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Large Quiz - Planets

1. Which planet is inhabited by the Bandii?

2. Which world was visited by the Enterprise in 2267 and mentioned in the Kobyashi Maru test?

3. Which of these was the Enterprise-D's destination before going on to Vandor IX?

4. Which planet was the Albino's hideout in 2345?

5. Which of these is a jungle world on the edge of Romulan space, about three hours from Deep Space Nine, site of a secret camp for 73 Klingon survivors of the Khitomer massacre?

6. On which planet did Kirk abandon Khan?

7. Which planet managed to overcome its criminal element with help from the Vulcans?

8. Which planet was the location of the New Providence colony, the Federation settlement destroyed by the Borg?

9. Klingon forces retreated from which world in 2373?

10. Harcourt Fenton Mudd illegally sold the rights to a Vulcan fuel synthesizer on what planet?

11. Which world was infested by the Denevan neural parasites in 2267?

12. Which of these is the site of important peace conferences between the Federation and Klingon Empire?

13. On which planet did Doctor Mowray conduct archeological research ?

14. On which planet did Neela Daren study a plasma geyser?

15. Which world was poisoned By Sisko, making it uninhabitable by Humans for 50 years?

16. On which planet did Sarek arrange an important treaty?

17. Which of these is a more common name for Sol II?

18. Worf grew up on which farm world?

19. What is the home world of the Ooolans?

20. Which of these is a ringed resort planet known as an important vacation spot in the Hovarian cluster?


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