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Medium Quiz - Planets

1. From which world did the inhabitants raid Earth's past to harvest neural energy?
Deriben V
Drema IV
Aschelan V
Devidia II
Epsilon Nel III

2. Where was transporter psychosis first discovered?
Cirrus IV
Calder II
Beta III
Delinia II

3. Which of these is a Federation member planet on which Janet and Theordore Wallace experimented on plants using carbohydrate compounds to slow their ageing?
Durenia IV
Aldebaran III
Coltar IV
Delta Rana IV
Finnea Prime

4. Korob and Sylvia captured several Enterprise crew members on which planet?
Pyris VII
Prema II
Pollux IV

5. Where was Bashir genetically enhanced as a child?
Finnea Prime
Adigeon Prime
Draygo IV
Browder IV

6. Which world was the site of the Federation library?
Meezan IV
Melnos IV
Melina II
Memory Alpha
Mavala IV

7. Which of these is the Delta Quadrant site of a Vidiian research base?
Donatu V
Calondia IV
Avery III
Cor Caroli V
Cygnet XIV

8. Which planet is the home of a Verteron array?
Verex III
Azati Prime

9. Which of these worlds is within the Tzenkethi territory?
Miridian VI
Mintaka III
M'kemas III
Minara II

10. On which world did Kesla murder several women?
Bilana III
Arvada III
Celtris III
Deneb II
Calder II


Copyright Graham Kennedy Questions played : 17,320 Last updated : 1 Jan 1970