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Large Quiz - Episodes

1. What is the second TNG episode to feature Dexter Remmick?

2. In which Enterprise episode does the NX-01 encounter the Tellarites?

3. In which episode did Trip rescue a princess?

4. What episode establishes that one in every 42,000 planets is M class?

5. In which episode did Scotty say 'Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.'?

6. In which episode does Hoshi first use the transporter?

7. In which episode was Trip marooned with an alien on an uninhabited moon?

8. In which Voyager episode did Seven of Nine go on her first date?

9. In which Enterprise episode did Silik save the NX-01 from destruction?

10. In which episode does Dax fall in love with a man who only visits this universe once every sixty years?

11. In which episode does Sisko help to defeat Worf in an attack on the Mirror version of DS9?

12. Which TNG episode first featured nanites?

13. In which episode do we meet the Scalosians?

14. In which TNG episode does a deaf actor play a deaf character?

15. Which episode takes place on Stardate 42695.3?

16. Which is the first episode to feature the Klingon food Gagh?

17. Which episode features a replicant of O'Brien?

18. Which episode featured the character Lazarus?

19. The actor who played Kirk's son David in Star Trek II also features in which TNG episode?

20. In which DS9 episode does Kai Opaka die, only to be brought back to life again?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 91,235 Last updated : 29 Jun 2022