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Medium Quiz - Episodes

1. Which was the first episode of TNG to feature a poker game?
Unnatural Selection
The Measure of a Man
The Dauphin
The Royale

2. In which episode does everybody on Voyager die, apart from Kim, Chakotay and the EMH?
Time Squared
Time And Again
Infinite Regress
Once Upon A Time

3. Which episode featured the character Lazarus?
The Cage
Dagger of the Mind
Court Martial
The Alternative Factor
The Enemy Within

4. What is the last episode of DS9 season 3?
The Adversary
The Way of the Warrior

5. Which is the only DS9 episode to feature Q?
True Q
Q Who?
Deja Q
Hide and Q

6. In which episode do we find that Neelix was a draft dodger?
Death Wish
Distant Origin

7. In which episode do the Founders remove Odo's shapeshifting ability?
Starship Down
To The Death
The Quickening
Body Parts
Broken Link

8. Which episode features the Pakled for the first time?
Remember Me
Samaritan Snare

9. In which TOS episode does water in the body begin acting like alcohol?
The Naked Time
The Cage
The Corbomite Manoeuvre
The Man Trap
Mudd's Women

10. In what episode is the alien vessel 'the Fesarius' encountered?
The Corbomite Maneuver
The Cage
The Man Trap
Mudd's Women
The Enemy Within


Copyright Graham Kennedy Questions played : 78,335 Last updated : 1 Jan 1970