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Episodes General Image Planets Quote Species
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Large Quiz - Planets

1. Which is the home planet of the Capellan warriors?

2. On which planet did Kirk abandon Khan?

3. Which is the homeworld of the Horta species?

4. On which planet in the Delphic Expanse could criminals get their faces reconfigured?

5. What was the home of the Salt Vampires?

6. Which world was the home of Ferengi business man Plegg?

7. Which planet in the Borderland was the site of an Orion slave market?

8. Which world was the home planet of a great interstellar empire, long since collapsed?

9. Vash was banned from the Royal Museum on which planet?

10. Which planet is inhabited by the Bandii?

11. On which planet did Sisko find the Orb of the Emissary?

12. Which world was poisoned By Sisko, making it uninhabitable by Humans for 50 years?

13. What is the name of the Xindi homeworld?

14. Where did Admiral Mark Jameson obtain a de-aging drug?

15. At which gas giant was a large space faring alien was killed by the Enterprise-D?

16. Which of these was the Enterprise-D's destination before going on to Vandor IX?

17. The Ferengi stole a T-9 energy converter from which world?

18. Which planet did James Kirk once say he visited on a peace mission?

19. Which world was the location of Jem'Hadar space docks, destroyed by Federation forces at start of the war?

20. Will Riker was brainwashed after being captured on an away mission on which planet?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 29,065 Last updated : 29 Jun 2022