of his officers visit the ISS Enterprise. Whilst there, Kirk has a profound effect on Commander Spock. Spock subsequently rises to a position of great power in the Empire and institutes many reforms. Unfortunately this leaves the Empire vulnerable to the Klingon/Cardassian alliance, and it is quickly conquered. [29]

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation

● - Shows the canon status and reference of the year for this event


# Series Season Source Comment
1 TOS 1 Court Martial
2 TOS 1 The Galileo Seven
3 TOS 1 The Menagerie, Part 1
4 TOS 1 The Menagerie, Part 2
5 TOS 1 Shore Leave
6 TOS 1 The Squire of Gothos
7 TOS 1 Arena
8 TOS 1 The Alternative Factor
9 TOS 1 Tomorrow is Yesterday
10 Star Trek Chronology Page 55
11 TOS 2 Catspaw
12 TOS 1 The Return of the Archons
13 TOS 1 A Taste of Armageddon
14 TOS 1 Space Seed
15 TOS 1 This Side of Paradise
16 TOS 1 The Devil in the Dark
17 TOS 1 Errand of Mercy
18 Star Trek : Vanguard, Book 4 - Open Secrets
19 TOS 1 The City on the Edge of Forever
20 TOS 1 Operation: Annihilate!
21 TOS 2 Metamorphosis
22 TOS 2 Friday's Child
23 TOS 2 Who Mourns for Adonais?
24 TOS 2 Amok Time
25 TOS 2 The Doomsday Machine
26 TOS 2 Wolf in the Fold
27 TOS 2 The Changeling
28 TOS 2 The Apple
29 TOS 2 Mirror, Mirror
30 TOS 2 The Deadly Years
31 TOS 2 I, Mudd
32 TOS 2 The Trouble With Tribbles
33 Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan Khan said the explosion happened six months after he was left on the planet
34 TOS 2 Bread and Circuses
35 TOS 2 Journey to Babel
36 TOS 2 A Private Little War
37 Star Trek V : The Final Frontier The Romulan Ambassador said the colony had been established 20 years ago
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Series : TOS Season 2
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Series : TOS Season 2
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Series : TOS Season 2
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Series : TOS Season 2
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Series : TOS Season 2
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Series : TOS Season 2
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Series : TOS Season 2
Episode : I, Mudd
Series : TOS Season 2
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Comment : Khan said the explosion happened six months after he was left on the planet
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Series : TOS Season 2
Episode : Journey to Babel
Series : TOS Season 2
Episode : A Private Little War
Film: Star Trek V : The Final Frontier
Comment : The Romulan Ambassador said the colony had been established 20 years ago

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