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Timeline - Standard Timeline - 2371

Year Event
1Sisko takes command of the USS Defiant in order to fight the Dominion.1
2Odo discovers that his species are the Founders of the Dominion.2
3Chakotay's father, Kolopak, dies.3
4Quark is married to - and subsequently divorced from - Grilka, briefly becoming head of the Klingon House of Kozak.4
5The EMH is activated for the first time on Stardate 48315 during Captain Janeway's pre-launch inspection tour of the USS Voyager.5
6Kes's father dies.6
7The USS Defiant is stolen by the Maquis. Dukat and Sisko manage to recapture the vessel in a joint operation.7
8The Bajoran gratitude festival is held on Deep Space Nine. Lwaxana attends the festivities.8
9Tuvok is successful in infiltrating a cell of the Maquis while serving as Captain Janeway's chief tactical officer. Is transported from the Badlands to the Delta Quadrant whilst serving on board a Maquis vessel.9
10Kes escapes from her home city.10
10Kes falls in love with Neelix.10
10Kes is captured by the Kazon.10
5Janeway assumes command of the Starship Voyager.5
9Tom is paroled from Federation rehabilitation; he joins USS Voyager as an observer.9
9Harry is assigned as operations officer of the USS Voyager.9
9Voyager is dragged into the Delta Quadrant by the being known as The Caretaker.9
9Neelix joins the crew of the USS Voyager.9
11B'Elanna is assigned as Chief Engineer of the Starship Voyager.11
12Vedek Bareil dies.12
13Neelix's lungs are stolen by the Vidiians; he receives a replacement lung from Kes.13
14Tom is convicted of murder by the Baneans.14
15Bashir is nominated for a Carrington Award for his research in bimolecular replication.15
16O'Brien dies and is replaced by another O'Brien from an alternate timeline.16
17Tuvok violates Janeway's orders in an attempt to secure long range transporter technology from the Sikarians.17
18Garak briefly rejoins the Obsidian Order prior to its annihilation at the Founder's home world.18
19Worf is promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Data installs the emotion chip he acquired from Lore. The Amargosa star system is destroyed by Dr. Tolian Soran. The Enterprise-D is destroyed whilst attempting to prevent Dr. Soran from similarly destroying the Veridian system. Captain Kirk is killed attempting to stop Soran.19
19In the aftermath of the Enterprise-D's destruction, Worf goes on leave to the planet Boreth. He is eventually recalled and appointed as Strategic operations officer of Deep Space Nine.19
20Chakotay's neural energy is temporarily 'drained' while on an away mission.20
21Geordi undergoes surgery to replace his VISOR with ocular implants.21
22Sisko is promoted to Captain.22
22Odo is forced to kill a Founder when it attempts to provoke a war between he Federation and the Tzenkethi.22
23Captain Janeway meets her hero, Amelia Earhart.23
Picture from 2371
Picture from 2371
Picture from 2371
Picture from 2371
Picture from 2371
Picture from 2371

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation

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