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Species List

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

NameUp Description First seen
Earthworm1 Earth creature which can survive being cut in half.1 Vox Sola
Edo2 Aliens species externally identical to Humans which inhabit the planet Rubicun III. The Edo were first contacted by the USS Enterprise-D in 2364, and appeared to be a peaceful and generous people who were more than willing to allow the entire Enterprise crew the use of their planet for rest and relaxation. The officers found themselves made extremely welcome by the natives, who enjoyed a life that seemed utopian even by the standards of Earth itself. Every Edo seemed to be fit and healthy, with running the accepted method of getting from place to place.

The Edo claimed that their culture had once been lawless and dangerously violent, but that they had solved these problems by adopting and rigorously enforcing a strict set of laws. Apparently unwilling to accept a large police force, they split the land area of their planet into areas called 'punishment zones'. A small force of Mediators would select one zone at random each day in which the law would be enforced. Since the population at large had no idea which zone was active on any given day, they had no way to know if it was safe to break the law and thus a deterrent effect was maintained.

The Edo mediators acted as both police, judge and jury, investigating crimes and determining guilt on the spot. Amazingly, the punishment for any crime was always the same - death. When Wesley Crusher, a young member of the Enterprise complement who was visiting the planet, accidentally stepped into a flower bed in an active punishment zone the mediators immediately declared him guilty and attempted to kill him. The Enterprise crew intervened to prevent the punishment, demanding time to hold an inquiry and find a better solution.

Although the security officer of the Enterprise had conducted a full review of the local laws, she failed to inquire as to the nature of the enforcement of those laws or the punishments involved. Captain Picard took the position that despite the prime directive, Human standards should be used to judge this particular case. By those standards the punishment far outweighed the crime, and so Crusher should be set free.

Whilst this situation was developing the Enterprise detected a mysterious object in orbit of the planet. On investigation it appeared to be a transdimensional device or entity of some kind. The device communicated with Lieutenant Commander Data, informing him that it regarded the Edo as its 'children' and would not allow the Enterprise to harm them. Data also said that the device was likely to judge the crew's actions by their own laws, and that Picard's violation of the prime directive might well lead to a conflict with it.

Picard removed one of the Edo from the planet to show her the device. The somewhat perturbed woman claimed that it was her God; for its part the entity demanded the immediate return of the woman to the planet.

The Edo continued to insist that Picard allow them to execute Crusher, although they accepted that he had the power to remove the boy from their custody. However, when Picard attempted to do this the Edo 'God' prevented him from doing so. Picard finally managed to convince the entity that its actions were not serving justice, and it released them to continue on their way.

The nature of the Edo remains a mystery. In some ways the relationship seems to parallel that between the Bajorans and the wormhole aliens they call the Prophets, and both cases offer the same intriguing possibilities. It is conceivable that the Edo God is some distant descendant of their culture which has travelled back in time to protect them and so ensure its own creation. Or perhaps it is some powerful traveller which discovered the Edo and decided to protect them for its own reasons. Whatever the truth, it seems that the Federation cannot co-exist with the Edo for the foreseeable future.2
Edo god2 A powerful transdimensional being or group of beings which cares for the Edo people. Possibly a machine life form of some kind, or possibly biological beings residing in some type of artificial habitat.2 It is also possible that the same being once cared for the Lysians, prompting them to build a space station which closely resembled it, though this is very far from certain.3 Justice
Edosian slug4 Animals which were part of Dr. Phlox's medical zoo.4 The Catwalk
Eel-bird5 Creatures which feel an overwhelming urge to return to the place of their birth in order to reproduce5 Amok Time
Efrosian6 A Federation member species, Efrosians are identifiable by their characteristic white hair and cranial ridges. An Efrosian was serving aboard the USS Saratoga when it was disabled by the Cetacean probe in 2285.7 An Efrosian held the office of President of the Federation at the time of the Praxis explosion in 2293.8 Publicity photographs for "Star Trek IV : The Voyager Home"
Ekosian9 Species which adopted the Nazi lifestyle after cultural contamination by a Federation scientist.9 Patterns of Force
El-Adrel creature10 This creature resided on El-Adrel IV. It was only ever partially visible, and only that on occasion.10 Darmok
El-Aurians11 The El Aurians are a widely travelled people who have spread themselves across many parts of the galaxy.12 It is known that at least one El Aurian visited Earth in 1893, before Humanity had any official knowledge of alien species.13 In 2265 the Borg launched a major attack against the species, assimilating all but a handful. The survivors scattered throughout the galaxy, finding homes amongst many races.12

Starfleet's first official contact with the species came in 2293, when a group of El Aurian refugees passed through Federation space. The transport ships were caught up in and destroyed by the Nexus, which was also in Federation space at the time. The Enterprise-B was able to save some of the refugees, including Guinan and Dr. Tolian Soran.11 Those who had entered the Nexus apparently developed a heightened sense of time and space as a result, although details of this ability are not clear.14

El Aurians pride themselves on being a race of listeners,11 and appear to have a form of limited empathic ability. Some have used this to help others, acting as advisors or confidants.15 A few have turned their talent to more dubious pursuits, becoming con men and tricksters,16 while Dr. Soran used his abilities to help bring his genocidal plan to re-enter the Nexus to fruition.11

Physically, the El Aurians are almost identical to Humans - even down to the gender and ethnic groupings.17 They have a far longer life span than Humans, but just how long they live is unclear.15

Star Trek : Generations
Elachi18 This unknown species launched a series of unprovoked attacks on the NX-01 in 2151.19 Star Trek Online
Elasian20 A proud warrior species, the Elasians were deadly enemies of the Troyans until a peace treaty in 2268.20 Elaan of Troyius
Elaysian21 Species which come from a planet that has very low gravity.21 Melora
Ellora22 Species which was conquered by the Son'a and converted into a working class.22 Star Trek : Insurrection
Emergent life form23 Life form created by the Enterprise-D when it briefly attained sentience23 Emergence
Eminian24 Species who fought a war with the neighbouring planet Vendikar entirely by computer.24 A Taste of Armageddon
Enaran25 The Enarans once conducted a genocidal massacre on their planet and attempted to cover up the evidence.25 Remember
Ennis / Nol-Ennis26 Two groups of people from this species were imprisoned on a Gamma Quadrant moon to fight a permanent conflict as a reminder to the rest of their species of the futility of war. They were known as the Ennis and Nol-Ennis.26 Battle Lines
Enolian27 Species native to the planet Keto-Enol. The Enolians sent criminals to a prison facility known as Canamar.27 Canamar
Entaben28 Delta Quadrant species which was highly reluctant to permit ships to enter their space28 Vis-a-Vis
Entharan29 The Entharans trade extensively with other races, and Voyager tried to buy an isokinetic cannon from them in 2374.29 Retrospect
Eryops30 Extinct animal species, the last common ancestor of warm and cold blooded life on Earth30 Distant Origin
Eska31 For nine generations this species went to a rogue planet to hunt the Wraiths.31 Rogue Planet
Etanian32 Voyager encountered this hostile species in 2373 when Captain Janeway assisted the Nezu to repel Etanian attacks against them.32 Rise
Etanian Order32 Species native to the Delta Quadrant32 Rise
Evora22 Species which was accepted as a Federation protectorate despite having discovered warp drive only a year previously.22 Star Trek : Insurrection
Excalbian33 Species encountered by the Enterprise crew in 2269. The Excalbians are based on carbon-cycle biology, but in appearance are rock-like beings who read on sensors as having an almost mineral composition, who are only roughly humanoid in shape. They are comfortable in extreme heat, with the surface of their world consisting of molten lava with an atmosphere poisonous to Humans. The Excalbians are considerably in advance of the Federation, to the extent that they were able to exert detailed remote control over the Enterprise systems and devices with apparent ease. More impressively, they were able to effect massive environmental changes over a thousand square kilometre area of their own planet, converting it to a Class M environment in a matter of seconds.33

The Excalbians have no concept of good or evil, and during the Enterprise's first contact they created several figures from history who were regarded as representative examples of these philosophies in order to pit them against one another. From this they hoped to determine whether good or evil was the stronger. They ultimately decided that evil tends to retreat when forcibly confronted, but noted that since both good and evil use the same methods and achieve the same results, there was no substantive difference between the two.33

The Savage Curtain
Exocomp34 Artificial life forms34 The Quality of Life

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation


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