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Medium Quiz - Episodes

1. In which DS9 episode does Kai Opaka die, only to be brought back to life again?

2. In what episode do we first meet the Axanar?

3. Which episode featured the quasar-like phenomenon Murusaki 312?

4. In which episode do we first see Geordi's view of the world?

5. In which episode does the Bajoran wormhole begin opening and closing for no apparent reason?

6. In which Voyager episode was the Delta Flyer built?

7. In what TNG episode do we meet Nagilum?

8. In which Voyager episode does the ship encounter a 'telepathic pitcher plant'?

9. Which episode takes place on Stardate 42695.3?

10. In which episode was Voyager trapped in a subspace region with dozens of other ships?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 87,255 Last updated : 4 Jun 2020