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Medium Quiz - Planets

1. On which planet did an NX-01 shuttlepod apparently cause a disaster by igniting the atmosphere ?

2. A moon was knocked out of orbit from this planet, threatening great destruction?

3. On which planet was Tasha Yar murdered?

4. What is the home world of the Ooolans?

5. Which planet was the location of the New Providence colony, the Federation settlement destroyed by the Borg?

6. Which was the home world of Minster Camio, fiancee of Lwaxana Troi?

7. Where did Q save Vash when she was stung by an insect?

8. On which planet did the Drella live, a creature which derived sustenance from emotions?

9. Which planet was at war with Krios?

10. The Enterprise D waited for the supply ship Vico at which planet?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 27,575 Last updated : 9 Jul 2020