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Large Quiz - Episodes

1. In which episode does Riker meet the leader of a planet ruled by women?

2. Which episode mentions 'the Great bird of the galaxy'?

3. Which DS9 episode features the return of Kor, Kang and Koloth?

4. In which Episode does Archer explore a Dark Matter nebula?

5. Which episode features a replicant of O'Brien?

6. In which DS9 episode does Kai Opaka die, only to be brought back to life again?

7. In which episode does Quark turn to arms dealing?

8. In which episode does Mick Fleetwood make a guest appearance?

9. Which episode takes place on Stardate 42695.3?

10. Which episode showed Riker smooth-talking Guinan to give Wesley some pointers?

11. In which TNG episode does a deaf actor play a deaf character?

12. In which Voyager episode did Seven of Nine go on her first date?

13. In which episode does Voyager discover a planet that is experiencing a very rapid passage of time?

14. In which episode does the Enterprise-D encounter the Edo?

15. In which episode does Tasha Yar die?

16. Which is the first DS9 episode to mention The Circle?

17. Which episode featured Officer Burt Ryan?

18. Which episode features non-corporeal aliens?

19. In which episode of DS9 does the Dominion war begin?

20. In which Enterprise episode does the NX-01 encounter the Tholians?


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