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Species List

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

NameUp Description First seen
Rabbit1 Small furry terran animal. A large, fully clothed, bipeddel, white rabbit was onced seen by Dr McCoy on the amusment park planet. Data once saw a shape of a rabbit in a nebula gas formation.1 Shore Leave
Racht2 Klingon worm-like animal, eaten live - very similar to gagh in appearence and may be related.2 Melora
Rafalian Mouse3 Small rodent which Odo enjoyed mimicking3 Crossfire
Rakharan4 The Rakharan government punished families of political disidents4 Vortex
Rakonian Swamp Rat5 Unpleasant animal. Kira thought Quark had some similarities to this creature5 Hippocratic Oath
Rakosan6 The Rakosans were threatened with devastation by the Cardassian Dreadnought, but were saved by the USS Voyager.6 Dreadnought
Ram Izad7 Species erased from history by Annorax in an attempt to restore the Krenim Empire to existence.7 Year of Hell, Part 1
Ramuran8 Ramurans are heavily isolationist, and use a combination of technology and biology to ensure that nobody remembers encountering them.8 Unforgettable
Rat9 Rodent species native to Earth, considered a pest by most Humans.9 In 2369 Constable Odo imitated a rat in order to eavesdrop on a secret meeting between Lursa and B'Etor and Tahna Los.10 Oasis
Raven11 An Earth bird. In 2374 Seven of Nine had memory flashbacks in which she imaged a raven, an allusion to the Raven spacecraft that her parents lived in when she was a child.11 The Raven
Razor Toothed Gree Worm12 Small animal known for it's sharp teeth.12 Little Green Men
Rectillian Vulture13 Avian life form native to the Delta Quadrant13 Phage
Rectyne Monopod14 Creature which can weigh up to two tons14 The Icarus Factor
Redjac15 Noncorporeal being who feeds on negative emotions, which it provokes by savage murder15 Wolf in the Fold
Reegrunion16 Alien species. The wanted criminal Plix Tixiplik was a Reegrunion.16 Sanctuary
Reeta-hawk17 Avian life form from the planet Argratha17 Hard Time
Regalian Fleaspider18 Arachnid which can be used to create medicine to improve circulation18 The Ship
Regulan Blood Worm19 Soft shapeless creature which some Klingons think similar in appearance to Kirk19 Regulan Bloodworms can infest a humanoid host with no ill effects. In fact they clean out the lymphatic system, and as such can be used as a medical treatment. Captain Archer once used Regulan bloodworms as part of a deception he played on the Xindi Degra.20 The Trouble With Tribbles
Remans21 The Remans have long been something of a mystery to the Federation. Regarded as a lesser caste by the Romulans, the Remans were confined to their home planet of Remus and rarely seen by outsiders. This changed somewhat during the Dominion war, when the Romulans used the Remans as shock troops. The Remans fought well against the feared Jem'Hadar, scoring many victories. Still, the Remans remained somewhat mysterious.

In 2378 when Shinzon staged a coup with the help of the Remans, taking over the Romulan Empire. Shinzon's Praetorship did not last very long, but it did offer the crew of the Enterprise-E the chance to meet with - and later to battle with - Remans face to face.

Remus is tidally locked, with one half permanently facing towards the sun and one half permanently facing away. The Remans live on the far side; they are used to darkness, and find bright light to be intensely painful. Much of Remus is dominated by industrial areas where the Remans work as slave labour under Romulan guards.21
Star Trek : Nemesis
Retellian22 Species encountered by the NX-01 Enterprise in 2152.22 Precious Cargo
Rha'darusan23 This species were Klingon subjects in the 2150s. The Klingons promised that they would provide for the planet in exchange for their allegiance, but stripped it of its resources and abandoned it afterwards. When refugees from the planet encountered the NX-01, a Klingon cruiser attacked the starship for assisting "rebels". The ship was able to disable the cruiser and the refugees escaped.23 Judgment
Rhaandarite24 Members of the United Federation of Planets, the Rhaandarites are a humanoid species native to the planet Rhaandaran. They are very long lived, and do not reach maturity until they reach a century and a half or so.25 Generic official information
Rhyl26 A small creature which lived on the planet Ba'ku - either native to that world or brought there by the Ba'ku settlers who colonised the planet. One of these creatures was kept as a pet by Artim.27 Design Notes
Rigel VII Warrior28 A warrior from Rigel VII; when the Enterprise visited the planet in 2254, one of these warriors killed three memebers of the crew and injured seven others. Captain Pike was forced to relive an altered version of the scene by the Talosians when they captured him shortly afterwards.28 The Cage
Rigelian29 Species similar to Vulcans.29 Journey to Babel
Rigellian Chelons30 There are two breeds of Rigellians; one is descended from saber-toothed turtles.31 Phlox stated that Rigellians have four or five genders.32

When attacked, Rigelian Chelons have an autonomic defense mechanism which secretes a deadly toxin from their skin. It is thus extremely dangerous to engage in close combat with them.33
Star Trek : The Motion Picture
Rigellian ox34 Creature known for being very healthy.34 The Schizoid Man
Rilnar7 The first species erased form history by Annorax. The erasure caused a near-total restoration of the Krenim Empire, but caused a rare disease amongst their colonies which killed fifty million people. Annorax realised that the Rilnar had introduced a crucial antibody into the Krenim genome, so erasing them had directly led to the deaths.7 Year of Hell, Part 1
Risan sea turtle35 Aquatic animal native to Risa.35 Two Days and Two Nights
Risans36 Humanoid species noted for their hedonistic approach to life.37 Risa is in a binary system36, and although it is naturally a swampland its extensive weather modification system gives the entire planet a tropical climate.38 Combined with the local's easygoing approach to life this has made Risa a very popular holiday destination with many Federation citizens.39

A popular Risan symbol is the Horga'hn, a statuette which is the symbol of sexuality. To display a horga'hn is to indicate that you are seeking jamaharon, a mysterious procedure said to be very enjoyable.36 Care should be taken with this practice, as jamaharon has been known to be fatal to those with a weak heart. Curzon Dax died via jamaharon, although he did at least die with a smile on his face.38

In 2366 Captain Picard took a holiday on Risa, where he first met Vash and destroyed the Tox Utat.36 In 2368 Commander Riker met a Katarian operative on Risa who introduced him to an addictive game designed to control the minds of all those who used it.40 In 2367 Geordi LaForge went to attend an AI conference on Risa, but was intercepted and kidnapped by Romulans whilst on the way.41

The New Essentialists were a group of Federation citizens who claimed that Risa represented the Federation's soft attitude toward life. They aimed to disrupt the planet as much as possible, and in 2373 they were joined by Lieutenant Commander Worf. Worf accessed the planets weather control system and shut it down, ruining the holidays of hundreds of thousands of people. Worf eventually saw the error of his ways and returned the weather to normal.38

Captain's Holiday
Romulans42 Physically, Romulans are almost identical to their cousins the Vulcans.42 Externally most Romulans differ from Vulcans in having prominent ridges of bone on their foreheads,43 a trait which evolved after their departure from Vulcan in circa 369.44 However, the Romulans lack the rigorous mental disciplines developed by the followers of Surak39 and this, combined with the more benign environmental conditions on Romulus, has greatly limited the physical capabilities of Romulans compared to their ancestors.

Like the Vulcans the Romulans have surrendered unrestrained violence as a way of life. However, in the case of the Romulans this has been replaced with a controlled deviousness; as a species the Romulans are generally thought of as duplicitous, a reputation the actions of their government over the last decade has reinforced.39 Their reluctance to rely on overt hostility generally leads the Romulans to play a waiting game, attempting to manipulate an opponent into breaking - or appearing to break - an agreement so as to give them a solid justification for striking.43

Once the planet Romulus was colonised, the Romulans rapidly spread to their system's second habitable planet, Remus.21 From there they founded an interstellar empire spanning many worlds. In the 2150's this empire came into contact with the rapidly expanding Human sphere of influence. First contact came when the NX class USS Enterprise wandered into a Romulan minefield, sustaining significant damage. A pair of Romulan vessels then forced the Starship to leave the area, despite having a mine still attached to the hull.45

Relations between Humans and Romulans continued to be poor, and eventually a brief but intense war resulted. This war was fought entirely in space, without any kind of personal or visual interaction between the two sides; no Human or Vulcan saw a Romulan until 2266, long after the war was ended, when a Romulan Bird of Prey penetrated the Neutral Zone to test Federation defences. Although the ship was destroyed by the USS Enterprise,42 this action marked a long period of 'cold war' between the two powers. Eventually this culminated in the Tomed Incident of 2311, when thousands of Federation lives where lost to the Romulans. The incident led to the Treaty of Algeron, which forbade the Federation from developing cloaking technology and reaffirmed the existence of the Neutral Zone between the two powers. Subsequent to this the Romulans cut off all contact with the Federation.43

Although the Starship USS Enterprise-C engaged several Romulan vessels attacking the Khitomer outpost in 2344,46 and there were other unofficial contacts, in general the Romulans maintained their isolation until 2364. At this point a Romulan warbird entered Federation space to investigate the loss of several of their border outposts.43 Although it later emerged that the Borg where responsible for the destruction,47 the Romulans announced at this time that they would again take a more active role in international relations.43 They acted in opposition to the Federation for some years,37 until the emergence of the Dominion threat in 2370. The Romulans responded by allowing the Federation to utilise one of their cloaking devices on the USS Defiant in order to allow it to operate in the Gamma Quadrant.48

Subsequently the Romulan Tal'Shiar launched a joint attack on the Dominion with the Cardassian Obsidian Order; the attack failed utterly, devastating the Romulan and Cardassian fleets.49 After this the Romulan government signed a non-agression pact with the Dominion.50 The Romulans reneged on this treaty after a successful intelligence operation conducted by Captain Sisko, joining forces with the Federation-Klingon alliance in the war against the Dominion.51

After the war there was something of a political upheaval on Romulus. Shinzon, a clone of Captain Picard created as part of a Romulan intelligence operation, had been exiled to Remus early in his life. Here he gained a considerable following, becoming a highly respected military leader during the Dominion war. Shinzon assassinated the Romulan senate after the war and plotted to destroy Earth, but the attempt was foiled by Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-E.21

Balance of Terror
Roylan52 Originating on the planet Royla, the Roylans were first contacted in 2230 by the USS Kelvin.52 Small in stature by Human standards, the Royla are recognisable by their green skin and small beadlike eyes on short stalks.53

A member of the species, Keenser, was on Delta Vega in the year 2258, where he was the sole companion for Montomery Scott whilst he was stationed there. He would later join the Enterprise crew as an Engineer under Mr Scott.53

Roylans are capable of producing a large quantity of highly corrosive mucus when they sneeze. Keenser was able to use this ability to corrode through the lock of the cells on Altamid in 2263.54
IDW Star Trek Comic Book, Issue 14
Ruji55 Sisko and Curzon once encountered a pair of seven foot tall Ruji twin sisters whilst attending the running of the Rujian Steeplechase.55 A Man Alone
Rukani56 Delta Quadrant civilisation who featured in a holodeck training program created by Tuvok56 Worst Case Scenario
Rutian57 The Rutians suffered years of conflict at the hands of the evil Ansata terrorists.57 The High Ground

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation


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