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Large Quiz - Species

1. Which noncorporeal alien species have transcended linear time, and are religious figures to the Bajorans?

2. What species assimilated by the Borg believed the Omega molecule was a drop of their creator's blood?

3. Which species which travelled the galaxy in a large multi-generational ship?

4. Which species composed of a Humanoid Host and a Symbiont?

5. Which technologically advanced Delta Quadrant civilisation was widely acclaimed as excellent bounty hunters and had the Borg designation Species 4228?

6. Which of these is a serpentine creature capable of opening rifts in time?

7. Which Humanoid life form is descended from Terran dinosaurs?

8. What Delta Quadrant civilisation traded with the B'omar?

9. Which Delta quadrant society jailed people on space stations under inhumane conditions?

10. Which species was bred to act as prey for the Hunters?

11. Which of these species was all but wiped out by biological weapons?

12. Which of these civilisations lived at a bronze age level?

13. Which species was largely assimilated by the Borg and attempted to fight back using a virus?

14. Which species was assimilated by the Borg in 2375?

15. Which Delta quadrant civilisation went to war with the Vaskans while Voyager was passing by?

16. Which hedonistic humanoid species is native to the Alpha quadrant?

17. Which of these is a shape shifting sentient lifeform?

18. Which Delta Quadrant civilisation used temporal weaponry in some timelines?

19. Of which species was Elaan a member?

20. Which Humanoid species began to evolve into a noncorporeal state during 'Transfigurations'?


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