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Species image
Not all Borg are assimilated from other species. Here a newborn Borg baby is pictured.1
Species image
A Borg on the bridge of the Enterprise-D.2
Species image
A Borg personal shield.2
Species image
A typical Borg has one eye replaced with a cybernetic implant. Other modifications include subdermal armour, skin modified to withstand vacuum, and personal forcefields.3
Species image
A Borg drone injects nanoprobes into a victim.3
Species image
Borg nanoprobes.4
Species image
The Human on the left is showing more substantial implants; on the right, a full drone.3
Species image
The early stages of assimilation. Nanoprobes under the skin begin constructing implants immediately.3
Species image
The Borg 'Queen' encountered by the Enterprise-E is thought to be a personification of the Borg collective, created to interact with other species. She is one of the most heavily modified of the Borg.3
Species image
This is Seven, formerly Seven of Nine, tertiary adjunct to unimatrix zero one. Seven was abducted from the collective by the crew of the USS Voyager and had most of her Borg implants removed against her will.

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