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Medium Quiz - Planets

1. Which planet did James Kirk once say he visited on a peace mission?
Calondia IV
Barson II
Donatu V
Cor Caroli V

2. Which world endured a forty year civil war after Mark Jameson delivered advanced weapons?
Miridian VI
Monac IV
M'kemas III
Mordan IV
Mintaka III

3. What world is approximately 40 000 light years from Sikarus, and is famed for the erosine winds?
Coltar IV
Delta Rana IV
Finnea Prime

4. Where does the harmonies of the tides cause hallucinations?
Corinth IV
Boraal II
Balosnee VI
Bolarus IX
Barson II

5. Which planet has an entire population who are mute?
Hemikek IV
Hurada III
Hoek IV
Heva VII
Gamma Vertis IV

6. Which of these worlds is a penal colony for the Federations criminally insane?
Cygnia Minor
Camor V
Elba II
Chandra V

7. On which planet was Ro Laren was imprisoned by Star Fleet?
Jaros II
Kora II
Kessik IV

8. On which planet did Neela Daren buy a flexible piano?
Marejaretus VI
Mataline II
Marcos XII
Zytchin III

9. Which of these planets had a mineral which caused Kirk to become split into two parts when he beamed up?
Delb II
Alpha 117
Durenia IV
Coltar IV
Delta Rana IV

10. On which planet did the inhabitants mimick Earth mobsters?
Sigma Iotia II
Sigma Draconis VI
Shiralea VI
Sherman's Planet
Secarus IV


Copyright Graham Kennedy Questions played : 25,605 Last updated : 1 Jan 1970