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Science and Technology List

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

NameUp Description Episode
Cabrodine1 A chemical explosive, often mixed with Infernite.1 In the Hands of the Prophets
Calculus2 Branch of mathematics invented by Sir Issac Newton.2 When the Bough Breaks
Camouflage field3 Device used by smugglers to generate false sensor readings.3 For the Cause
Canar4 A crystal artefact used by the Haliians to focus their thoughts.4 Aquiel
Captain's yacht5 A small interstellar vessel docked to the underside of the Saucer section of some Federation Starships. The yachts tend to be rarely used.5 Star Trek : Insurrection
Carbon reaction chamber6 A containment vessel lined in carbon used in Cardassian fusion reactors6 The Forsaken
Cargo bay7 Large area within a Starship used to store cargo. Cargo bays can be accessed via both internal and external access doors, or via a cargo transporter.7 Various Next Generation episodes
Cargo module7 Any of various containers used to store or transport cargo.7 Various Next Generation episodes
Cargo transporter8 A transporter system8 optimized for the transport of large non living objects to and from cargo bays.9 Datalore
Celebium10 Source of dangerous radiation.10 Turnabout Intruder
Cellular metamorphosis11 Process by which a person can change their form to resemble another.11 Whom Gods Destroy
Cellular peptides12 Biochemical material which maintains cellular cohesion in the body.12 Phantasms
Cellular regeneration and entertainment machine13 Device designed to keep the cells of a Humanoid body entertained and so keep them for dying off during the ageing process. Spending a sizeable fraction of each day in the machine would, possibly, result in immortality. The device used highly charged polaric particles.13 In the Cards
Cellular toxicity14 Measurement of biological waste within a life form's cells.14 Phage
Cenotaph15 Device used by the Vhnori to transport their dead to the next emanation.15 Emanations
Central control complex16 Device used by the android Norman to control the other androids on Mudd's planet.16 I, Mudd
Chainsaw17 Tool used for cutting wood.17 A Night In Sickbay
Chambers coil18 Element of a subspace communications system. The chambers coil can overload the comm system, although this is detectable by other ships.18 Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan
Chamra vortex19 Nebula in the Gamma Quadrant which contained millions of asteroids.19 Vortex
Chlorinide20 Corrosive liquid.20 Ethics
Cholic acid21 Substence which plays an important part in the digestive process of some Humanoids.21 Sarek
Chromodynamic power module22 Device used to power the Pralor automated personnel units.22 Prototype
Chromodynamic shield5 Energy shield which can block the effects of metaphasic radiation found in the Briar Patch.5 Star Trek : Insurrection
Chromoelectric force field23 Energy shield which is used by the Entharans to protect target objects during weapons tests.23 Retrospect
Chromoelectric pulse24 Energy discharge which can disrupt a coaxial warp drive.24 Vis-a-Vis
Chromolinguistics25 A form of non verbal communication.25 Macrocosm
Chrondite26 A mineral compound found in the core of some asteroids.26 Cost of Living
Chroniton27 Particles associated with phasing / temporal technology.27 Eye of the Needle
Chronometric data28 Temporal measurements of the space time continum used in some forms of time travel.28 Future's End, Part 1
Chronometric particles29 Temporal quanta related to chronitons.29 Star Trek : First Contact
Circuit probe30 Tool used in 2152 aboard Retellian cargo ships.30 Precious Cargo
Class D18 A small rocky planetoid with an airless surface - essentially a great rock in space.18 Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan
Class H Generally extremely dry, class H planets are marginally habitable.31 Speculative
Class J Class J planets are gas giants.31 Speculative
Class K16 Class K planets have gravity fields which are suitable for Humanoid life, but are otherwise uninhabitable.16 I, Mudd
Class L32 These are small rocky worlds with an oxygen-argon atmosphere.32 The Ascent
Class M33 Federation term for a planet or planetoid which has environmental conditions very similar to those of Earth. There are estimated to be three million Class M planets in our galaxy.33 The Cage
Class Y34 Also known as a Demon class planet, these are the most inhospitable worlds known to the Federation.34 Demon
Cleaning Processor35 Part fo a Starships solid waste re-cycling system which sterilizes and re-cycles clothing.35 In Theory
Cloaking Device36 A system developed by the Romulan Empire to render its vessels virtually undetectable to an enemy. Cloaking devices have varied greatly in effectiveness as cloaking and sensor technology have competed with one another. In general, it is impossible for a ship to fire a weapon whilst cloaked.36 As of the TNG era, a tachyon network was considered to be the most effective method of detecting cloaked vessels.37 Balance of Terror
Cloning38 A method of creating a new body by duplicating the DNA of an existing cell. A clone is effectively the identical twin of the person it was cloned from. In 2365 the Enterprise-D encountered an entire society composed of clones of five people.38 In 2369 a group of Klingons created a clone of the revered leader Kahless the Unforgettable in an attempt to depose Gowron.39 During the same year a criminal called Ibudan created and murdered a clone of himself in an attempt to frame Constable Odo.40 At some point the Romulans created a clone of Captain Picard, planning to train him to replace the Captain as a Romulan agent at some future time. The plan was later abandoned.41 Up The Long Ladder
Cluster NGC-32142 Star cluster, location of planets Eminiar VII and Vendikar.42 A Taste of Armageddon
Co-axial Warp Core24 A form of warp drive which folds the fabric of space, allowing a vessel to jump across many light years almost instantaneously.24 Vis-a-Vis
Co-orbital satellites43 Pair of objects whose orbits are very close to one another. On close approach, such objects can exchange orbits with one another43 Manhunt
Cobalt diselenide44 A biochemical used in biological weapons. Deadly to Cardassians, it is harmless to other life forms.44 For the Uniform
Cochrane45 A measure of subspace field stress. A field of greater than 1 Cochrane is a warp field, allowing velocities greater than light to be attained. For a vessel in such flight, the Cochrane value of its warp field is equal to the velocity in multiples of the velocity of light. The unit was named after Zefram Cochrane, the inventor of Warp Drive.45 Remember Me
Cochrane distortion46 Fluctuation of the phase of a subspace field generated by a Starship's warp drive.46 Menage a Troi
Cochrane equation47 Equation governing warp flight. The equation was usually constant, but not in the Delphic Expanse.47 Anomaly
Coherent Graviton Pulse48 Energy waves which can neutralise tetryon emissions.48 Schisms
Coil Spanner49 Tool used by Federation engineers.49 The Circle
Coladriun flow50 Alien term referring to the tenuous space matter collected by Arva nodes.50 Captive Pursuit
Combadge51 Federation device which is used by Starfleet as both a communicator and a uniform decoration.51 Encounter at Farpoint
Combooth52 Communication terminal used on Farius Prime.52 Honor Among Thieves
Communicator33 Any device which allows communication across large distances. As of the 24th century, personal communicators were contained within the Starfleet emblem worn on the uniform. This device was able to operate over ranges of at least several dozen light seconds.33 The Cage
Computer core53 One of the primary computer systems on board a Federation Starship. Most vessels carry at least two such cores.53 Evolution
Condenser lens54 Element of a neutron microscope. The condenser lens was fitted to the apeture ring.54 Stigma
Conn51 A station on the bridge of Federation Starships. Conn is responsible for piloting the vessel.51 Encounter at Farpoint
Construction module55 Remotely controlled robot used for construction in space.55 Final Mission
Containment breach56 A failure of the magnetic fields of a Starship's antimatter fuel pods or warp core. A containment breach is considered certain if the containment fields fall below 15% of full capacity.56 Disaster
Containment field57 A forcefield used to isolate any substance from its surroundings.57 Relics
Control interface58 User operated panel for inputting data into a computer system. Can include vocal, visual or other types of input.58 Fair Trade
Controller59 Sophisticated computer system in command of the Eymorg underground habitat. The central processor unit of the Controller was a biological brain.59 Spock's Brain
Corbomite60 Imaginary substence created by Kirk as a bluff against a vessel of the First Federation. Corbomite was claimed to be able to redirect any attack back upon the attacker, rendering Federation Starships invulnerable. The ploy worked.60 The Corbomite Maneuver
Core matrix61 Major component of the warp drive of a Dominion attack ship.61 A Time to Stand
Cormaline62 Mineral substance. The Kazon Ogla mined it from the Ocampa home world.62 Caretaker
Corundium Alloy6 A material used in the construction of an alien probe which came through the Bajoran wormhole.6 The Forsaken
Cosmic string filament56 Extremely thin filament composed of almost infinitely dense matter. Although such strings are no wider than a proton, they have a powerful gravitational field. They also emit a set of subspace frequencies.56 Disaster
Cosmological Constant63 A number which is the measure of the gravitational attraction of a given amount of mass.63 Deja Q
Covariant pulse64 Pulse which can be emitted from the deflector system of the Cardassian Empok Nor and Terok Nor systems, if the field coils were modified.64 Empok Nor
Cranial implant65 A device inserted into the brain of operatives of the Obsidian Order. The implant was intended to make them invulnerable to pain.65 The Wire
Cryonetrium66 Substant which remains gaseous even when at a temperature close to absolute zero.66 Hollow Pursuits
Cryopod30 A device capable of suspending life in an organic body for long periods by placing it into a suspended animation state involving very low temperatures. The Retellians used cryopods to transport living beings as cargo in the 2150s.30 Precious Cargo
Cryosatellite67 Orbital storage system for dead bodies frozen as part of a cryonic project.67 The Neutral Zone
Cryostatic chamber68 Device used to sterilize foods by reducing their temperature radically.68 Flashback
Crystalline emiristol69 A solid chemical rocket propellant, used in the Kataan system.69 The Inner Light
Cultural database70 A record of cultural information kept aboard Federation Starships.70 Sacred Ground
Custodian2 Advanced computer system built by the residents of Aldea to care for them.2 When the Bough Breaks
Cyalodin71 A poison used by Humans.71 And the Children Shall Lead
Cyanoacrylates72 A substance not normally carried aboard Galaxy class starships as of 2365. Certain cyanoacrylates can produce Eichner radiation.72 The Child
Cyonics67 The practice of freezing those who have recently died in the hope that future medical advances will be able to revive them.67 The Neutral Zone

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation


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31 Generic canonical information
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