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Tomorrow is Yesterday

Universe : Prime Timeline
Location of Event : Earth1
Stardate of Event : 3113.21
Nature of Event : NCC 1701 USS Enterprise accidentally send back in time to earth of the 1960's1

On Stardate 3113.2 the USS Enterprise was nearly pulled into a black star whilst patrolling near the Terran system. The ship used all warp power to break free, but the action sent it hurling through space and into a timewarp. Emerging from warp in the Earth's atmosphere, the ship found itself in the year 1969. Omaha Air Base detected the ship and sent an interceptor to investigate. The pilot, Captain John Christopher, managed to get close enough to the ship to record it on his cameras. The Starship accidentally destroyed the plane with its tractor beam whilst attempting to force it away, and beamed Captain Christopher aboard.

The incident placed Captain Kirk in a serious dilemma. Returning Captain Christopher threatened massive contamination of the timeline, yet his yet to be born son made a major contribution to Earth's history so preventing his return threatened equally dire consequences.

Determined to destroy the records of the Enterprise recovered from the wreck of Captain Christopher's aircraft, Kirk led a landing party down to the air base. Although successful, Kirk was forced to beam an MP up to the Enterprise and was subsequently captured by the Air Police himself. Fortunately Spock and Captain Christopher were able to beam down and free the Captain.

Spock and Scotty subsequently managed to recreate the conditions of the time warp that brought them to the 1960s by performing a slingshot manoeuvre around the Sun. The two 'abductees' were beamed back to Earth a moment before the their original removal, thus removing their memories of the events they experienced on board the ship. The Enterprise was then able to return safely to its proper time.

History records that a UFO was detected on radar above Omaha Air Base in 1969. A single interceptor was despatched to investigate, but the aircraft found nothing and the sighting was written off as just another UFO.1

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# Series Season Source Comment
1 TOS 1 Tomorrow is Yesterday
Series : TOS Season 1 (Disc 5)
Episode : Tomorrow is Yesterday

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