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Species List

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

NameUp Description First seen
V'Ger1 Powerful machine lifeform based on the NASA probe Voyager 61 Star Trek : The Motion Picture
V'radian2 A V'radian scientist gave the NX-01 Enterprise crew a method of creating Trellium D in 2153.2 Rajiin
Vaadwaur3 Encountered by Voyager in the Delta Quadrant in 2376, the Vaadwaur were a significant power in the region approximately one thousand years ago. The basis of their power was the network of underspace corridors which they had discovered, allowing travel at speeds in excess of twenty million times the speed of light. The Vaadwaur used this network to travel over great distances, both trading and warring with many other races.

Unfortunately, the Vaadwaur warred far more than they traded. They were hated by many species, and almost nine hundred years ago an alliance of various species - including the Turei - attacked and virtually destroyed the Vaadwaur. Their home world was heavily bombed by plasma charges and rendered highly radioactive, and for many centuries it was thought that they had become extinct.

In fact, the Vaadwaur preserved some of their population in stasis on their home world. They had planned to re-emerge in five years, at which time they expected the alliance which had defeated them to have collapsed. Unfortunately, damage to the control system of their stasis tubes kept them in suspended animation until Voyager freed them.

The Vaadwaur continued their aggressive policies once revived, planning to seize Voyager and use it to help them rebuild their forces again. This resulted in a brief but fierce battle in the atmosphere of their home world in which Voyager destroyed several Vaadwaur attack ships and assisted the Turei in destroying many more. However, some Vaadwaur ships did escape into the underspace corridors and remain at large.3
Dragon's Teeth
Vaalian4 Subjects of the computer god Vaal, these people lived for thousands of years.4 The Apple
Vakol Fish5 Delta Quadrant life form5 State of Flux
Valakian6 This primitive Humanoid species were not capable of warp flight as of 2151, and sought the help of more advanced races to cure a plague which was threatening them.6 Dear Doctor
Valerian7 Spacefaring species. The Valerians were thought to have traded weapons grade Dolamide to the Cardassians during the Bajoran occupation.7 Dramatis Personae
Valtese8 Species native to the Vault Minor system8 The Perfect Mate
Vanoben9 A pair of twinned Miradorn were suspected of stealing an artefact from a Vanoben transport two light years from Deep Space Nine in 2369.9 Vortex
Varalan10 Sentient species native to the planet Varala. The Changeling Laas grew up on Varala after being sent out into the Galaxy by his people as an infant. His name is the Varalan word for "changeable". As of 2375 no Federation ship had ever been to Varala. Laas described it as "just the same as any other planet overrun with humanoids... cities and farms everywhere, other lifeforms displaced from their habitats." He noted that he had spent some time on the southern continent living with a herd of Volg; when the Volg breeding grounds were fenced off, the herd died out within two generations.10 Chimera
Varro11 Species which wandered the stars for centuries in a multi-generational ship.11 The Disease
Vaskan12 Species which was attacked by the Kyrians whilst Voyager was in the area. Voyager would be blamed for the war by the Kyrians centuries later.12 Living Witness
Vek13 Civilisation. During his time as an arms dealer Quark falsely informed Hagath that he couldn't supply him with a mutagenic retrovirus because he had sold it all to the Minnobia for use in their war against the Vek.13 Business as Usual
Vencidian14 Delta Quadrant species.14 Tsunkatse
Vendikaran15 Species who fought a war with the neighbouring planet Eminiar entirely by computer.15 A Taste of Armageddon
Ventaxian16 Species which believed that their version of the devil had come to claim posession of their planet.16 Devil's Due
Ventu17 Primitive Delta Quadrant species which lived on the Ledosian homeworld. The Ventu were unable to gain the benefits of Ledosian technology because they were imprisoned behind a force field which had been set up on the planet in the distant past, possibly by Species 312.17 Natural Law
Verathian18 A species which flourished in the Gamma Quadrant Gamma Quadrant some 30,000 years ago. At its peak their civilisation spanned over two dozen systems, and was interconnected by a highly developed trade and communications network.18 Q-Less
Verillian13 Species which bought weapons off Quark13 Business as Usual
Vhnori19 The Vhnori send their dead to a planetary ring in the Delta Quadrant via naturally occurring subspace vacuoles.19 Emanations
Vian20 Mysterious species which tested others to determine their worth.20 The Empath
Vicarian Razorback21 Animal noted for its viciousness21 The Die is Cast
Vidiians22 Encountered by USS Voyager in 2371, the Vidiians suffer from a disease known as "the Phage" which attacks every part of their bodies. The Vidiians have no cure for the Phage, and are forced to replace body parts on a regular basis. Despite possessing advanced medical knowledge, including genetic engineering, the Vidiians apparently lack the ability to clone bodies for replacement parts. They therefore frequently attack other species and steal their organs for transplants.

This has led to the average Vidiian having a wide variety of alien organs and skin on their body, resulting in a hideous 'Frankenstein' appearance. Voyager first encountered the species when two Vidiians stole a lung of Neelix whilst he was on an away mission,22
and have subsequently attacked the ship or crew on several occasions.23 Vidiian technology is generally in advance of that of the Federation, making them formidable opponents.24

Voyager passed out of Vidiian space sometime after late 2372 but although there was no further direct contact, this was not the last the Federation ship has heard of the species. In 2375 Voyager was contacted by the "Think Tank", a small group of aliens who specialize in solving problems for other species. The Think Tanks representative, Kurros, informed Captain Janeway that his group had recently found a cure for the Vidiian Phage.25 It can only be hoped that with the end of this great burden on their civilization, the Vidiians returned to a more peaceful lifestyle.

Violacean26 Humanoid species noted for their purple skin. In 2267 a diplomat of this species travelled aboard the USS Enterprise to the planet Babel in order to debate the admission of Coridan to the Federation.27 Star Trek Online
Vissians28 A species first encountered by Humanity in 2152, the Vissians were much more advanced technologically than Humanity of this period, but tended to be much slower in their rate of progress. Although largely Humanoid in appearence, the Vissians are distinguishable by two large ridges around the eyes. Vissians have three genders; the normal male and female genders and a 'cogenitor' intermediate. Cogenitors make up about 3% of the Vissian population, which is just sufficient in terms of their availability to assist in procreation. Vissian culture treats the cogenitors as second class citizens; they are not named and have no access to education or any interests outside of their biological role. Despite this, the cogenitors have just as much mental ability as the males and females.28

Vissians culture had other significant differences beyond their treatment of the cogenitors. The appreciated the aroma of food far more than the taste. When developing a romantic relationship, a Vissian woman would share her bed with a man early in the relationship; she would only dine with him if she enjoyed sleeping with him.28

The Vissians developed warp drive some time prior to 1152, but although they had developed significant advances in warp technology, their ships had largely stayed relatively close to their own planets.28

Void Alien29 Delta Quadrant species which lived within a subspace void which trapped ships that approached it. The Void aliens were highly intelligent, but were unable to talk. They had a natural stealth ability which allowed them to stow away on the ships within the void.29 The Void
Vok'sha30 Civilisation from Rakella Prime30 Heroes and Demons
Volg10 Species native to the planet Varala. The Volg were herd creatures which lived on the southern continent of the planet. The Changeling Laas spent some of his developmental period with a herd of Volg, only to find that the Varalans fenced off their breeding grounds, leading the herd to die out within two generations.31 Chimera
Vorgon32 In the future, two criminals of this species will use time travel in an attempt to locate the Tox'utat.32 Captain's Holiday
Vori33 Species which used brain washing techniques to convince aliens to fight for them in their war with the Kradin.33 Nemesis
Vorian Pterodactyl34 Large flying animal. When Odo and Quark had to carry a subspace transmitter up a mountain, Odo commented that a Vorian Pterodactyl could have carried it up there easily.34 The Ascent
Vorta35 Originating from the gamma quadrant, the Vorta are a member species of the Dominion.35 The Founders use the Vorta to supervise the day-to-day running of the Dominion; in this capacity they are leaders and administrators of many Dominion worlds.36 They also serve as the handlers of the Jem'Hadar, whom they control via the formers addiction to the drug Ketracel White.37 The Jem'Hadar First is required to swear an oath of loyalty on behalf of his men before receiving each dose of white.38

Although initial contacts revealed comparatively little about this species, the capture of a Vorta prisoner by Captain Sisko allowed Starfleet Medical to gather detailed information.39 Like many Gamma quadrant species they have been genetically modified by the Founders to increase their usefulness to the Dominion. According to Weyoun, in the distant past the Vorta were primitive forest dwellers, timid ape-like creatures who lived in hollowed out trees. A Vorta family helped an injured Founder to hide from an angry mob which was chasing it. In return for this act of kindness, the Founder promised that the Vorta's species would become an important part of a great new empire - a promise which was duly kept.40 The Vorta do not breed by themselves - instead the Founders clone the Vorta as required, often creating several successive copies of an individual who has demonstrated particular value. All Vorta are naturally immune to a very wide variety of poisons, useful in a species bred to serve partially as political leaders!41 The Vorta are known to suffer from weak eyes, although their hearing is excellent by Human and Cardassian standards. Vorta lack any sense of aesthetic, since the Founders did not consider this an important feature for them, and cannot sing well.42 Vorta operatives carry a termination implant which they are expected to use to commit suicide rather than allow themselves to be captured.40

One interesting ability continues to puzzle Starfleet. The first known encounter between Vorta and a Federation citizen was when the woman known as Eris met Captain Sisko in 2370. Eris demonstrated a form of Telekinesis several times during the encounter35, an ability that no other Vorta has ever demonstrated. It is possible that the Eris possessed some form of artificial implant which permitted this, but it seems more likely that the Founders have engineered a sub-breed of Vorta with this faculty - and possibly with other PSI abilities also. If true this would considerably enhance the Vorta's usefulness as intelligence agents. Further studies of the very few captured Vorta are underway in an attempt to resolve this mystery.

Besides Eris, notable Vorta have included Borath, who took part in a virtual reality experiment designed to find out the degree of resistance to a Dominion foothold in the Alpha Quadrant prior to the war43, Kilana, the Vorta who negotiated with Sisko over a crashed Dominion ship which he retrieved in the Gamma Quadrant44, Deyos, who ran an internment camp in the Gamma Quadrant45, Keevan, the Vorta who surrendered to Captain Sisko during the war39, and was later killed whilst taking part in a prisoner exchange46, Yelgrun, the Vorta who negotiated for Keevan's release46, Gelnon, who was in command of a Jem'Hadar unit which briefly captured the USS Defiant during the war47, and Weyoun, administrator of all Dominion activity in the Alpha/Beta quadrant during the war with the allies.36

The Jem'Hadar
Vostigye48 Delta Quadrant species who contacted Voyager in 2373. Unfortunately, the station which hailed Voyager was destroyed by a natural phenomenon shortly afterwards.48 Real Life
Voth49 Encountered by USS Voyager in 2373, the Voth are descendants of the Dinosaur species which dominated life on Earth many millions of years ago. They are believed to have evolved from the Hadrosaur on some remote portion of the globe some millions of years prior to the asteroid impact which destroyed the Dinosaurs. The Voth developed spaceflight to interstellar capability, but for some reason they did not appear to establish permanent offworld colonies. Although details are unknown, it appears that a natural disaster destroyed the Voths habitat on Earth and forced them to abandon the planet. They remained unwilling to colonise nearby systems, and instead embarked on a trek across the galaxy to find a home they deemed suitable.

After a journey of some 70,000 light years the Voth arrived in the Delta Quadrant and settled there approximately sixty five million years ago. Technologically the Voth are in advance of the Federation, with "city ships" many miles long capable of transwarp speeds. Voth transporters are powerful enough to rate as weapons by Federation standards, and are capable of beaming hundreds of thousands of tons at a time. The Voth also posess phase-cloak technology which has been miniaturized down to a size which makes it perfectly practical for personal use.

However, even this level of sophistication is at best a few centuries or millennia beyond the level of the Federation. Given thier millions of years of history, it appears that the Voth advance their technology only at a very low rate. Voyagers encounter indicated one possible reason; Voth culture is heavily influenced by their image of themselves as superior to all other life, and by their 'doctrine', a set of semi-religious scientific and cultural dictates which few Voth ever dare to question and which their ruling classes enforce ruthlessley. There is therefore relatively little oppurtunity for a Voth scientist to challange these fundamental assumptions, and so scientific innovation tends to be slow, if it exists at all.

One aspect of Voth doctrine is their firm belief that they originated in the Delta Quadrant; when this doctrine was contradicted by two of their scientists, with the DNA of the crew of Voyager as proof, the Voth authorities responded by threatening to banish the scientists and destroying all of the evidence. Only after those involved in the "Distant Origin" theory retracted their statements did the Voth agree to release Voyager, on the understanding that there would be no further contact between the two sides.49
Distant Origin
Vulcan Mollusk50 Animal life form native to Vulcan. Large mollusks were considered a delicacy - they are likely to be rare given the scarcity of surface water on Vulcan.50 Diego Reyes was fond of fried Vulcan Mollusks with a pepper-aioli dip.51 Melora
Vulcan sandworm52 Animal lifeform native to the planet Vulcan. Phlox fed them to his Pyrithian bat.52 Regeneration
Vulcans53 The planet Vulcan orbits a red star sixteen light years from the Sol system.54 The climate is generally harsh, with much of the surface consisting of large deserts55 or mountain ranges.56 Vulcan has a considerably higher gravity and thinner atmosphere than Earth.57 This gives Vulcans three times the strength of a Human.58 While externally similar to Humans, Vulcan anatomy differs radically - for instance, their heart is where a Human's liver would normally be, and beats several hundred times per minute,59 while their blood is distinctly green in colour.60 Vulcans have very sensitive ears, and their eyes have an inner eyelid which has evolved as a defence against the harsh Vulcan sun.61

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Vulcan physiology is the brain. The Vulcan brain is in direct control of most of the bodily functions, acting as a control unit for many organs. Vulcans have learned to gain concious control of many of these functions, allowing them to regulate their bodies to a high degree by simple willpower.62 When injured a Vulcan can go into a trance-like state, using this ability to concentrate all of his or her energy onto repairing the injury.59 Most Vulcans also have almost complete control of automatic responses such as generated by intense pain.63 The Vulcan immune system is highly developed and enables them to resist most known forms of infection or illness.

Of course the most famous aspect of the Vulcan brain is the inherent telepathic ability. Many Vulcans are natural touch-telepaths, while stronger minds are capable of non-contact telepathy, usually over short distances and in a limited fashion;64 occasionally Vulcans have emerged whose telepathic abilities are far stronger than the norm. The rigorous mental training all Vulcans are given often allows such individuals to develop such abilities as emotional compulsion and psychic image projection.65

Culturally one of the most fascinating species in the Beta Quadrant, the Vulcans were once an extremely violent and emotive people who waged almost constant warfare on one another.66 As their level of technology improved, the Vulcans eventually reached a point where their violent nature threatened species extinction. In an effort to avoid this fate, a Vulcan named Surak developed a new philosophy; Surak maintained that the root cause of all the problems on Vulcan lay in the uncontrolled outpouring of the peoples emotions. His followers swore to live their lives by an ethical system devised devised by Surak and based purely on logical principles. All expression of emotions, negative or positive, was completely forbidden.67 Although this new philosophy spread rapidly across Vulcan, a minority rejected Surak's ideals. They left Vulcan and founded colonies elsewhere - most notably on the planet Romulus, where they founded what eventually became the Romulan Star Empire.68

One of the first of the current powers to discover warp drive, the Vulcans conducted a series of survey missions in the mid 2000's. First Contact between Vulcans and Humans came in 2063 when a Vulcan survey ship detected the warp flight of Zefram Cochrane. The Vulcans met with Cochrane at his launch site on the day following the flight, and a strong relationship was quickly built up between the two species.69 Vulcan has a long history of enmity with Andoria, though the two achieved peace in 2152 thanks to Captain Archer's mediation.70 Although the Vulcans almost launched a full scale war against Andoria in 2154 the situation was again resolved in large part thanks to the efforts of Captain Archer and the NX-01 crew.71 Cooperation was furthered when Vulcan joined with the Human, Andorian and Tellarite fleets to counter a drone ship which was targeting shipping from all four species in 2154.72 In early 2155 the Vulcans were amongst those who attended an inter-species conference held on Earth with the aim of building a true alliance between the many different species.73 After the Earth-Romulan war, the Vulcans joined with their allies to form an alliance - the United Federation of Planets. The Federation was formed in 2161,74 with Vulcans, Humans, Andorians and Tellarites as the founding members.75

Today Vulcan remains one of the principal Federation members, and is deeply involved in all levels of that society.76 Despite the enmity between the Federation and the Romulan Empire, Vulcans have been attempting to forge a more cordial relationship with their cousins - ultimately hoping to reunify the two cultures. So far these efforts have met with little success.77

The Borg designation for Vulcans is Species 3259. The Borg considered their superior analytical capabilities to be a result of an enlarged neocortex.78

In the Mirror universe the first contact between Humans and Vulcans was also initiated when a Vulcan ship detected Zefram Cochrane's warp flight and landed the shortly afterwards. However, Cochrane and his accomplices immediately murdered the crew and seized the ship. Access to Vulcan equipment helped Humanity to gain a significant technological leap, conquering both the Vulcans and Tellarites within less than a century. Vulcans were treated as second class citizens in the Empire but had more freedom than simple slaves79, for instance they were still allowed to design their own ships. Vulcans were involved in the rebellion which threatened the Empire in 2155. The tide was turned when the Empire acquired the USS Defiant from our own universe.80

The Naked Time

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Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation


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