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Species List

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NameUp Description First seen
Pah-wraiths1 Non corporeal beings who once lived within the Bajoran wormhole. The Pah-wraiths were banished from the wormhole by the Bajoran Prophets long ago and sealed into the Fire Caves on Bajor.

In 2373 Keiko O'Brein visited the Fire Caves and was possessed by a Pah-wraith. The entity threatened to kill Keiko in order to force her husband Chief O'Brien to fire a Chronaton beam at the wormhole to kill the Prophets. Fortunately O'Brien was able to force the Pah-wraith to abandon Keikos body and the Prophets were unharmed.1

In 2374 a Pah-wraith possessed Jake Sisko in order to take part in The Reckoning, a battle between the Pah-wraiths and Prophets which had long been prophesied. The Prophets, who possessed Kira Nerys, appeared to be winning the battle but it was cut short by Kai Winn when she flooded the station with Chronatons to force both entities out of their respective bodies.2 Winn, whose faith in the Prophets was never strong, would subsequently abandon her gods altogether.3

Gul Dukat was also possessed by a Pah-wraith, who killed Jadzia Dax and attacked the Orb of Contemplation on Deep Space Nine. This sealed the wormhole and caused all of the Orbs to darken, cutting the Bajorans off from their gods.4 When Captain Sisko attempted to locate the Orb of the Emissary to reopen the wormhole the Pah-wraiths used visions to try and distract him, but were ultimately unsuccessful.5

Many Bajorans came to follow the Pah-wraiths rather than the Prophets. Dukat gained control of one of these cults, although he had little faith in the divine nature of the wraiths himself. He attempted to convince the Cult members to commit suicide, but was prevented from doing so by Kira Nerys.6 Dukat escaped, and next enlisted the aid of Kai Winn in an attempt to free the Pah-wraiths from their prison in the Fire Caves. He succeeded and was again possessed, this time by the wraith known as Kosst Amojan. Fortunately the Emissary was able to seal Dukat and the other Pah-wraiths into the caves forever.3

The Assignment
Pakled7 Alpha quadrant species not known for their intellect. Although they have a certain degree of cunning, the Pakled are relatively unsophisticated technologically. Some Pakled travel the galaxy feigning technical problems in order to lure potential rescuers on board their ships. They then take them hostage and demand technology improvements in return for their release.8

Pakleds had various interests around Federation space, including a magnesite ore mine on Kalla III. In 2370 the Duras sisters mined this ore without the Pakleds knowledge in order to trade with Bajoran resistance members.9 After Lore was set adrift in space by Data a Pakled ship picked him up; after this Lore wore the characteristic Pakled clothing for some considerable time.7

Palgrenai10 A sentient species native to the Palgrenax system within the Taurus Reach. The Palgrenai had a pre-industrial society, some 800-900 years behind the technology of the Klingon Empire as of the mid 23rd century. Their home planet was occupied by the Klingon Empire in that period. Because of their relatively poor technological base and warrior prowess, the Palgrenai were an easy conquest for the Klingons. They attempted to carry out an insurgent-style resistance after their conquest, but this was so ineffectual that the Klingon Governor, Morqla, considered it a source of considerable amusement.10

Physically the Palgrenai were rather shorter in stature than the average Klingon, with squat, bulky bodies. Although ungainly in comparison to Klingons, this their clawed feet could carry them with surprising speed. They had dark, oily hides with short extremities. Their heads were narrow and hairless with large, angular ears drooping from the sides. To Governor Morgla they appeared somewhat reptilian, and he considered them to resemble a cross between a Klingon Targ and a Denebian slime devil.10

Palgrenai had a habit of slobbering drool over both objects and people, and it was not uncommon for individuals to bear dried and fresh drool on the edges of their mouths and their clothing.10

In 2265 the Palgrenai were wiped out when their planet was destroyed by the Shedai.10
Star Trek : Vanguard, Book 2 - Summon the Thunder
Palmarian11 As of 2373 the Palmarians were engaged in a brutal civil in which both sides sought to use biogenic weapons.11 Business as Usual
Palukoo12 Large spider-like animal life form native to many of the Bajoran moons. The Bajoran terrorists used to eat them.12 The Siege
Paraagan13 Matriarchal society as of 2152, though the males had made great strides in acquiring equal rights by this date. A Paraagan mining colony was destroyed with the loss of 3,600 lives in 2152, apparently by an accident caused by one of Enterprise's shuttlepods. In fact the Suliban were responsible for the accident.13 Shockwave, Part 1
Parada14 Slightly reptilian humanoid species native to the Gamma Quadrant.14 Whispers
Parasites15 In 2364 Admiral Quinn asked Captain Picard to become commander of Starfleet academy, citing as his reason that he suspected there was something terribly wrong within the Federation. Although alarmed, Picard declined the offer in favour of remaining in command of the Enterprise.16

On Stardate 41775.5, Picard was again contacted and warned of a danger within the Federation, this time by a group of Starfleet captains led by Walter Keel. Keel believed that Starfleet officers were being subverted somehow. On investigation Picard discovered a pattern of strange orders which indicated that some form of invasion was underway. Picard took the Enterprise to Earth to investigate Starfleet command. He found that all of the senior admirals had been infected with an alien parasite; once inside the body, the small parasite took complete control of all neural and physiological functions. The parasite was approximately ten centimetres in length, hexapedal, with two prominent horn-like feelers on its head. It entered the body via the mouth, burrowing until it reached the top of the spine. There it would push its tail through the skin; this organ allowed it to breathe, and was the only visible sign of infection. It would access the nerves of the spinal cord in order to control the host.

Picard and his first officer were able to beam into Starfleet command and incapacitate several of the command staff. They subsequently followed one of the parasites to Lieutenant Commander Remmick, who was attempting to send a homing signal out into the galaxy. Picard and Riker killed Remmick, and discovered a much larger creature within his body. Although it was resistant to phaser fire, the officers managed to kill the creature. Once it was dead, the remaining smaller parasites died also, presumably as a result of some form of telepathic link to their 'mother creature'.15

Even after some years, relatively little is known about the creatures. The homing signal which Remmick sent was presumably aimed at their home space, but has brought no further attack thus far. It is possible that the signal warned the rest of the species to avoid further contact with the Federation because of the resistance experienced, or it may be that the distances involved are great enough that an attack is yet to come. More worrying is the possibility that a further infiltration is going undetected by Starfleet...

Parein17 Humanoid civilisation composed of former Borg drones17 Unity
Paxan18 Highly isolationist species who refuse to allow any knowledge of themselves to be known by outsiders. The Paxans are capable of occupying the bodies of others, as shown in the associated image.18 Clues
Peliar-zelian This species inhabited the planet Peliar-Zel, as well as its two moons Alpha and Beta. In 2337 the Trill Ambassador Odan mediated a dispute between the two moons. In 2367 Odan returned, this time in a new host, and mediated another conflict which had arisen because Alpha moon was developed an energy source which drew power from the planet's magnetic field, causing substantial environmental damage to Beta moon.19 Members of this species are a common sight in the Federation and Federation-related areas. In 2369 one attended a Starfleet hearing into the death of a cadet20; they were a common sight on Deep Space Nine21, and on one occasion assisted in the kidnapping of William Patrick Samuels for the Cardassians.22 Members of this species were also present at Worf and Dax's wedding23, and when Odo professed his love for Kira on the Promenade.24 One was also a customer in Joseph Sisko's restaurant on Earth in 237225 Speculative
Peljenite26 Species invited to join the Federation in 237126 Family Business
Pendari27 Reknowned for their physical strength, a Pendari fought in the Tsunkatse matches shown on the Norcadian home world.27 Tsunkatse
Pentaran28 A Pentaran once crashed his shuttle whilst Captain Picard and Ensign Crusher were on board.28 Final Mission
Petarian26 Spacefaring civilisation26 Family Business
Photonic being29 Noncorporeal being found to reside in a protostar. Other types of photonic being live in a parallel dimension.29 Heroes and Demons
Photonic Flea30 Tuny glowing insect which once invaded Voyagers sensor system and caused false readings30 The Voyager Conspiracy
Photonic Lifeform31 Encountered by Voyager while stranded on a subspace sandbar.31 Bride of Chaotica!
Pig32 Earth mammal. In primitive times pigs were widely used as a food source; the Bringloidi still kept pigs when the Enterprise-D encountered them in 2365.32 Up The Long Ladder
Pig Monster33 These creatures were created as part of one of Q's illusions, in which they threatened the Enterprise-D crew. It is not known whether they represent a real species or are simply a pure figment of Q's imagination.w33 Hide and Q
Pipius34 Presumed name of an animal life form. Pipius claw is a Klingon foodstuff.34 A Matter of Honor
Platonian35 More formally known as 'The Children of Plato', the Platonian's had extremely strong telekinesis.35 Plato's Stepchildren
Plygorian mammoth36 Animal life form. During a run of bad play in racquetball, Bashir commented that he felt like he couldn't hit the side of a Plygorian Mammoth.37 Rivals
Polonian38 Delta quadrant species, enemies of Mr Varn38 Live Fast and Prosper
Ponea39 Delta Quadrant species. The Ponea were encountered by the Equinox crew, and gave Captain Ransom a synaptic stimulator device which allowed him to experience virtual reality landscapes.40 Equinox, Part 1
Pralor41 Extinct delat quadrant species which created a race of robots to fight the Cravic41 Prototype
Preserver42 Ancient civilisation who transplanted members of primitive peoples to distant planets42 The Paradise Syndrome
Progenitors43 One of the greatest mysteries of the known galaxy is why intelligent species on so many worlds have evolved in such similar ways. There are literally thousands of races which have two arms, two legs, a torso and head, whose sensory organs operate in a similar manner, who even breathe approximately the same gas mixture.43 That this could happen by chance is so unlikely as to be virtually impossible, and many outlandish theories were advanced to explain the anomaly.

In 2369 Professor Galen, a Federation expert in Archaeology, was killed whilst investigating a mystery involving the DNA patterns of many different species. Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-D followed up Galen's research and discovered that ancient DNA strands from many different species could be combined to form a message. Picard attempted to find the missing pieces of the puzzle, finding himself involved in a chase with the Klingons, Cardassians and Romulans. During a tense stand-off with the competitors, who thought that the message might contain plans for some advanced power source or weapon, Picard was able to retrieve the final piece of the puzzle from a section of fossilized seabed on a now uninhabited planet.

The message was a computer program which reconfigured Dr. Crusher's tricorder, projecting an image of a humanoid alien. The being, apparently a female, informed the astonished onlookers that her species had evolved billions of years before. Finding themselves alone in the galaxy, the species had feared that if they were to die out they would pass away without leaving any lasting imprint on the galaxy. They decided to seed the primeval oceans of many worlds with DNA codes which would direct the evolution of life on those worlds towards a pattern similar to their own. In this way the aliens hoped that they would gain some degree of immortality through their 'offspring'. The message also expressed the hope that their progeny would have to work together in order to access the various DNA strands.

Even after this discovery, surely one of the most momentous in all of history, little is known of the Progenitor species. We do not even know the name of their species or how far they spread themselves, although the presence of humanoid species in both the Gamma and Delta quadrants indicates that they were likely a galactic-scale power. It is possible that the Progenitors left further messages in the DNA of other species, and much research into this area has been done since the discovery of the first message. Unfortunately, nothing has come of this effort.43

The Chase
Promellian44 Now extinct, the Promellians fought a devastating war about a thousand years ago.44 Booby Trap
Prophets45 Non corporeal entities which created and occupy the Bajoran Wormhole. The Prophets are the basis for the religion of the Bajoran people, who regard the Wormhole as being their Celestial Temple.

The Prophets are primarily known to the Bajorans through the nine Orbs which they had sent out of the wormhole over the last ten thousand years. Each Orb had a different name and function within the Bajoran religion. Eight of the nine were stolen by the Cardassians during the Occupation,45
with only the Orb of Prophecy and Change remaining hidden on Bajor. The Orb gained its name after the Bajoran Trakor wrote various prophecies after consulting it.46 In 2369 Benjamin Sisko saw the Orb and had an Orb Experience - the name given to the powerful vision those who see Orbs often experience. He brought the Orb back to Deep Space Nine with him, and by studying records of the Orbs was able to determine the location of the Celestial Temple. Inside, Sisko contacted the Prophets - alien beings who exist outside of linear time. The Prophets showed great distaste for corporeal life, and most especially for those which exist within linear time as experienced outside the wormhole. Sisko was able to demonstrate the value of a linear existence, and convinced the Prophets to allow linear beings to travel through the wormhole.45 In 2374 the Orb of Prophecy resided in a shrine on the Promenade.

Other notable Orbs include the Orb of Time, which was returned to the Bajorans in 2373. Whilst on its way home the Orb was used by the Klingon Arne Darvin to throw the Defiant back over a century in time so that he could assassinate Captain James Kirk. Once the attempt had been thwarted Kira Nerys was able to use the same Orb to return the Defiant to the present successfully.47 Kira again used this Orb in 2374 in order to travel back in time to the occupation and meet her mother.48

The Orb of Wisdom was obtained from the Cardassians by Grand Nagus Zek in 2371. Zek intended to use the Orb to predict the future and so profit from it, but instead the Bajoran Prophets altered Zeks personality to eliminate his greed. Quark was ultimately able to convince the Prophets to return Zek to normal.49 In 2373 Kai Winn consulted the Orb of Wisdom in an attempt to determine whether Bajor should sign a non aggression pact with the Dominion, but was unsuccessful.50

The Orb of Contemplation was also present on Deep Space Nine in 2374, during the Bajoran gratitude festival. A Pah-wraith occupying the body of Gul Dukat attacked this Orb, causing the Prophets to be sealed into the Wormhole and all Orbs to go dark.4 Several months later Captain Sisko had a vision directing him to the planet Tyree where he found the tenth and previously unknown Orb of the Emissary, which he used to reopen the wormhole.5

The Prophets have described themselves as being 'of Bajor', and have shown themselves to be at least partially concerned with the affairs of the Bajorans. In 2374 they caused a large fleet of Dominion reinforcements travelling through the wormhole to disappear, saving the Allies from defeat.51 They have generally been reluctant to contact others directly, but in 2374 a Prophet came to Deep Space Nine and possessed the body of Major Kira in order to do battle with a Pah-wraith which had occupied Jake Sisko. The battle was prevented by Kai Winn, who lacked faith that the Prophets would be victorious.2

Siskos discovery of the wormhole led to his being given the title of "Emissary to the Prophets" by the Bajorans.45 He disliked this title at first, but eventually came to accept it.52 The Prophets interest in him was finally explained in 2375, when he discovered that his mother had been possessed by a Prophet before he was conceived. Sisko had been born with the express purpose of assisting the Prophets in their battle against the Pah-wraiths, and in 2375 he fulfilled this destiny when he battled a Pah-wraith occupying the body of Gul Dukat. After a brief battle Sisko was able to seal Dukat into the Fire Caves of Bajor forever. With his destiny accomplished, Sisko transcended his physical form and joined the Prophets in the Celestial Temple.3

Proplydian53 A gigantic spacegoing life form, the Proplydian was an entire living solar system. It was comprised of a star surrounded by a protoplanetary disc. Though the elements of the disc remained physically separate, they interacted magnetically to make up a collective organism. Each element was coated in bioneural compounds, exchanging stimulus and response with one another through electro-magnetic interactions akin to a nervous system. Acting in concert they could modulate the system's magnetic field, turning the star into a propulsion unit by triggering stellar flares and directing them as a plasma engine. The creature also used mutual repulsion between the disc elements to keep them from accreting into planets.53

The Proplydian supported a whole ecosystem of spacegoing life forms in symbiotic and parasitic relationships. Many fed on the hydrogen of the drive exhaust, or the organic compounds and heavy elements that were present in the disc. Starpeelers, Sailseeds, Spinners and Space Jellyfish all fed from the Proplydian, whilst Crystalline Entities and other predators came to prey on those and other life forms around the Proplydian.53

The USS Titan encountered a Proplydian in 2380. To date it is the only known example of such a creature.53
Star Trek : Titan, Book 3 - Orions Hounds
Provider54 The poviders lived as organic brains inside a life support machine.54 The Gamesters of Triskelion
Proxcinian11 Civilisation at war as of 237311 Business as Usual
Prytt55 Humanoids native to the planet Kesprytt II55 Attached
Psi 2000 Virus56 Water-based virus which behaves in the body like alcohol56 The Naked Time
Pycan space moth57 Animal life form. Dr. Phlox heard of a moth which drifted half a light year whilst trying to return to its homeworld.57 Doctor's Orders
Pygmy Marmoset58 Small Earth primate that Data thought Picard might de-evolve into58 Genesis
Pygorian59 Interstellar traders. Quark put Sakonna in touch with Pygorians who sold her weapon systems.59 The Maquis, Part 2
Pyrithian bat60 Creature which Dr. Phlox used in his sickbay. His bat was a picky eater, and would not eat anything once it was dead.60 Fight or Flight
Pyrithian Moon Hawk61 Predatory animal which feeds on Pyrithian bats.61 A Night In Sickbay

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Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation


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