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Medium Quiz - Episodes

1. Which Voyager episode featured a subspace catapult?

2. In which episode was Trip marooned with an alien on an uninhabited moon?

3. Which episode sees the death of Admiral Jameson?

4. In which Enterprise episode did Archer discover the largest known comet?

5. Which was the first episode of Star Trek ever to feature time travel?

6. In which episode does Vedek Winn accuse Keiko of blasphemy?

7. Which episode showed Riker smooth-talking Guinan to give Wesley some pointers?

8. Which is the first episode of Voyager to feature Q?

9. In which episode does the Bajoran wormhole begin opening and closing for no apparent reason?

10. In which Voyager episode does B'Elanna battle a computer with her own voice?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 87,840 Last updated : 2 Dec 2020