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Species List

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

NameUp Description First seen
L-S VI Life-form1 Entity discovered by Dr. Mora Pol1 The Alternate
Lapling2 Highly endangered species; the last surviving member was owned by Kivas Fajo.2 The Most Toys
Lauriento3 Quark's holosuites on Deep Space Nine featured a massage program which offered a masseuse of this species. The Lauriento have webbed fingers.3 A Man Alone
Lavafly4 Insect lifeform of large size, native to Talax4 Macrocosm
LB104455 Single celled life form5 Time's Arrow, Part 2
Leaf Miner6 Parasites often found on grape vines6 All Good Things
Ledosian7 Delta Quadrant species which had strict rules regarding traffic around their space stations. An area of their home world was covered by a force field set up in the distant past by an unknown people, possibly Species 312. The Ventu people lived within the forcefield, which was apparently designed to prevent the Ledosians from offering them the benefits of modern technology.7 Natural Law
Legaran8 Species who live within a deep layer of mud8 Sarek
Lemur9 Small primate which Picard began to de-evolve into9 Genesis
Lenarian10 Species who are not fond of the Federation10 Tapestry
Lethean11 The Letheans are able to inflict devastating telepathic attacks on others.11 The Sword of Kahless
Leyron12 Species who use gestures for non-verbal communication12 Loud as a Whisper
Ligonian13 Highly honour-bound, the Ligonians produced the vaccine which was used to treat the Anghalese fever in 2364.13 Code of Honor
Ligorian Mastodon14 Large but stealthy animal14 Blaze of Glory
Lion Fish15 A species of fish native to the planet Earth. Picard kept a Lion Fish in his ready room on the Enterprise-D15 We'll Always Have Paris
Lissepian16 Spacefaring civilisation. A Lissepian captain once traded self sealing stem bolts for 5,000 wrappages of Cardassian Yamok sauce.17 Various Deep Space Nine episodes
Lokirrim18 The Lokirrim were engaged in a war with holographic lifeforms, and destroyed all Holograms on sight.18 Body and Soul
Loon14 Bird native to Earth14 Blaze of Glory
Loque'eque19 Species native to the Delphic Expanse. The Loque'eque became extinct several centuries prior to 2153; they created a virus which would convert those it infected into replicas of their own species in an attempt to keep their race alive. The appearence of these replicas is the only remaining record of the appearence of the Loque'eque.19 Extinction
Lothra20 Hydrogen breathing sentient life form. Dax knew a Lothra who was in love with an Oxygene despite the fact that they could only spend 40 minutes a day in the same environment.20 Melora
Lumbuans21 A pre-warp civilisation, native to the planet Lumbua in the UFC 86659 system. The Lumbuans were a peaceful people predisposed to philosophy and discussion above action. In 2381 they were pressed into an unexpected First Contact situation when Dr. Ree form the USS Titan landed on their planet and took over a portion of a hospital, determined to secure pre-natal care for Deanna Riker.21 Star Trek : Titan, Book 5 - Over a Torrent Sea
Lumerian22 The Lumerians are capable of transferring their negative emotions onto others.22 Man of the People
Lurians23 Lurians are a Humanoid species16 native to the alpha quadrant. Externally they are slightly larger than Humans; their skin tends to be rough textured and brown in colour.24 They normally have hair on their bodies, but some Lurians have been known to become bald when poisoned by exposure to Latinum. Lurians have two stomachs, multiple hearts,23 and four lungs.25

The Lurian government is a monarchy.23 The Lurian people tend to be highly talkative and excitable - on hearing of the Dominion threat, one Lurian native of Deep Space Nine ran naked and screaming into the Bajoran temple to beg the prophets for protection.14 They generally have large families - eighteen siblings is not unusual for a Lurian family.26

Who Mourns for Morn?
Lurillian27 Before the age of four this species can only breathe methyl oxide. They must then be weaned to an oxygen/nitrogen mix.27 Broken Bow
Lycosa Tarantula28 Spider; Miles O'Brien had a Lycosa Tarantula for a pet28 Realm of Fear
Lynar29 Batlike creature which lives on Celtris III29 Chain of Command, Part 1
Lysian30 Species which were at war with the Satarrans as of 2368. The Lysians were far behind the Federation in weapons technology, and the Satarrans used a mind altering technology to fool the Enterprise-D crew into attacking them.30 The Lysian central command complex closely resembles the Edo god, and it is therefore a possibility that the Lysians were also involved with this being at some time in the past.31 Conundrum
Lyssarian32 Species which used the Lyssarian desevae to make clones.32 Similitude
Lyssarian Desert Larvae32 Animal life form. The epidermal layer of the larvae secretes a viral suppressant useful as a salve for cuts and bruises. When implanted with DNA from a donor species it exactly replicates that species' life cycle, becoming a perfect duplicate. However, the clone goes through the life cycle at an extremely accelerated pace, being born, growing old and dying in approximately 15 days. The Lyssarians call these creatures Mimetic Simbiots, and as of 2154 their existence was a very closely guarded secret.32 Similitude
Lytasian33 Civilisation who once warred with the Ferengi. History records that ten Ferengi stood against a force of two hundred and fifty Lytasians - and were all killed.33 The Magnificent Ferengi

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation


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