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Universe : Prime Timeline
Species Name : Cygnian1
Quadrant : Alpha

A sentient humanoid species, native to the Omega Cygni system in the Alpha Quadrant. Cygnians are distinguishable by their eyes, which have a vertically slitted pupil, pale white-gold skin, and a slim tail. Cygnians have psionic abilities which allow them to sense the actions of others at a distance.1

In 2268, a report on Cygnian respiratory diseases was part of the library on the USS Enterprise.2 In 2371 Dr Bashir was reading a report on the same topic on Deep Space Nine.3

The Cygnian home world of Cygnet XIV was an early member of the Federation. It was noted for excellence in computer sciences and a strict matriarchal form of government. Males were in the minority on the planet, and any male who wished to progress there faced considerable difficulty.4

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Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation


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