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Large Quiz - Species

1. Which primitive Humanoid civilisation have a philosophy of total peace?

2. Which species discovered a wormhole in their system which turned out to be partially stable?

3. Which of these species has been extinct for some 1,000 years?

4. Which Humanoid species, virtually eradicated by the Borg, hid themselves to avoid further attack?

5. McCoy once attempted to purchase passage to the Genesis planet from a member of which species?

6. What species assimilated by the Borg believed the Omega molecule was a drop of their creator's blood?

7. Which of these species took part in a yearly sub-warp shuttle race in the delta quadrant?

8. Which species were smuggling a Kriosian princess when they encountered Enterprise?

9. Which Delta quadrant species are enemies of Mr Varn?

10. What is the Borg designation for a species which resided in Galactic cluster 3?

11. Which Delta quadrant civilisation went to war with the Vaskans while Voyager was passing by?

12. Which civilisation donated tissue samples to study Correllium fever?

13. Which species was bred to act as prey for the Hunters?

14. Which civilisation native to the Delta Quadrant has an average lifespan of nine years?

15. Which genetically engineered species was created as soldiers for the Dominion?

16. Which of these was a member of a species of organic spacecraft which once numbered in the millions?

17. Which Delta Quadrant civilisation are famous for their adventurous lifestyle?

18. Which primitive Humanoid species was enslaved by the So'na?

19. Which of these species did the Enterprise crew find themselves having to apologise to frequently ?

20. Which Delta Quadrant species is known for their great strength?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 51,320 Last updated : 22 Apr 2021