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Federation Technology
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Large Quiz - Species

1. What species inhabit the cloaked planet long thought to be mythical?

2. Which ancient civilisation's poetry included long silences?

3. What Delta Quadrant civilisation is similar to that of the Talaxians?

4. Which of these species is native to the Vault Minor system?

5. Which noncorporeal species of great power horrified by violence?

6. A member of which species which bought weapons off Quark?

7. Which Humanoid civilisation was largely assimilated by the Borg?

8. Which ancient civilisation transplanted members of primitive peoples to distant planets?

9. Which species, a member of which Dax once dated, is famed for having transparent skulls?

10. Which of these is an ancient and highly advanced species, now extinct?

11. Which mysterious cold-loving species allied with the Dominion during the war with the Alliance?

12. What species was assimilated by the Borg, giving them advanced medical technology?

13. Which Humanoid civilisation is native to the planet Brekka?

14. Which mysterious creature periodically threatens a Bajoran village?

15. Which species is considered so ugly that the mere sight of them will drive most beings insane?

16. Which reptilian species is native to the Beta Renna system?

17. Captain Livara, a Romulan spy, once posed as a member of which species?

18. Which white simian creature have a highly poisonous bite?

19. Which of these species is native to the Gamma Quadrant?

20. Members of which species sold Dolamide to the Cardassians?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 51,320 Last updated : 22 Apr 2021