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Species List

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

NameDown Description First seen
Tzenkethi1 Alpha Quadrant Species1 The Adversary
Tyran2 The Tyrans developed a revolutionary mining technology which the Federation considered using in 2369.2 The Quality of Life
Tygarian3 A humanoid species often seen around the Federation. In 2370 Li Nalas tried to sneak off Deep Space Nine by disguising himself as a crewmember on a Tygarian freighter.3 A Tygarian was present in the bar on Dessica II when the Enterprise-D senir officers searched it for evidence of Captain Picard.4 Tygarians were also a frequent sight on Deep Space Nine.5 At least some Tygarians are fond of tribbles.6 The Homecoming
Two-tailed Talchok7 Animal native to the planet Rinax. Talchoks have sharp claws and dripping fangs and are considered to be vermin by the Talaxians. When he was a child Neelix devised a fool-proof Talchok trap. When he found one of the creatures pinned in the trap squealing and squirming in agony, he realised that in fact it was just an innocent animal like any other.7 Since Neelix specified the number of tails, it is possible that there are other variants of the Talchok with different numbers of tails. Jetrel
Two-Headed Malgorian8 Life form famed for its indecision8 Progress
Two-Dimensional Creature9 Species encountered by the Enterprise-D9 The Loss
Turei10 One of the species which almost destroyed the Vaadwaur 900 years ago, and which now control part of their underspace corridor network.10 Dragon's Teeth
Tube Grub11 Ferengi animal11 The Jem'Hadar
Tsetse Fly12 Insect12 Ship in a Bottle
Troyian13 The Troyians were deadly enemies of the Elasians until a peace treaty in 2268.13 Elaan of Troyius
Trill14 Trills are one of the very few joined species known in the alpha quadrant. Two separate intelligent species have evolved on the Trill home world - the hosts and the symbionts.14 The hosts have two distinct races. The first, or alpha race, comprises approximately 10% of the Trill population; these are distinguishable by their pronounced forehead ridges.14 The second, or beta race, comprise the remaining 90% of the population. Betas are easily identifiable by a pattern of skin markings which extend from the forehead down the side of the face15 and all the way down the body.16 These spots move and change gradually over time, although they remain in the same region of the body.17 Both of these races are known as the Trill Hosts.18

The Symbionts are small, sluglike creatures who live underwater for most of their life. The Symbionts are extremely long lived and very intelligent, but lack any kind of limbs or tool-using ability.19

Some thousands of years ago the Trill began living as a joined species - the Hosts developed the ability to physically join with the Symbionts, linking their nervous systems together.18 The effects of this are different between the two races of Host; with the alphas the Symbiont totally submerges the Hosts personality upon joining, essentially using the body as a home for its own mind. Alphas tend to be less physically robust than betas; for example, many alphas are extremely sensitive to the energy processes involved in transporters, and using this technology would cause fatal damage to the Symbiont.14 For this reason betas are the preferred recipients in the joinings.

Betas also have some difficulties due to the joining process. Betas become physically dependant on the Host within 93 hours of the joining; after this period, removing the Symbiont is fatal to the Host.20 After a joining the mind of a beta is not submerged by the Host; the two separate minds merge, forming a new personality who is a combination of both the Host and Symbiont.21 This can cause severe psychological problems if the two minds are incompatible, resulting in rejection of the Host after only a few days - a rejection which often causes the death of the Host. Only one in every few thousand Hosts are suitable to be joined, and these must go through an exhaustive series of tests and training in order to qualify.19

After the death of the Hosts the Symbiont is removed and placed into a new Host, carrying into the new joining all the personality and memories of the old. Many Symbionts have lived in this manner for centuries, accumulating experiences from many different lifetimes.18

The Host
Tribbles22 One of the more peculiar species encountered, the defining characteristic of the Tribbles is their extreme reproductive rate. Over half of a Tribbles metabolism is devoted to reproduction, allowing them to bear a litter of young every twelve hours. Their young are born pregnant, and can produce young of their own in step with their parents. With an average litter of ten, a single Tribble can therefore create a population of 1,771,561 within three days, and an amazing 304,481,639,541,400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 in thirty days!

Fortunately, Tribbles can only breed if they have sufficient food. On their home planet their incredible reproduction is kept in check by a combination of a very limited food supply and some effective predators. If they are transported into an environment which lacks these checks, the effect can be devastating - there are examples of whole planets which have been practically overwhelmed by the Tribble.22

As a result the Tribble was illegal on most planets in the mid 22nd century. Despite this, Doctor Phlox kept Tribbles in the sickbay of the NX-01, using them as food for some of his other animals.23 The species first came to the notice of the Federation in 2267 when Cyrano Jones, a trader in gemstones, Kivas and Trillium, transported several Tribbles to Space Station K-7. The small limb less balls of fur generate a purring sound when stroked which many species find pleasing, and quickly became a popular choice as pets. They quickly infested both the station and the USS Enterprise, which was there to safeguard the station's attempt to colonize Sherman's planet in competition with the Klingons. The Tribbles invaded the station's stock of Quadrotriticale, consuming it entirely. As luck would have it the grain had been poisoned by Klingon agents; the death of the Tribbles saved the Federation from a costly blunder which would have seen the planet ceded to its opponents. Captain Kirk was also able to use the Klingons violent allergy to Tribbles to reveal the identity of the agent who had poisoned the grain.

The Enterprise cleared out its own infestation of Tribbles by beaming them into the engine room of a Klingon battlecruiser, a move which caused the crew considerable distress on their trip home.22
The Klingon empire responded by launching a major assault on the species, and the Tribbles were eventually wiped out completely.

In 2373 Arne Darvin, the Klingon Agent who had been uncovered by Kirk, travelled back in time in an attempt to assassinate the Captain. Captain Sisko and the crew of the Defiant was able to prevent the attempt, but on their return they accidentally brought some Tribbles with them. Deep Space Nine was quickly over-run,6
and although the infestation was eventually cleared several ships had already carried Tribbles away from the station. Today the species has been firmly established on several dozen worlds.

The Trouble With Tribbles
Triannon24 Inhabitants of the planet Triannon in the Delphic Expanse. The Triannons were religious fanatics.24 Chosen Realm
Trellan Crocodile25 Large animal known for its strength and destructiveness25 Crossfire
Trelane26 Member of a powerful species similar to the Q26 The Squire of Gothos
Trayken Beast27 Large and powerful alien life form27 Hunters
Traveller28 Natives of Tau Alpha C who manipulate time and space with their thoughts.28 Where No One Has Gone Before
Transcended Lifeform29 A new form of life created by the merger of the machine entity V'Ger and the Human Will Decker.29 Star Trek : The Motion Picture
Trabe30 Former masters of the Kazon, now reduced to nomadic wanderings after being overthrown.30 Alliances
Tosk31 A Tosk had the honour of being the first Gamma Quadrant inhabitant to travel through the wormhole into Bajoran space. The individual arrived in a damaged vessel, claiming that it had been incapacitated while passing through the wormhole. In fact it soon became clear that the ship had been deliberately attacked.

Tosk are Humanoid, but with green skin and bony ridges across their head and neck. They are remarkably self sufficient; a Tosk requires only 17 minutes of sleep per day, and has no concept of rest or recreation. Their bodies have plastic fibres distributed without them which store liquid nutrients, allowing them to go for long periods with little or no food. The individual on Deep Space Nine claimed to have no vices of any kind. Perhaps most curiously, the Tosk have a natural ability to cloak or shroud themselves, becoming invisible to the naked eye.

Tosk continued to refuse to disclose any facts about his reasons for being on the station, and shortly after arriving was caught trying to access a security console and imprisoned by the stations security chief Odo. When the Hunters arrived they revealed that the Tosk had been artificially created to serve as the prey in their hunts. The Tosk had been raised with a strong honour code which valued a "good" death above all else - to be taken captive alive was one of the ultimate crimes that any Tosk could commit, resulting in a life of imprisonment and humiliation. The Tosk code also forbade them from revealing the existence of the hunt to any outsiders, although they were allowed to enlist the aid of others if they could do so without revealing the reason why it was required.

With the assistance of Chief O'Brien Tosk was able to escape captivity and flee the station, leading to a resumption of the hunt. Before leaving the Hunters promised that the wormhole would be placed out of bounds for any future hunt so as to avoid further contact between themselves and the Federation.31

The artificial nature of the Tosk combined with their ability to cloak and almost complete lack of need for food and sleep has led some to speculate that the Tosk served as the basis for the Dominion's genetically engineered Jem'Hadar soldiers. It is not known if this is true, and with the end of the Dominion war the question has become largely academic.

Captive Pursuit
Torga32 Animal native to the planet Gaia32 Children of Time
Tkon33 The Tkon were a vast and powerful empire which existed some 600,000 years ago. The Empire was known to contain trillions of people and to be highly advanced, reputedly having the ability to move entire stars. The empire collapsed shortly after the age of Makto, as a result of the star in their home system becoming a supernova.33

The empire left behind at least one remnant, a planetary outpost in the Delphi Ardu system that was home to a "Guardian" whose task it was to assess potential members of the Tkon empire. He was encountered by the Enterprise-D in 2364. Although the Enterprise crew were deemed acceptable candidates by the being, he was less than impressed with the Ferengi representatives who were also present.33

The Last Outpost
Tilonian34 The Tilonians once kidnapped Commander Riker and attempted to coerce information out of him.34 Frame of Mind
Tika Cat35 Small animal not known for its bravery35 Faces
Tiger36 Large Terran feline36 Shore Leave
Tiburonian37 Federation members. Dr Sevrin belonged to this species.38 One of the officers killed during Captain Sisko's attempt to sieze a crashed Dominion attack ship was a Tiburonian.39 From the episode script
Tiberian Bat40 Avian life form. Like their Earth namesakes, Tiberian bats were blind. Midshipman Peter Preston once declared that if Admiral Kirk could not see that the Enterprise had the best engine room in the whole of Starfleet then he must be as blind as a Tiberian bat.41

Tiberian bats were also known for their clinging habits; when Spock instituted a search for a pair of gravity boots used in the assassination of Chancellor Gorkon, he claimed that the boots could not be disposed of and would thus cling to a criminal like a pair of Tiberian bats.40
Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country
Tholians42 An alpha quadrant species43, the Tholians are one of the relatively few major non-Humanoid races in our section of the galaxy. In appearence they are multifaceted solids42 with two upper limbs and six lower ones.44 They are accustomed to a very high temperature45, and are comfortable in well over two hundred degrees celsius. Anything less than one hundred and fifty degrees is very painful to a Tholian, and temperatures below one hundred are fatal within seconds. All Tholians has aspects of both male and female physiology, and gender pronouns should not be used when talking to or about them.44 Tholians tend to be agressive, territorial and extremely punctual beings who do not welcome intrusions into their space.

The USS Enterprise encountered the Tholians in 2268 whilst it was investigating the loss of the USS Defiant in an interphase region. The Tholians demanded an explanation for the Starship's presence, and initially agreed to allow the Enterprise to remain in the area. When the ship was unable to provide proof of the Defiant's presence in the area the Tholians attacked the ship. The Enterprise proved militarily superior to the Tholian vessels, but was almost trapped within one of the forcefield webs - a system designed to enclose a vessel within a network virtually unbreakable strands.42

In 2353 the Tholians attacked and nearly destroyed a Federation starbase, killing all but one of its complement.46 As recently as 2355 tensions remained high enough that Starfleet routinely trained against Tholian warships in simulations.47 Tensions remained sufficiently high that it was feared that they might become involved in the Klingon civil war,48 but eventually relations with the Federation were established and in 2371 a Tholian Ambassador visited Deep Space Nine.49 A Tholian observer was present at the ill fated Antwerp conference on Earth in 2372 when a bomb destroyed the conference hall.50 Tholian silk is highly prized and difficult to obtain.51

Tholians are capable of emitting communications signals directly from their body, though these can only be detected over a very small range.44

In 2155 the Tholians of the Mirror universe used a tri-cobalt device to open up an interphase rift, hoping to use a distress call to lure a ship from a parallel dimension - and even another time - through to their own space so that they could capture it. The plan succeeded, and the Tholians captured Starfleet's USS Defiant.44 However, before they were able to make use of the ship the Mirror NX-01, ISS Enterprise, was able to capture the Defiant. The Empire benefitted greatly from the advanced technology of the Federation starship.52

The Tholian Web
The Cloud53 Encountered by the USS Voyager on Stardate 48546.2, the cloud is the largest living thing ever discovered by the Federation at approximately one billion kilometres in diameter.

The cloud was at first thought by the Starship crew to be a nebula. It was composed largely of hydrogen, helium hydroxyl radicals and some local dust nodules. The nebula was giving off gamma and thermal emissions, but was not judged a hazard to the ship. It also contained unusually high levels of omicron particles, which Voyagers crew were eager to use to supplement their energy systems. Captain Janeway ordered the ship inside.

Once within the perimeter, Voyager encountered strong currents in the outer layers on the nebula. Beyond this there was an energy barrier which blocked the ships progress, although they were able to force their way through with a sustained thruster burst. Beyond there was a huge region filled with a blue substance which began to pass through the shields and attach itself to the hull, draining energy through the shield grid. Voyager retreated back to the energy barrier, only to find that it had thickened behind them and trapped them inside. Janeway used phasers and a photon torpedo break through and escape the cloud, having lost some 11% of the ships energy reserves in the process.

Subsequent analysis of the material attached to the ship showed that the cloud was in fact a single living being. Concerned that the photon torpedo may have injured it, Voyager returned to the breach they had created to repair it. The cloud used multi-polar charges to attack the ship, but Voyager was able to divert it long enough to insert itself in the wound and use nucleonic beams to act as a suture, promoting rapid healing.

With the wound well on the way to closing Voyager escaped the nebula and continued on its way. No further encounters with life forms of this type have occurred.53
The Cloud
Thasian54 Species that rased Chalie X and gave him PSI powers.54 Charlie X
Tesnian55 Species encountered by the NX-01 Enterprise. Tesnians can breathe an Earth-standard atmosphere, but only if it is supplemented by boron gas for at least six hours each day.55 Shuttlepod One
Terrellian49 A Humanoid species. Chakotay used to spar with a Terrellian in a holodeck boxing simulation whilst he was at Starfleet Academy.56 In 2371 Nog encountered three Terrellians on Deep Space Nine. The three considered themselves to be expert dom-jot players, prompring Nog to arrange a game.49 Doctor Phlox detected some Terrellian DNA in the corpse of a 31st century individual the NX-01 encountered, proving that the man had at least one Terrellian in his ancestry.45 Life Support
Terrelian seapod57 Life form which Chakotay once learned to speak with. He believed that communicating with nucleogenic life forms could be no harder.57 Equinox, Part 2
Terkellian58 Civilisation with whom Voyager signed a non agression pact.58 The Voyager Conspiracy
Terellian59 Four limbed species59 Liaisons
Tenebian skunk60 Animal possibly kept as a pet aboard the Human cargo vessel Fortunate.60 Fortunate Son
Temporal parasite61 Creatures from a domain outside normal space-time, which exist in a state of interspatial flux. They could infect a Human host, causing an inability to form long term memories. When one was killed, it vanished from the host's brain as if it had never existed in the first place.61 Twilight
Telsian62 Delta Quadrant species which ran a mining facility on Telsius Prime. A group of confidence tricksters stole ten kilotons of bolomite ore from them whilst masquerading as Voyager crewmembers.62 A Telsian miner was duped by Gar as part of his network of cons in 2377.63 Live Fast and Prosper
Tellarites64 An Alpha Quadrant species65, Tellarites are renowned to be rude, impatient people. They love a good argument, and on first meeting a Tellarite it is expected that complaints and insults will be traded66 - argument is even considered to be a sport by the Tellarites.67 Tellarites consider dog to be a delicacy. They enjoy bathing in mud, and prefer a warmer environment than Humans do.66

Tellarites have been in space since at least the mid 20th century, when they informed the Vulcan high command that a Vulcan ship had crashed on Earth.68 They were one of the many species encountered by Humanity in the first century after warp travel was discovered; in 2152 a Tellarite vessel directed the badly damaged NX-01 to an advanced alien repair station..69

In 2153 a Tellarite bounty hunter abducted Captain Archer to return him to the Klingons67 after his earlier escape from Rura Pente70 Archer managed to convince the Tellarite to assist in his escape from the Klingons.67

In 2154 the NX-01 transported a Tellarite negotiating team to the planet Babel so that they could resolve a long-running trade dispute with the Andorians.66 Archer managed to forge an alliance between the Humans, Tellarites, Andorians and Vulcans in order to respond to a Romulan plot to destabilise the region.71 The conference ultimately proceeded as planned.72

Tellarites were one of many species to attend the major inter-species conference held on Earth in 215573, and were one of the founder members of the United Federation of Planets in 2161, alongside Humans, Vulcans and Andorians.74 Tellarites served on the Federation Council75 and in Starfleet.76

In 2267 Tellarites again travelled to a conference at Babel aboard the Enterprise, this time the NCC 1701. The conference was held to discuss the admission of Coridan to the Federation, a controversial topic at the time. The Tellarite ambassador Gav was murdered aboard the ship, and for a time the Vulcan ambassador Sarek was suspected of the crime. If fact Gav was killed by an Orion agent as part of a plan to disrupt the conference.64

In the 2370s Tellarite freighters occasionally visited Deep Space 9.77 Garak suggested that Leeta might like to wear a Tellarite dress at her wedding in 2373.78

In the Mirror universe, Tellarites were one of the species which the Terran Empire conquered during its first century. Tellarites were regarded as second class citizens in the Empire, often punished for no particular reason on the basis that every Tellarite was probably guilty of something.44

Journey to Babel
Teenaxi79 Alien species encountered by the USS Enterprise in 2363. The Teenaxi were a belligerent, aggressive species engaged in a conflict with their neighbours, the Fibonan Republic. Captain James T. Kirk agreed to act as a neutral representative of the Republic, carrying a ceremonial gift to the Teenaxi leaders. The gift was a piece of the Abronath, an ancient weapon originating on the planet Altamid. In the Fibonan culture, to surrender any weapon was considered an offer of truce. The gift was rejected, and the Teenaxi attacked Captain Kirk.79

Fortunately their short stature - the average Teenaxi is approximately eight inches tall - made the attack more of an annoyance than a danger, and Captain Kirk was able to beam out without serious injury.79
Star Trek Beyond
Tavnian80 In Tavnian weddings the husband must convince every person present that he is truly in love with his fiancee before he can marry her. Tavnian men own their male offspring.80 The Muse
Taurean81 These large ape-like creatures are inhabitants of Taurus II. They are primitive creatures, 12 feet or more in height and possessed of great strength but with only the most rudimentary technology - spears made of stone and wood, shields of leather. Their culture was believed to comprise family groups or tribes. They were highly aggressive, prone to attacking intruders and responding to any attack upon themselves with considerable anger.82 The Worlds of the Federation
Tarmelite83 A sentient Humanoid species.83 Star Trek : Vanguard, Book 1 - Harbinger
Tarlac84 Species which was conquered by the Son'a and converted into a working class.84 Star Trek : Insurrection
Tarkassian Razorbeast85 Animal. Guinan had a Tarkassian Razorbeast as an imaginary friend85 Imaginary Friend
Tarkannan86 Civilisation86 Innocence
Tarkalean Hawk87 Predatory bird87 The Begotten
Tarkalean Field Mouse88 Animal known for its small size88 Tsunkatse
Tarkalean Condor89 Large bird89 ...Nor the Battle to the Strong
Tarkalean69 Species which posessed replicator technology as of 2152.69 A Tarkalean ship was attacked by Borg drones in 2153.90 The Tarkaleans are known for their tea.91 In 2372 one of the many additional charges the Ferengi imposed on their business dealings with the Karemma was claimed to be to cover the lost income of Tarkalean sheep herders.92 Dead Stop
Targhee Moonbeast93 Life form noted for its loud call93 The Perfect Mate
Targ28 A Klingon animal, Targs served many different roles in Klingon society. Many were kept as pets by Klingons - Lieutenant Worf had one as a child.28 General Martok had a pet Targ which he recalled fondly as a filthy, mangy beast - but one which had the heart of a warrior. His wife Sirella loathed the creature, and it escaped and returned to the wild when she 'accidentally' left the front door open.94

Targs were also used as food beasts, kept in the kitchen area of Klingon warships.95 Wistan Gagh was kept packed with Targ's blood.96 Food use crossed over into ceremonial purposes - the Day of Honour ceremony involved eating of the heart of a Targ97, whilst the preparations for Klingon weddings involved the bride carrying out an elaborate ritual which involved capturing three Targs in the Hamar mountains, making a ritual sacrifice at dawn, boiling their shoulders into tallow, and then moulding them with bare hands into var'Hama candles. Dax, preferred to simply replicate substitutes.98 A Targ was also ritually sacrificed before the wedding feast.99

When Odo trashed his own quarters in 2372, Quark wondered if he might have done so in the form of a Targ.25 When he was forced to fight an honour duel with a Klingon, Quark suggested that he could throw down his sword, kneel before his opponent, and then dare him to execute him - which he thought might make his opponent 'slink away like a scalded Targ'. Worf informed him that this was not in fact the case.100

In the wild, Targs were commonplace in the Hamar mountains.98 So common were Targs in some areas that they could be something of a nuisance to the Klingons - Klingon assault vehicles were fitted with 'Targ scoops' to clear them out of the way during operations.101 Klingons would hunt wild Targs for recreation - Martok was delighted with Worf's appointement as Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire as the two would be able to go Targ hunting together.102

References to Targs had also become part of popular culture in both the Klingon Empire and the Federation. The character of Toby the Targ was the pen name of the author of a series of children's books published in the Federation by Broht & Forrester.103 B'Elanna Torres had a stuffed Toby the Targ toy which she always took it with her whenever she was away from home for more than a day, even as an adult.88 Molly O'Brien also had a toy Targ as a child, which she called 'Piggy'.104

The 8472 replica of Boothby used the term 'Targ manure' to refer to a statement he considered to be untrue,105 whilst B'Elanna Torres informed Ensign Kim that he looked like a speckled Targ when a viral infection left his skin covered with spots in 2373.106 Voyager's EMH also compared Kim's saxophone playing to the cries of a wounded Targ, though he later apologised for this.107 Even Q considered assuming the form of a Targ and mating with one in order to produce a child, though in the end he decided to mate with Captain Janeway instead.108 When Captain Sisko needed to infiltrate the Klingon fortress of Ty'Gokor, he wished that Odo could do so disguised as a Targ - something that was no longer possible as Odo had recently lost his shapeshifting ability.76

Where No One Has Gone Before
Taresian106 Taresians reproduce by abducting males from other species and denucleating their cells.106 Favorite Son
Tarellian109 The Tarellian species virtually wiped itself out with biological warfare. The few survivors wandered as outcasts for many years.109 Haven
Tarchee Cat110 Species indigenous to Nechani home world110 Sacred Ground
Tarchannen parasites111 The planet Tarchannen II was the site of a Federation outpost, but in 2362 all 49 members of the outpost crew vanished mysteriously. The Starship USS Victory was sent to investigate, and sent down a five person away team. No trace was found of the outpost crew, and the search was abandoned.

Five years later the members of the away team began to disappear one by one, apparently suffering an irresistible urge to return to the planet. The Enterprise-D was assigned to investigate; the ships chief engineer, Geordi laForge, had been a member of the Victory's away team and the final unaffected member, Susanna Leitjen, joined the ship for the mission.

Once at the planet both Leitjen and LaForge began to be affected by a mysterious metamorphosis which began to transform their entire bodies. Doctor Crusher discovered that they had both been infected by a strange parasite on the planet. The Parasite, which lives on Tarchannen, injects a strand of DNA into a host body. Years later the strand becomes active and begins to take over the host body, converting its DNA into an alien form. The host metamorphoses into a Humanoid lizard like form. The entity is non sentient, and has an instinctive fear of other life forms. Photoactive cells on the skin allow a chameleon like camouflage effect, rendering the entity almost completely invisible.

Doctor Crusher was able to remove the DNA from Leitjen, but LaForge beamed down to the planet under its influence and joined the others on the surface. The Enterprise crew was able to find a method of rendering the aliens visible, and with this Leitjen was able to appeal to the remaining shreds of LaForge's Humanity and convince him to return to the Enterprise. He was also subsequently cured, and Captain Picard placed warning beacons in orbit of the planet to prevent any further contact.111
Identity Crisis
Tarascan83 Sentient humanoid species. Tarascans are an amphibious people with bulbous eyes and a tapirlike snout which waggled when they spoke. They are capable of feats of considerable strength. Their blood is jet black. Qoheela was a Tarascan hit man.83 Star Trek : Vanguard, Book 1 - Harbinger
Tanugan112 The Tanugans have a legal system in which one must prove one's innocence.112 A Matter of Perspective
Tandaran113 The Tandarans were enemies of the Suliban, and interned the Suliban people who lived within their territory.113 Detained
Tamarians114 For many years the Children of Tamar were regarded as one of the more enigmatic of Alpha Quadrant species. First contact occurred in 2268, but it proved to be impossible to establish communications with the Tamarians. The Universal Translator seemed to work well enough on the Tamarian language, translating it into english perfectly. However, the english words and phrases which came from the translator made no sense.

Over the next century every attempt to communicate with the Tamarians similarly failed. Finally, it appears that the Tamarians decided to take more desperate measures. In 2368 a Tamarian vessel took up a position in the El Adrel system and began transmitting a signal towards the Federation. The Enterprise-D was ordered to respond. When they arrived in the system, the Tamarians transported both their own Captain Dathan and Captain Picard down to the surface of the planet, trapping them there.

Dathan and Picard stayed on the planet for a day while the latter gradually learned the Tamarian language. Picard realized that the Tamarians communicate entirely by citing examples from their history, speaking in metaphors. Picard managed to learn enough of the metaphors to communicate with the Tamarians on a basic level, establishing the basis for further communication. Unfortunately, Captain Dathan lost his life on the planet.114

Since this time the Federation has had several contacts with the Tamarians. A team of specialist historians and linguists are learning the huge Tamarian language, a process which is expected to take several decades.

Talosians115 One of the more mysterious species the Federation has encountered, the Talosian culture dates back hundreds of thousands of years. In the distant past they waged a terrible war which rendered the surface of their planet uninhabitable, forcing the few Talosian survivors to retreat underground. They found this life highly restrictive, and so devoted themselves to developing a tremendous level of telepathic ability. They are able to project utterly convincing images into the brain of another species across distances of at least several light years, apparently at speeds greatly in excess of light. However, this ability proved to be the downfall of their race. The Talosians enjoyed sharing the experiences of those aliens they had collected prior to the war, but this became a dangerous narcotic for them. They came to rely on their fantasy life more and more, eventually losing almost all touch with reality. Meanwhile, their technology crumbled and decayed around them to leave them all but helpless.

The Talosian response was to bring aliens to their world, hoping to select appropriate specimens and use them to breed an entire race of slaves to maintain their society whilst they continued to enjoy their telepathic fantasy lives. The first encounter between Talosians and Humanity came when the SS Columbia crashed on Talos IV in 2236. All the crew were killed except for one woman, Vina, who was badly injured. The Talosians repaired her injuries, but although they found Humans to be an ideal physical choice for their slaves they were not able to proceed with their plans for a further 18 years due to the lack of any male candidate.

In 2254 the USS Enterprise, under the command of Captain Pike, encountered a radio distress call sent by the Columbia and proceeded to Talos. The Talosians kidnapped several crewmembers, including the Captain, in order to start their slave race. Pike made every effort to escape, but the Talosians mental abilities made it all but impossible - so complete were their abilities that they could easily destroy the starship just by tricking the crew into pressing the wrong buttons.

Ultimately, Pikes first officer threatened to kill all of the captives rather than submit to slavery. Realizing that the Humans would never accept captivity, the Talosians allowed them to leave.116

Starfleet quarantined the planet, forbidding any Starfleet ship to approach under penalty of death for its Captain. Yet in 2267 the USS Enterprise was hijacked by its first officer, Spock, and taken to Talos. Captain Pike had recently suffered devastating injuries from exposure to delta rays, leaving him permanently crippled. Spock was convinced that Pike could live out the rest of his days more comfortably on Talos, where his mind could be convinced that his body was once again healthy. Starfleet ultimately allowed the mission due to the special circumstances.117

Since this time there has been no further contact with the Talosians. Presumably their society is still decaying, although the presence of a Human male and female may mean that a small group of Humans was produced after all.

The Menagerie, Part 1
Talaxians118 A humanoid civilisation native to the planet Talax in the Delta Quadrant. Externally Talaxians are identifiable by the distinctive yellow colouration of their skin and the ridges of bone on their skulls.119 Internally, a major difference between Talaxians and Humans lies in the lung system; Talaxian lungs are directly linked to the spinal column at multiple points.120

Talaxians tend to be a very enthusiastic and friendly people, quick to trust others and easy to get along with.121 They have few enemies, although in 2346 they entered into a war with the Haakonian Order. After ten years of fighting the Hakkonians used a Metreon Cascade weapon on Rinax, killing some 300,000 Talaxian colonists of that moon and prompting the Talaxians to surrender. Many Talaxians who came into contact with the fallout of the weapon subsequently developed metremia, a fatal blood disease.7

Talaxians have had relatively little contact with Humans, although one individual has served as Morale Officer for some years aboard the USS Voyager.119

The borg designation for the Talaxians is Species 218; the Borg once assimilated a small freighter crewed by 39 Talaxians in the Dalmine sector. Their dense musculature made them excellent drones.118

The Raven
Talavian122 Talavians are a warp-capable species. Romulan agent Captain Livara posed as a Talavian smuggler whilst working in the Bajoran sector in 2367.122 Talvian freighters would stop at Deep Space Nine from time to time.123 Things Past
Talarian Hook Spider124 Arachnid with legs half a metre long124 Realm of Fear
Talarian125 The Talarians once fought a war in which they kidnapped a Human child and raised him as one of their own species. 125 Suddenly Human
Takret126 Likely name for the species which attempted to steal the NX-01 Enterprise in 2152. The species was not named specifically, but they came from the Takret system and the force which boarded Enterprise was called the Takret Militia.126 The Catwalk
Takarian127 The Tkarians suffered under the illusion that a pair of Ferengi were mystical sages for a number of years.127 False Profits
Takaran128 Takarans are immensely difficult to kill as a result of their unique cell structure.128 Suspicions
Tak Tak129 Gestures make up a large part of the Tak Tak language, and they can become very offended by unsuitable body language.129 Macrocosm
Tairenian Ant130 A type of ant. Mezoti made a Tairenian Ant colony for her science project in 2376. The drones produce a flourescent enzyme which is activated by the queen, causing them to glow.130 Child's Play
Tahal-Isut131 This Delta Quadrant species inhabited a planet which was in an accelerated timeframe compared to the rest of the universe; Voyager was trapped in orbit of the world for a short period and was able to watch thousands of years of civilisation unfold on the planet.132 Star Trek : Voyager - Distant Shores
Taguan133 Natives of Tagua III. Little known of the origins of the Taguans and they no longer allow archeological research on their planet. Q claimed that the Taguans really knew how to party two billion years ago.133 Qpid
Taguan134 Culture whose pottery resembles both Marlonian and Buranian work.134 Rascals
Tagran135 Natives of Tagra IV.135 True-Q
T-Rogoran136 Gamma Quadrant species. The T-Rogorans were enemies of the Skreeans for eight centuries, conquering them and using them as forced labourers. The Skreeans were freed and scattered when the T-Rogorans were in turn conquered by the Dominion.136 Sanctuary
T'stayan125 Talarian riding animal125 Suddenly Human
T'Lani137 Once enemies of the Kellerun, the T'Lani created deadly Harvester weapons and then tried to destroy all knowledge of them once the war ended.137 Armageddon Game
T'gla20 Mindless life form, probably native to a Klingon world, which lets itself be slaughtered. Probably non-sentient.20 Invasive Procedures

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Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation


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17 The spot pattern painted onto Ms. Farrel was different each time
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