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2161 2269 2373 Galactic

Species List

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Name Description First seen
Fabrini1 Many Fabrini travelled through space for centuries in the giant asteroid vessel Yonada.1 For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
Fargan2 Animal life form native to Dekendi III. Mayweather described them as looking somewhat like cows with humps.2 Stigma
Farian3 A Humanoid species native to Farius Prime. The Farians are known for haveing a high rate of criminal activity; the Orion Syndicate is highly active on Farius Prime. A cosmopolitan world, many aliens species are to be found on the planet. The Farians use public transportation systems and paper currency, and is home to a Klingon Embassy. In 2374 Miles O'Brien carried out a covert mission on Farius Prime, penetrating an Orion Syndicate network.3 Honor Among Thieves
Farn4 Humanoid civilisation native to the Delta Quadrant. Some were assimilated by the Borg4 Unity
Felaran Rose5 Plant found on a planet in the Delta Quadrant5 Parturition
Ferengi6 The Ferengi are a Humanoid species6 resident in the alpha quadrant of the galaxy. First contacted by the Federation in 2364, the Ferengi where found to follow the common Humanoid pattern6 - evidence that they share a common ancestry with the species which seeded many planets across the galaxy several billion years ago.7 The Ferengi tend to be approximately 165 cm tall, and their most distinctive feature is a set of very pronounced ears.8 These are among the most sensitive of any known species,9 as well as being one of the major Ferengi erogenous zones.10

The current Ferengi culture dates back some ten thousand years11 - it was at this time that Gint came to power. The first of the Ferengi world leaders - called the Grand Nagus - Gint codified a set of two hundred and eighty five 'Rules of Acquisition', a code of honour by which all Ferengi males are expected to live.12 The rules of acquisition heavily emphasise the accumulation of personal wealth, although some rules relate to general ethics.8 All Ferengi males are expected to memorise the rules at an early age.13

Although they are capable of building powerful warships, the Ferengi are not a major military power in the alpha quadrant as they rarely become involved in open conflict except as arms suppliers - usually to both sides.8 Nevertheless, there have been several skirmishes between the Federation and the Ferengi - most notably in 2355 when a Ferengi vessel wrecked the USS Stargazer.14 Open contact was established when the USS Enterprise-D encountered a Ferengi D'Kora class vessel which had stolen a power system from a Federation outpost.6 Since this time relations have remained generally cordial, although individual Ferengi have several times made raids on Federation vessels.8 Little trade occurs between the Ferengi and the Federation, as the latter's ethical trading policies frequently clash with Ferengi philosophy. The Ferengi have remained neutral during the Dominion war.

In 2375 Grand Nagus Zek finally retired, appointing Rom as the new Grand Nagus in his place.15 Rom's leadership is widely expected to usher in a new liberal age for the Ferengi.

The Borg designation for the Ferengi is Species 180.16

The Last Outpost
Fesarians17 The Captain of the Fesarius, a ship of the first federation which contacted Starfleet in 2266, was a member of this species.18 Star Trek Seekers 1 : Second Nature
Fibonan19 An alien species encountered by the USS Enterprise in 2363. The Fibonan were enemies of their neighbours, the Teenaxi. They asked Captain James T. Kirk to act as a neutral representative of their Republic on a peace mission to the Teenaxi, carrying a ceremonial gift as a gesture of respect - a piece of the ancient Abronath weapon. In the Fibonan culture, to surrender any weapon was considered an offer of truce. The gift was rejected by the Teenaxi.19 Star Trek Beyond
Fire Ant20 Poisonous insect native to Terra20 The Chute
Fire Beast of Sullus21 Creature from the myths of the Drayos21 Innocence
Fire Snake22 Reptile species22 Fair Trade
Fire wolf23 Animal life form which lived on Dakala, a rogue planet encountered by the NX-01 Enterprise in 2151.23 Rogue Planet
Flaming Idiot Fish24 A species of fish bred as a foodstuff by the Squales on the planet Droplet. The Flaming Idiot fish was not a fish in the terrestrial sense, though it somewhat resembled one. It was so named by Bralik for its bright orange colour, and its willingness to come to be eaten when called by a Squale.24 Star Trek : Titan, Book 5 - Over a Torrent Sea
Flaxian25 A member of this species visited Deep Space Nine in 2371.25 Improbable Cause
Flitter Bird26 Avians native to Rhymus Major26 Profit and Loss
Folnar Jewel Plant27 Plant which produces a resin which sets to form a gemstone27 Dark Page
Founders28 Also known as 'Changelings' or 'Shapeshifters',29 the Founders are a shape shifting species based in the gamma quadrant.30 Physically, in their natural state they resemble a very viscous liquid. A Founder can alter its shape,31 size and mass,32 colour and texture at will. Indeed, an experienced Changeling can imitate almost any object - even mist and fire!33 Young and inexperienced Changelings, however, find creating a perfect copy of an existing person or object difficult and rarely produce an accurate copy.34

In addition to their shape shifting abilities, Founders are capable of merging with each other when in their liquid state. They call this process 'the Great Link', and it allows the Founders to achieve a considerable degree of information and memory sharing while increasing their ability to modify their own internal structure. On the Founders home world many millions of individuals spend virtually their entire time within the great link, which is comparable to an ocean in size.28

In their history the Founders have often been persecuted by non-shapeshifters, whom they refer to as 'the solids'. In order to guarantee their safety they created the Dominion - a grouping of many solid species under the control of the Founders.28 The Founders have resorted to genetic engineering in order to modify several of these species to increase their utility to the Dominion. - most notably the Vorta. Thousands of years ago a Changeling was given refuge from an angry mob by the forest-dwelling Vorta. So grateful was the Changeling that it arranged for the Vorta to be genetically enhanced, turning them into the Founder's main representatives within the Dominion.35 The Jem'Hadar were also extensively modified to make them into the perfect soldiers for the Dominion.36

Although individual planets within the Dominion are treated reasonably well, disobedience to the Founders is dealt with extremely harshly - it has been known for entire planets to be infected with deadly diseases for rebelling against Dominion rule.37

The Founders attempt to expand their influence into the Alpha Quadrant was the root cause of the Dominion war.29 Although the Dominion initially made large inroads into the Quadrant,38 the Federation eventually led an alliance which was able to defeat them.39 During the war the organization known as Section 31 was able to infect the Changeling Odo with a deadly disease,40 which was transmitted through the great link to all other Founders.35 Fortunately, Dr. Bashir was able to cure the disease41 and on the eve of the final battle of the Dominion war Odo agreed to return to the great link with the cure in return for the Dominion's surrender.39

The Search, Part 2
Frunalian31 Alpha Quadrant species31 Emissary

Name :  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

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