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Large Quiz - Episodes

1. Which episode of TNG features Dr. Paul Manheim?

2. In which episode does Riker claim to serve on the Starship Lollipop?

3. In which episode are Archer and Trip wrongly imprisoned?

4. In which episode was Voyager trapped in a subspace region with dozens of other ships?

5. Which is the FIRST DS9 episode to feature the Mirror universe?

6. In which Voyager episode do we meet B'Elanna's Human and Klingon halves?

7. In which episode of Enterprise do we meet emotional Vulcans?

8. In which episode was Trip marooned with an alien on an uninhabited moon?

9. In which Enterprise episode does the NX-01 encounter the Tellarites?

10. In which episode does Archer help the crew of a Klingon ship stranded within a gas giant planet?

11. The actor who played Kirk's son David in Star Trek II also features in which TNG episode?

12. Im which episode does a Romulan/Cardassian fleet try to destroy the Founders?

13. In which episode do we meet the Voth race?

14. In which episode does B'Elanna risk her life because of emotional trauma?

15. In which Enterprise episode do the Xindi attack Earth?

16. In what episode do we first meet the Ferengi?

17. In which episode did Phlox begin to thing that Cutler was interested in him romantically?

18. Which DS9 episode featured the Wadi?

19. Which is the first episode to show the USS Defiant?

20. What is the second TNG episode to feature Dexter Remmick?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 87,255 Last updated : 4 Jun 2020