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Science and Technology List

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

NameUp Description Episode
Tekasite1 Substance which can be combined with protomatter and trilithium to create a weapon capable of destroying a sun and thus obliterating everything in the accompanying solar system.1 By Inferno's Light
Temporal displacement drive2 Drive system of the time pod which the NX-01 Enterprise discovered in 2152.2 Future Tense
Temporal incursion3 A method of altering the timeline by removing an object from history. The result is to create a timeline in which the object has never existed. Temporal incursions were widely used by the Krenim.3 Year of Hell, Part 1
Temporal observatory4 Device which Daniels used to monitor changes to the timeline. The temporal observatory contained a great deal of information on various aspects of history, including ship designs, which it could project holographically.4 Cold Front
Temporal radiation2 Form of radiation emitted by a temporal displacement drive. Temporal radiation was considered dangerous to Humans, and could cause temporal distortions.2 Future Tense
Temporal tags5 Device which Daniels's people used to bring objects forward in time from the past.5 Carpenter Street
Teraphasic warp coils6 Element of the warp drive on a Xyrillian ship.6 Unexpected
Terraforming7 The process of altering a planetary environment to make it similar to that of Terra. The Genesis Device was the ultimate in terraforming technology, though it ultimately failed to work properly.7 Home Soil
Tetracyanate8 Toxic byproduct of mining veridium isotopes.8 Civilization
Tetrazine9 Waste product created by mining processes used by the Paraagans in 2152. Tetrazine could be ingnited by a plasma exhaust and ships which approached a Paraagan mine had to be careful lest a catastrophic explosion result.9 Shockwave, Part 1
Thermobaric clouds10 Clouds which surrounded the Delphic Expanse.10 The Expanse
Theta radiation11 Type of radiation which Dr. Phlox used to eliminate microbes. High doses caused cellular damage to Vulcans.11 Theta radiation was used in the manufacture of liquid Trellium-D.12 Bounty
Thracium13 A chemical substance, known for being used in Tholian demolition explosives. In 2265 an Enterprise landing party was caught up in an explosion when they activated a Tholian booby trap on Ravanar IV which contained thracium.13 Star Trek : Vanguard, Book 1 - Harbinger
Time dilation14 A distortion in the flow of time experienced as a result of travelling at high sublight velocities or passing through a high gravitational field.14 Generic canonical information
Time portal9 Device which Daniels's faction in the temporal cold war used to travel through time.9 Shockwave, Part 1
Time travel15 Any movement through time at a rate other than normal. Time travel allows one to journey into the past or future, effecting changes in history. Various methods have been employed, including the slingshot and the Guardain of Forever.15 The Naked Time
Timeship16 Any vessel which is capable of traveling through time. The Federation will employ timeships in the 29th century.16 Future's End, Part 1
Tractor beam17 A system used by Federation starships to pull on or push against other vessels or objects.17 The Corbomite Maneuver
Trajector18 A transporting device used by the Sikarians. The trakector used the mantle of the Sikarian home world as a field amplifier, allowing a range of 40,000 light years to be achieved.18 Prime Factors
Translinear sensors19 Sensor system which was fitted to the Vulcan vessel Vahklas in 2151.19 Fusion
Translocator20 A transporting device used by the Nyrians. The translocator was effective across ranges of at least 10 light years, and may be similar to the trajector or subspace transporter.20 Displaced
Transporter21 A device used by the Federation which is able to dematerialize a person or object, transmit the resultant stream of matter across distances of several tens of thousands of kilometres, and reconstruct them at the other end. Many other lapha quadrant species have similar or equivalent technology, though this capability is rare in the Delta Quadrant.21 Where No Man Has Gone Before
Transtator22 An element of virtually all Federation technology in the mid 23rd century.22 A Piece of the Action
Transtator assembly23 System which was aboard an NX class starship. Replacing a transtator assembly took the crew about a week.23 Dead Stop
Transwarp24 A term used for any drive system capable of achieving warp factors of 10 or more. The Federation has never been able to develop a practical transwarp drive, though several alien species have.24 Star Trek III : The Search for Spock
Trellium-A12 Substance which is extremely common and easy to synthesize, but it is not very useful.12 Rajiin
Trellium-D25 Substance used for insulation in Starship hulls in the 2150s.26 Trellium-D would protect a ship from the spatial anomalies to be found in the Delphic Expanse.27 It could be synthesised, but this was a very difficult process.12 Trellium-D is a potent neurotoxin to the Vulcan nervous system - exposure to significant quantities of it induces paranoia and violent, unthinking rage towards others.28 Various Enterprise episodes
Triburnium alloys29 Type of metal used by the Enolians in 2152. They could be depolarised by subdermal implants, making them easy to break.29 Canamar
Tricellite30 A material which could be used to make contacts of the kind employed by spacecraft guidance systems. Tricellite was considered to be considerably more durable than Zelebium for this purpose. In 2365 Chief Engineer LaForge replaced the fused Zelebium contacts in the guidance system on Captain Okona's cargo ship with Tricellite. He expected the repair to outlast the entire ship.30

Tricellite was not available within the Omega Sagitta system.30
The Outrageous Okona
Triceron13 A chemical known to be a component of Tholian-made demolition explosives. In 2265 an Enterprise landing party was caught up in an explosion when they activated a Tholian booby trap on Ravanar IV which contained triceron.13 Star Trek : Vanguard, Book 1 - Harbinger
Tricorder15 A highly flexible handheld device widely used by Starfleet. Tricorders have a variety of sensor and scanner systems, information storage and processing capability, and a small display screen.15 The Naked Time
Tricyclic plasma drive31 Drive system used by Suliban ships.31 Broken Bow
Trilithium32 Substance which can act as a fusion inhibitor. In theory a quantity of trilithium is capable of stopping all nuclear fusion in a star, producing a shockwave which will then destroy the entire associated solar system - this formed the basis of Dr. Soran's star-destroying weapon32 and the Dominion device intended for use against the Bajoran sun in 2373.1 Trilithium is apparently somewhat different from trilithium resin32, which is a highly unstable and explosive substance produced as a waste product in the warp core of a Galaxy class starship.33 Trilithium can also form the basis of a more conventional explosive - the Akritirian terrorist group called Open Sky used such a bomb to destroy the Laktivia recreational facility in 2373. The Trilithium was produced from paralithium obtained from an Akritirian vessel.34 Star Trek : Generations
Trilithium resin33 Trilithium resin is produced as a waste product by the warp core of some Federation starships, including the Galaxy class. It is highly unstable, and prone to catastrophic explosions if not carefully handled.33( Defiant class Starships also produce the resin. Four hundred kilos of this substance scattered into the atmosphere of an M class planet is sufficient to make it uninhabitable to all human life for 50 years.#5111} Starship Mine
Trillium 32335 Substance which is found in abundance on Caldonia. Supplies of Trillium 323 were part of the Caldonian bid for control of the Barzan wormhole.35 The Price
Trimagnesite36 A substance which, when combined with tritium and ignited, produces an exceptionally bright visible light.36 Operation: Annihilate!
Trinesium37 Metal used by the Vissians in the construction of their ships from the mid 21st century onwards. Trinesium can withstand temperatures of up to 18,000 degrees.37 Cogenitor
Tritanium38 A metallic mineral ore found in nature. Pure tritanium was 21.4 times as hard as diamond. Phasers were able to split Tritanium38, though melting the metal was beyond the capability of Federation technology even in 2364.39 In 2369 Dr Bashir discovered Tritanium alloy fragments in the chest and upper arms of Hon-Tihl, the deceased first officer of the Klingon vessel IKS Toh'Kaht.40

Tritanium was widely used in ship construction. Earth Starfleet used it in the mid 22nd century, with the hull of the NX class being partially composed of tritanium alloy plating.23 The internal walls of the Galaxy class were composed of tritanium41, as were elements of the Intrepid class starship42, Raven class science vessel43, the cargo ship Earstwhile30, Axanar cargo ships44, the hulls of Federation Type 645 and Type 9 shuttles46, and Borg cubes.47

Tritanium had many other applications. It was used as armour plating on assault skimmers48 and the detonators of the weapons encountered by Voyager in 2377.49 Tritanium was used in composite form in the construction of Federation EJ7 interlocks in use in 2369. By this time, technology had advanced to the point where it was possible to melt Tritanium, at least in the composite form.50

The projectile fired from a TR-116 rifle was made of tritanium.51
Tritanium Cobalt52 Substance; the NX-01 carried about 18 kilos of tritanium cobalt.52 Borderland
Tritium36 A substance which, when combined with trimagnesite and ignited, produces an exceptionally bright visible light.36 Operation: Annihilate!
Turbolift21 A system used for transportation within a Starship. A turbolift comprises of network of tunnels through which small cars travel. It is essentially a version of the present day elevator but capable of moving sideways as well as up or down.21 Where No Man Has Gone Before

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation


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