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T. Kirk




Star Trek XI

Timeline - Standard Timeline - 2151

Year Event
1Archer becomes captain of Enterprise, NX-01, the first Human warp 5 capable vessel. His crew includes Trip Tucker as Chief Engineer, Reed as Armoury Officer, Mayweather as Helmsman, T'Pol as Science officer, Phlox as Chief Medical officer, and Hoshi as Linguist and Communications officer.1
2Enterprise embarks on its maiden voyage, returning the Klingon Klaang to his home world. This marks the first contact between Humanity and the Klingons. Although apparently successful at the time1, the contact ultimately proves disastrous and leads to decades of hostilities between the two powers.3
4The NX-01 makes first contact with the Axanar.4
1Trip becomes the first Human male to become pregnant after an encounter with a Xyrillian woman.2
5Enterprise travels to Terra Nova, Earth's first extrasolar colony, and contacts the descendants of the original colonists.5
6Archer reveals the existence of a secret Vulcan intelligence installation beneath the Vulcan monastery at P'Jem to the Andorians. Shortly afterwards they destroy both the monastery and the base beneath.6
7Enterprise rescues a Klingon scoutship from a gas giant planet. The action does little to endear the crew to the Klingons.7
8Silik infiltrates the NX-01 whilst it is observing the great Plume of Agosoria. He sabotages the ship in order to save it from an accident which would otherwise have destroyed it. Archer attempts to capture Silik with the assistance of Daniels, but fails.8
9The NX-01 encounters a group of Vulcans who believe in experiencing emotions. T'Pol is forced to undergo a mind meld by one of the group, contracting Pa'nar Syndrome in the process.9
10The NX-01 encounters a rogue planet drifting between star systems. First contact with both the Eska and Wraiths on the planet.10
11The NX-01 recovers Vulcan ambassador V'Lar from the planet Mazar and returns her to a Vulcan ship, in spite of some resistance from the Mazarites.11
Picture from 2151
Picture from 2151
Picture from 2151
Picture from 2151

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation

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