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Cardassian Vole


Universe : Prime Timeline
Species Name : Cardassian Vole1
Quadrant : Beta

An animal life form native to Cardassia, the Cardassian Vole is about 25 cm in length, has six limbs and a partial covering of hair. The Voles are a notorious pest aboard Cardassian space stations, damaging as they are attracted to energy fields.2 Quark considered staging Vole fights in his bar for Cardassian patrons, though this was illegal.3 Despite this he and Morn attempted to hold Vole fighting contests on the station, though they were caught before any actual fighting could occur.4 In 2372 Quark made a deal on Vole bellies which netted him a 15% profit margin.5 Quark's bar suffered occasional Vole infestations, much to his annoyance.6 Voles are known for "leaping on one another" with great haste and little preparation when mating.7 The phrase "sick as a vole" was occasionally heard aboard Deep Space Nine.8 Hungry voles are known for having no loyalty.9
Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation


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