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Large Quiz - Planets

1. Which world was the original destination of the SS Santa Maria?

2. Which planet was the Albino's hideout in 2345?

3. Which planet is the site of an ethnically Irish colony?

4. On which planet did Dr. Apgar work on the Krieger Wave converter?

5. Which planet modified its citizens to become the perfect soldiers, then mistreated them afterwards?

6. Which planet did James Kirk once say he visited on a peace mission?

7. Which world was home to an intelligent species of piscines?

8. Which world was the site of the loss of the Enterprise C?

9. On which world were crewmembers from the USS Victory infected by alien DNA?

10. Which planet entered into a bargain with the devil, Ardra?

11. Which hworld is the home of the Talaxians?

12. On which of these planets would you find Cogenitors?

13. A shipment of Tamen Sahsheer was bound for which world?

14. Which of these planets had a mineral which caused Kirk to become split into two parts when he beamed up?

15. Which planet was Rajiin’s home world ?

16. Where did the shuttlecraft Galileo crashland?

17. Devinoni Ral moved to which world at age 19?

18. Which planet had Trajector technology which could have sent Voyager most of the way home?

19. Where was Troi abducted by Romulans?

20. In 2372 a Klingon civilian transport crashed where, killing all aboard?


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