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Species image
A Klingon as their species appeared circa 2266.1
Species image
This is the Commander of a Klingon cruiser, destroyed in 2271 with the loss of all hands by the entity later known as V'Ger. At this point in history, many Klingons had a near-identical bone ridge running across their heads.2
Species image
Gowron, Chancellor of the Klingon Empire from 23673 to 2375.4 In the moddern era all Klingons have distinctive head ridges.5
Species image
A Klingon female, circa 2372.3 By the 2270's the Klingons had adopted a distinctive uniform/armour, variations on which are worn by virtually the entire species.5
Species image
Klingons performing the "death howl" over a fallen warrior. The scream is a warning to those in the afterlife that the warrior's spirit is about to arrive.6
Species image
A Klingon in the alternate timeline created by Nero.7

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Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation


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