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Medium Quiz - Planets

1. Which world was poisoned By Sisko, making it uninhabitable by Humans for 50 years?

2. Which planet in the Borderland was the site of an Orion slave market?

3. Devinoni Ral moved to which world at age 19?

4. Which of these is another name for Sol IV, colonized by Earth in 2103?

5. On what inhabited planet wsa half the population reported to have been transported away by Orion traders to work as slave labor?

6. Janice Lester exchanged bodies with Captain Kirk on which planet?

7. Which one of these planets was struck by Denevan neural parasites?

8. Which world was home to an intelligent species of piscines?

9. On which planet did Sisko find the Orb of the Emissary?

10. Which planet is Tasha Yars birthplace and the site of a failed Federation colony?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 27,575 Last updated : 3 Jul 2020