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Large Quiz - Species

1. Which Delta quadrant species took part in a regular sub-warp shuttle race?

2. Which of these is a highly advanced, long lived civilisation?

3. Which civilisation's food was popular with other planets, especially Farius Prime?

4. What is the Borg designation for a species which resided in Galactic cluster 3?

5. Which ancient civilisation transplanted members of primitive peoples to distant planets?

6. Which species abducted Humans from Earth in the 1800s?

7. What civilisation was at war with the T'Lani for centuries?

8. What noncorporeal being feeds on negative emotions, which it provokes by savage murder?

9. Which Delta Quadrant civilisation stole starships by replacing their crews one at a time?

10. Which civilisation native to the Delta Quadrant has an average lifespan of nine years?

11. Captain Livara, a Romulan spy, once posed as a member of which species?

12. Which of these are sentient humanoids who live in caves?

13. Which of these is a shape shifting sentient lifeform?

14. Which ancient civilisation built a large archive that attempted to take over the Enterprise-D?

15. Which reptilian species is native to the Beta Renna system?

16. Which Humanoids have considerable abilities to manipulate minds, but poor weapons technology?

17. Which of these is from the Andromeda galaxy?

18. Which of these species hibernates for long period?

19. McCoy once attempted to purchase passage to the Genesis planet from a member of which species?

20. Which artificial life forms were found to be sentient by Data?


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